How many layers are there in OSI ?

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Answer / sameer_swnt

There are 7 OSI layer:
*physical layer
*data link

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Answer / skraja_82

there are seven layer

1.physical layer
2.dataq link

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Answer / srinivas

there are seven layers

1. application layer
2. presentations layer
3. session layer
4. transport layer
5. network layer
6. data link layer
7. physical layer

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Answer / sudhakar

There are 7 layers in OSI, the short cut for this "APSTNDP"

- Application Layer
- Presentation Layer
- Session Layer
- Transport Layer
- Network Layer
- Data Link Layer
- Physical Layer

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Answer / titus mutuma

There are 7 layers in the osi model;
-Application layer
-presentation layer
-session layer
-transport layer
-network layer
-data link layer
-physical layer

NB:Always the physical layer is considered the first layer.

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Answer / viswanathan.j

There are seven layers in OSI,they r,
1)Physical layer
2)Datalink layer
3)Network layer
4)Transport layer
5)Session layer
6)Presentataion layer
7)Application layer

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Answer / imran

The above mentioned are the seven OSI layers:
* Physical layer
* Datalink layer
* Network layer
* Transport layer
* Session layer
* Presentataion layer &
* Application layer.

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Answer / sheepu

application layer
presentation layer
session layer
transport layer
network layer
datalink layer
physical layer

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Answer / saleemjaved

physical layer
datalink layer
network layer
transport layer
session layer
presentation layer
application layer

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Answer / ripunjay kumar gupta

There are seven layer in osi module.
7. Application Layer
6. Presentation Layer.
5. Session Layer.
4. Transport Layer.
3. Network Layer.
2. Data link Layer.
1. Physical Layer

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