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Which command will mount /usr/local from server called machine1?    1  1628
What will the command "dfshares" will do without any arguments?    1  995
What will the command "showmount -e" do?    1  908
2 command you can use to see which directories have been shared out by server machine1?    1  653
What does the share command do without any arguments ?    1  581
True/False: nfsd and mountd are both RPC-based.    1  585
A server has already shared out /usr/local. Can it also share out /usr to other machines?    1  580
Host C mounts /usr/local from host B. Host C shares out /usr to few machines. Can host C share out /usr/local to these machines, as well?    1  451
Your have a class C network. The IP addresses of your workstations start with 128.251.143 . What is the broadcast address of your network?    1  1074
Your have a class C network. The IP addresses of your workstations start with 128.251.143 . What is the network address of your network ?    1  887
Where does sys_unconfig reside ?    1  593
What file identifies the name server (for information requests) if cold start file is to be consulted during the boot process .    1  584
The cold start file is consulted if :    1  644
Which command will take your machine back to a "blank" state? It will not know its own name/IP or any other machines in the network ?    1  505
List 2 available "actions" that can be specified in the nsswitch.conf file .    1  441
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Un-Answered Questions
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diff between /etc/inetd and smf? 354
please forward Apache server and tomcat server questions and answers 1317
I am to introduce a new financial product through nationalised Banks.How I could monitor the dealings,ie.payment made or withdrawn from the accounts of our clients and how the customers could read the details of their accounts through the mobiles. 501
Describe a recent short term stressful situation and how you managed it? 760
hi this is raj igot job in tcs and also i got visa from u.s in this time i dont know what to do can u sugges me pls........ 372
Response of switch when we send tagged packet on access port. 286
main roll of network administrator 319
When you connect two redundant links of switch to hub to form a loop , and when the switch receives its own BPDU what it will do. 2170
Please list the types of Firewalls, Routers, Switches, and Servers that you have managed. 956
Draw network configuration and protocol layer interface architecture for a multiprotocol bridge that interconnects an Ethernet LAN to a token-ring LAN. 1466
what is the diff between LLT,GAB&TCP/IP? 383
What is the Multicast address used in STP ? 1248
what is Cisco Firewall 513
What are the different states of STP? 540
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