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Which command will mount /usr/local from server called machine1?    1  4
What will the command "dfshares" will do without any arguments?    1  4
What will the command "showmount -e" do?    1  4
2 command you can use to see which directories have been shared out by server machine1?    1  4
What does the share command do without any arguments ?    1  5
True/False: nfsd and mountd are both RPC-based.    1  4
A server has already shared out /usr/local. Can it also share out /usr to other machines?    1  4
Host C mounts /usr/local from host B. Host C shares out /usr to few machines. Can host C share out /usr/local to these machines, as well?    1  5
Your have a class C network. The IP addresses of your workstations start with 128.251.143 . What is the broadcast address of your network?    1  5
Your have a class C network. The IP addresses of your workstations start with 128.251.143 . What is the network address of your network ?    1  4
Where does sys_unconfig reside ?    1  4
What file identifies the name server (for information requests) if cold start file is to be consulted during the boot process .    1  4
The cold start file is consulted if :    1  4
Which command will take your machine back to a "blank" state? It will not know its own name/IP or any other machines in the network ?    1  4
List 2 available "actions" that can be specified in the nsswitch.conf file .    1  3
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