int x,j,k;
printf("%d", x);

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Answer / manoj kumar


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Answer / kumaran


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Answer / kadamab


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Answer / vignesh1988i

x will be 36....

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Answer / pallavi

pgm is wrong coz, main ws supposed to hav () and } is
missing at the end

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Answer / snurfy

x=1;..khud se pata laga lo..par answer to yahi rahega...aur ye us wale logic se hoga...jo sir ne us samay padhaya tha...tab tum sab so rahe the,,...ab aur neend lo class m...tab bola tha uth jaao...tab to samjh aaya nhi...ab kya khak aayega....ab to khelo rummy...!!..ab to ek hi tarika h ans pata karne ka...snurf language padho..aur suno...ise majak mat samjhna..bhavishy ka sawal h...:P:P

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Answer / e.manjuladevi


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Answer / guest


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