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what message is sent to an application when the user presses the primary button?    0  53
In SDI how many view's are attached to document object and in MDI how many view's are attached to Document object?    1  845
1) create ToolTip in MFC? hcl   2  5587
1)How to create ToolTip in MFC?    2  3761
1)dynamic creation of a Button ? tcs   2  3625
1)set the Title for The File DialogBox, in MFC?    1  2850
1)how to Display the File Dialog Box, in MFC ?    1  2221
1) How do you Destroy a Dialog Box ? honeywell   2  3504
how does conditionally close the Dialog Box ? infotech   2  2073
19)how to set Back Ground Picture to a Dialog Box in MFC ?    1  2610
1)does Frame Thickness in MFC? winfoware   1  1915
1)To Remove WS_MINIMIZEBOX in a Frame ?    1  1773
1)At run-time, you can change the icon by calling the LoadIcon() function?    2  1764
1)How to change the size of a button at run time ?    1  3069
1) Enable or disable a Cancel button at run time? hcl   1  3176
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Un-Answered Questions
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What changes does a control need to run in the Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition? 549
I need to download the Flight4A reservation and login screen for testing it in QTP....can i get it frm any Link frm internet??? If so plz do send me the LINK!!!!!! PLZ...........URGENT 1011
What's the Use of OLE Hyperlinking? 1266
What changes does a control need to run in an MFC 4.2b container? 819
What is the difference between Struts and JSF? Pls list some most suitable differences. 1520
Will ATL create all of the topological relationships within the topology layer? 714
hello sir i need movie editing and mixing software .where it is available and what is the site address 526
How we implement the ActiveX controls in VC++application 1474
what type of questions are asked in the test of pcs and what type of questoins are asked by interviewer in pcs interview. 1058
What is the Use of the Developer Studio Editor? 847
Which namespace do the classes, allowing you to support COM functionality, are located? 934
Why is the put_Font or putref_Font method not called when an ActiveX control's Font property is changed by the ActiveX Control Pad? 792
what is the meaning of constant FILE EXCEEDS LENGTH LIMIT while loading from ps file to vsam in the jcl? 1452
What Is ActiveVRML? 1211
plzz tell me what we can do and dont in tally ERP & sap business one? 741
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