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what is difference between class template and template class?    0  17
Give two integer arrays A & B.A has n elements and B has ' n-1 ' elements . A has all the elements that are there in B. But B has one missing element. Write a function that takes arrays , A & B as imnput and finds the missing element in most optised manner .    0  15
WAP to generate 2n+1 lines of the following pattern on the computer screen:    1  37
Following are the class specifications: class {int a}; class {int b}; Using friend funtion,calculate the max of two objects and display it.    0  20
write a program that takes two numbers from user that prints the smallest number    2  64
can output 5 students using one dimensional array intel   0  43
What is this interview room ? Is it a class or an object. cybage   2  92
The type of variable a pointer points to must be the part of pointer's definition so that: infosys   1  65
OOP'S advantages of inheritance include: infosys   1  88
How to create a comment page in C #??    2  73
what is difference between thread and programme. ncc   0  51
Write a program to print the swapping in two no and using three variable. broadridge   2  94
In what scenario does the Logical file and Physical file being used? informatics   0  58
write a programme to get a character and thier ASCII value    0  59
write a program that will accept a number and print.its equivalent in words the maximum input number is 9999    0  83
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Un-Answered Questions
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why reinterpret cast is considered dangerous? 134
Templates mean 194
There are two base class B1,B2 and there is one class D which is derived from both classes, Explain the flow of calling constructors and destructors when an object of derived class is instantiated. 135
In inline " expression passed as argument are evalauated once " while in macro "in some cases expression passed as argument are evaluated more than once " --> i am not getting it plz help to make me understand.... 200
What is the renewal class? 521
how to get the oracle certification? send me the answer 162
Describe how to safeguard a system through acquisition of an antivirus Program and systematic backup. 327
write a programme to get a character and thier ASCII value 59
help me i need a c++ program which takes sequesnce of characters and outputed sequence of their token taypes, work same compiler in lexical analysis phase 356
I want to write a C++ language program that: 1. Reads in the size of a square from the screen; 2. Prints a hollow square of that size out of “-“, “|” and blanks on screen; 3. Prints the same hollow square onto a text file. The program should work for squares of all side sizes between 1 and 20. 408
i want a road rash 3d game code if some one know please help me 673
Describe the My Computer and My Documents folders; identify the elements that are present in every Window. 411
How do you import payscale data from non SAP to SAP?is it through LSMW or any other way is there? 480
2. Give the different notations for the class.\ 212
design a c++ class for the chess board,provide a c++ class definition for such class(only class definition is required) 2082
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