what is public ltd company and difference between public
ltd company and public sector undertaking?

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Answer / raju

Public LTD.Company is a privately owned and all shares are
open to market and they can take self decision on products.
A public sector company is one which have more than 50%
shares with government and remaining open to public. These
sectors have indirect cotrol by govt. of india.

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Answer / ankit agarwal

A Public Sector Undertaking is a corporation in the public
sector in India, where management control of the company
rests with the Government, it can be Central Government or
the State Governments. Below given is a partial list of
Public Sector Undertakings of the Government of India:

There are about 237 PSUs all over India.
Whereas PLC is privately owned.

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Answer / r. sundari

Central or State Government set up pulic sector undertaking
for helping the public. Individual shares and capital not
involved in Public Sector. Public Ltd. is profit motivated
and its organised by one or many individual shares or
capital involved in this.

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Answer / siva raj

A public limited company is a privately owned. Where as a
public sector undertaking (PSU) is completely managed and
controlled by central or state government.

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Answer / mahipal reddy

Public ltd co: liability of share holders are limited

Public ltd co owened by general people (share holders)

Public sector undertaking (psu) owned and controlled by
central or state governament

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Answer / anup

What experience do you have with general ledger

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