salary and rent entry with tds deduct

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wt is a/c

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How to calculate excise duty?

4 Answers   Capital IQ,

what is MIS report we prepare it?

7 Answers   Genpact,

What is working capital?

15 Answers   Ernst Young,

Equipment A has a cost of Rs.75,000 and net cash flow of Rs.20000 per year for six years. A substitute equipment B would cost Rs.50,000 and generate net cash flow of Rs.14,000 per year for six years. The required rate of return of both equipments is 11 per cent. Calculate the IRR and NPV for the equipments. Which equipment should be accepted and why?

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accounting concepts

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What is GR form why we use it and what is the step of GR FORM by various department as some little knoledge of me it is used by custom for wher the FERA is applicate. But I dont now where FERA is applicatble thanks

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what is tax invoice and retail invoice

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when we use credit card, then what will do entries in tally erp as a accountant and second question that if he do entry then what will thay keep under the ledger of credit card.

1 Answers   State Bank of Mysore SBM,

what is use of cost center category in tally ? why & when use this ? what is benfit ?

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