salary and rent entry with tds deduct

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If we started new project of Housing with Construction linked payment plan . How can booked our revenue or Sales .

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what is use of cost category ? which type is useful in accounting work ? give answer with solid example because iam slow learner in accounting line.

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jv vouchers for salaries entries which reflect j.v's

1 Answers   Genpact, HCL, Coslight,

Calculate the P/V Ratio and BEP from the following particulars. Sales 5,00,000 Fixed Cost 1,00,000 Profit 1,50,000

3 Answers   Tamarai,

Depreciation comes under direct or indirect expense

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What is contra entry?

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what is share slipt and its typea?

2 Answers   Bank Of America, Capital IQ,

who is debtor? who is creditor?

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1.Which type of records maintaing for Hotels and provision Stores. Which type of returns we are going to file. tell me whos know brefiely,,

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Is depreciation a source of finance ?

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I had this interview in 09. The interviewer kept on asking this question. Why do you want to join JP Morgan chase? can any1 give me a good answer...???

2 Answers   IBM, JPMorgan Chase,

What is deferred tax asset or libility ? please help with the best one answer u have. thanks all

5 Answers   DELL, Carlson, Real Estate,