How can you get the number of rows impacted by the last executed query?

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What is referential integrity?

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What is meant by repeatable read?

4 Answers  

I want to fetch the 10th row of a table which has been changed.How can I do it without going thru all the rows.

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What if we try to insert the base table through updatable view , but failed to give a column value which is defined as NOT NULL.

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

What is a root page?

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how to copy the host variables from ps file into cobol program other than include statement

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What is pagespace?

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How to resolve -502 sql code in DB2?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini,

can any body explain about plan and pakage in detail....

2 Answers   HSBC, IBM,

how can we retrieve the 100 records of the file ?

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can I alter a table (e.g. adding a column) when other user is selecting some columns or updating some columns from the same table?

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What is JOIN and different types of JOIN.

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