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In a Natural program i used the below code for report FORMAT LS=132 PS=60 And down the line I want to change either LS/PS like FORMAT LS=120 PS=50, is it possible? How it will work?    0  43
If we put three reads in COBOL in the same para one after the other, to read a PS file,will it read the same record thrice or it will read three records sequentially? For example : Input File 01 02 03 Para 900 Read infile Display Infile rec Read infile Display infile rec Read infile Display infile rec. What will be the output?    1  370
How to recover a deleted source physical file from library?    0  274
i want new rexx tool which will perform jcl chk without submitting it    0  203
Where to download IBM DB2 Certification Dumps for the below: C2090-311 : IBM DB2 10.5 DBA for LUW Upgrade from DB2 10.1 C2090-312 : IBM DB2 11 DBA for z/OS C2090-313 : DB2 11 Application Developer for z/OS C2090-317 : DB2 11 System Administrator for z/OS C2090-541 : DB2 9.7 DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows C2090-543 : DB2 9.7 Application Development C2090-544 : DB2 9.7 Advanced DBA for LUW C2090-545 : DB2 9.7 SQL Procedure Developer C2090-546 : DB2 9.7 Database Administrator for Linux UNIX or Windows Upgrade C2090-610 : DB2 10.1 Fundamentals C2090-611 : DB2 10.1 DBA for Linux, UNIX, and Windows C2090-612 : DB2 10 DBA for z/OS C2090-614 : DB2 10.1 Advanced DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows C2090-615 : DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW C2090-617 : DB2 10 System Administrator for z/OS C2090-730 : DB2 9 Family Fundamentals C2090-733 : DB2 9 Application Developer C2090-735 : DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer C2090-737 : DB2 9 System Administrator for z/OS Exam    1  456
What is dummy parameter in JCL??    3  1465
What is the maximum Key length of a KSDS dataset    0  214
query to just fetch first matching row and stop execution. once one matching row is found more records should be checked.. if the first record is matching.. the query must stop    2  1045
Suppose we have 5 steps in a job.No step should be executed After submitting every step in a job    2  1230
What is symbol table in assembler?    2  874
Is it possible to access some memory location (Ex: VAR1 DS P) without using Base Displacement?    0  306
I have put two write operations in a single para for two different conditions.Will that lead to an abend or run successfully and write two records?    1  1899
is step name is compulsory in jcl ?    2  1753
How to copy VSAM files without using REPRO    3  1899
which are the parameters mandatory in job card ?    3  1068
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Un-Answered Questions
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how can you define a dataarea(DTAARA) IN RPG? Which spec you define it C-spec/D-spec? 235
How do u write test cases? 478
How to define a array dynamically..... 3956
before altering a table is it necessary to lock ? if lock what is it ? how to do ? ifi want to lock a table what is that command ? 567
hi provide info about any real time requirement in health care and banking services mainframe applications. pls send immediate reply to me. 609
What does a ROLLBACK do? 231
Why IBM? 477
How to Get Information About the Tables? 214
How can you validate Sql errors during cursor operation in db2 pgms and where do you code? 622
write a program to read from a VSAM file , there will be a 5 records to create name. empno. resignation and address to update in a db2 table and call another program using dynamic call to find the matching fields in program 1 to update in db2 table. anybody pls send de program for dis ? thanks in advance... 1077
what is s000 u4087 error? please give the all error codes in cobol,jcl. 7180
How do we pass parameters into a CICS –DB2 program 1991
what is unit testing ? on which basis you will write test case ? 559
What is a PLAN table? How will you use it? Give the various fields of PLAN table? 809
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