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query to just fetch first matching row and stop execution. once one matching row is found more records should be checked.. if the first record is matching.. the query must stop    1  88
Suppose we have 5 steps in a job.No step should be executed After submitting every step in a job    0  78
What is symbol table in assembler?    1  243
Is it possible to access some memory location (Ex: VAR1 DS P) without using Base Displacement?    0  84
I have put two write operations in a single para for two different conditions.Will that lead to an abend or run successfully and write two records?    1  484
is step name is compulsory in jcl ?    2  536
How to copy VSAM files without using REPRO    2  508
which are the parameters mandatory in job card ?    0  184
how to update asingle record in adabas? by using GET, can we do a single record updation?    1  198
Can we change the password using ALTER? anyone tried and changed?    0  175
Whats the use of Examine command? can someone help me?    1  374
COBOL program to read the string ' BOMBAY' in reverse order as 'YABMOB'    5  945
what is the another name of lpar's    1  489
Program A (Normal COBBAT) calling a B Program (DB2COBOL, COBBATDB which is using a VSAM file. its a dynamic call. How we will handle VSAM file decleration in our from JCL from where we are running A PGM. And should we have PLAN for A pGM also. if possible can some one post a sample JCL. Thanks for help in advance.    0  405
For Null indicator we have 3 values 0,-1,-2. 0->Not nulll -1->Null -2->Value truncated If ther is any possibility to have any positive value other than 0 in Null indicator.If it is so then when we will get and what is the value?    1  629
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to move a field DT 9(8) of input file to DT 9(8) COMP-3 in output file in ezytrieve? in the output file entire dt is not moved.If any answer plz reply as soon as possible. 482
what is difference between cobol and cobol/400 8408
what is utility for parm lib 486
how we sort two input files based on a common column and giving one o/p file please send me the coding logic? 391
What is the use of base and index registers in the IBM 360/370 processor? 2088
One of My Job is running in production, which contains five steps?i want to pass the input to FIFTH step while running is it possible? if how? 747
hi.... anybody send real time project related questions & answers whatever will ask in interview me? advanced thanks.... 950
write a program to eliminate duplicate records in a input file and send them to output file. 1867
What is Framework & How it work? 560
What is the advantages of using IDMS compared to other database systems? 42
before altering a table is it necessary to lock ? if lock what is it ? how to do ? ifi want to lock a table what is that command ? 482
what is unit testing ? on which basis you will write test case ? 502
is there any other way to install s/w in mainframe apart from smp/e system? 1220
can any body give me any website for getting help on mainframe projectts in banking domain. 565
If an array is multi-dimensional dynamic array how do you deal with it & provide me some examples? 902
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