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in RTVMBRD  where you will find no.of records....(i mean in which attribute)?    1  128
what are the ARRAY operations in    rpg/400?    1  99
difference between   wrkobj &  dspobjd?    1  111
stmts affected by activation group?    1  108
what is RUNSQLSTM?    1  130
write a query to get  RRN  value from rpg?    1  104
can we use already existing access path?    1  123
what is the scope of commitment control?    0  61
bind by copy...bind by ref?    0  75
what is the use of overlay keyword    0  60
What do you mean by monitor block?    0  66
how do you seton setoff group of indicators    0  56
we cant write data into file using cl program then what is sndf    0  37
how to handle duplicate records in rpg program?    0  47
how will you find a particular line in debugging if its a infinite loop    0  48
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Un-Answered Questions
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by using xpeditor if we want to debug the subpgm, how can you code in x-ped for mai-pgm n sub-pgm ? 584
How many module come in Ibm framework? 458
Please any one can tell me,What are the tools for pl/1 project in real time scenario?(what are the version control,debugging and files related tools)? 770
by using xpeditor if i want to debug the sub pgm ? how canu code in xped for main pgm and sub pgm ? wht is the debugging process ? 1113
How to move a field DT 9(8) of input file to DT 9(8) COMP-3 in output file in ezytrieve? in the output file entire dt is not moved.If any answer plz reply as soon as possible. 449
have you ever know what is the meaning of Packed Decimal   22
hi provide info about any real time requirement in health care and banking services mainframe applications. pls send immediate reply to me. 492
What is the use of base and index registers in the IBM 360/370 processor? 2030
what is u r recent task in insurence project?..plz tell how to tell this. 1611
How do you get parameter from JCL to PL1? 737
If DB2 query returns in null value, how do you work with it in PL/1? 832
10. Why mainframe testing is so important? Give any three advantages of Mainframe Testing? 1729
What is RRange and ARange? 577
can any one exaplin about Decision Tables in test region with good example 1137
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