Can an unreachable object become reachable again?

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Answer / niranjanravi

Yes, an unreachable object may become reachable again.This
happens when the object's finalize() method is invoked and
the objct performs an operation which causes it to become
accessible to reachable objects.

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Answer / rakesh kumar jha

YES, Finalization is a feature of the Java programming
language that allows you to perform postmortem cleanup on
objects that the garbage collector has found to be
unreachable. It is typically used to reclaim native
resources associated with an object.
When the garbage collector determines that obj is
unreachable, it notices that obj is finalizable -- as it
had been recorded upon allocation -- and adds it to the
JVM's finalization queue. It also ensures that all objects
reachable from obj are retained, even if they are otherwise
unreachable, as they might be accessed by the finalizer.

So, we can say that it can be reachable.

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Answer / ravikiran(aptech mumbai)

yes an unreachable object may become reachable once it get a
reference befre garbage collection especially in finalize()
method call

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