There are 3 employees(say 2 colleagues and u not from same
dept) in an organisation they used to discuss any thing
except their salaries and one day stranger came and asked u
to tell the average salary!plz give me the solution.

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Answer / test user

Step1 : Ask the salary of the other two colleagues
Step2 : Add their salaries + yours
If both of them tells, then Step3
If only one of them tells, then Step4
else Step 5
Step4 : Average Salary = Total Salary / 3
Step3 : Average Salary = Total Salary / 2
Step5 : Average Salary = Your Salary

Step6 : Tell the stranger

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Answer / siddiq

Topics related about project,salaries and details other
than listed in oragnisation website should not be disclosed
to others....

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Answer / nitesh srivastava

Insufficient Informations

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Answer / hemanthdeva

We can tell our salary as average as stranger doesn't know about our salaries haha

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Answer / riyaj

your question is not clear,
'Tell the average salary?" --- means what
if the average salary of the 3 employees?
how he knows? while discussing they didnt discuss abt sal.

why that person asked this employee only why not others?
i think, Strager person is appointed by anyone of the other
2 employees. He may playing the game.

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Answer /

1. Organisation employees do not suppose to discuss the
salaries. tell the person this rule and busy in your work.

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