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What is difference between Contract and legel and legel and profession service???? I had face this question in interview    0  497
can u explain good will and calculation methods factset   0  467
what is the good prasentation on interview ibm   0  398
How to calculate the closing stock value ?    12  45893
Is the sales tax or vat applicable on sale or purchase of building and other fixed assets.    4  4289
Information regarding shop & establishment registration of propiertor ship & require document for this    0  672
which document to be require to registration of Shop & establishment of Propiretor Ship?    2  2877
what is cenvat credit expain it hindustan-unilever-limited   20  72915
1. How do we calculate the Closing Stock ? 2. How many types methods are used for calculating closing stock ?    2  3667
pls provide Latest Slab of Profession Tax of year 2008-09    4  9070
I intend to know what is the liablity of the Company paying commission to an individual under section 194H relating Payment for Commission in terms of obtaining PAN no from the individual? What is the maximum amount of commission up to which the same could be relaxed or it is not mandatory.    1  932
what is the golden rules of accounting? chartered-accountant   8  5605
What is the difference between " Public Ltd." "Pvt Ltd." "Paternship Firm", "Properitorship Firm"? Give detail information of this?    3  4635
How do we treat Bad debts... how to create provision/reserve for bad debts? show an example journal... for creating provision and then writting off debtors    7  18981
What is the difference between SL and GL ?    0  776
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In IGATE, 2 yrs bond for fresher and reverent experience 1 year bond. First z essay writing. “Unforgettable movement ur life” Tiz in ITPL IGATE stopping 3268
Distinguish capital and Revenue receipts 381
What is back value adjustment/correction in Nostro Reconciliations? 3573
EXPAND_________TOEFEL 394
While selling fertilisers can we charge VAT on excise duty. 408
Were i have to enter for agreements in tally and in which ledger it will come 94
what is the difference between f.f.s and c.f.s? 636
what is addition of Opening Balance and net profit transfered from profit and loss account called 393
what is the deference between depreciation explanation 587
Service tax applicable or not for Govt Guest House contract work. 391
1. Cold Ice, Inc. sells ice cream sells for $2 each. The variable costs per ice cream are $1 and the fixed overheard costs are $ 0.35. A summer camp wants to place a one-time order for 100 cone of ice cream at a price of $ 1.25 each. What is the minimum price hot dogs should be charge for this special order? 274
Our Company dedduct TDS on the collection charge and claim (rate diff claim, scheme claim, collection charge means , if any party take material directly form our store our company give them frieght charge and deduct tds@10.30%). my question in what category of this type of TDS decution ? is it payment to contractor or what ? 361
Define capital 422
What is re-financing in Letter of Credit settlement 393
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