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what is FBT?    6  4106
what r the types of balance sheet?    6  11710
what is the entry for accumulated depreciation?n why it is used?when it is necessary? opi-global   2  4106
what is sox? why it is used? opi-global   3  7834
what is the entry for accumulated depreciation?n why it is used?when it is necessary? opi-global   1  864
Suppose A, Delhi is selling material to B, Chhhattisgarh & B wants this material at Bhopal. A bills like sold to party B, Chhattisgarh & Ship to party C, Bhopal. Whereas C is a site office of B. In this case whiling billing A required TIN no of B & C or proving TIN no of B is enough? abc   3  1627
What is Suspense A/c.?    5  2630
what is the interest of late deposit(one day) of service tax for Rs 1000/-(including cess+e.cess).please let me clear also the how much days of interest will be be calculated for one day late deposit.    7  10868
What is the treatment of Capital Work in Progress as per the International Accounting Standards.    0  2839
what is IPO    8  1908
Which Entries comes in Receipts & which entries in Payments,any payment & Income is received through cheque that entries will appear in it or we have to pass it in journal.    5  2365
treatment of P&L A/c 's balance in trial balance and balancesheet    2  4129
What is Pettycash book ? What ledgers should i make in Tally 7.2 ?    10  14315
My name is Tasha actually I had put my file for Australia PR on basis of Hairdresser, and I have shown my qualification of 10th passed, but I done my B.Com with Accountancy, and presently I am working as Accountant,Now I want to put up my file for Australia Student is it possible, and my age is 36 yrs, I had already given my IELTS (Academic) and I have scored 6 bands, but its period has been expired,please give me some answer what to do next. australia-visa   0  555
FBT % on Tour & Travelling Exps?    3  2022
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Un-Answered Questions
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Expand-------MUR 303
what is the procedure to appoint an Austrlian citzen as indian company director... 264
What are the steps involved in converting the trail balance of a foreign branch? Explain the steps involved in incorporating the foreign branch trail balance in HO books 325
what data require for liability calculation under work contract tax composition scheme and regular method. 426
do we have to learn all the shortcutkeys in tally.i am from non commerce background ,where should i start from. 264
what is the reason for controls in an IS environment? 404
Mr. X buys an asset of Rs. 1000/- in cash and with it get an free gold coin what is the general entry for this? 242
If i want to change a proprietor concern yo a partnership concern. do i have to pay full tax on every product i have in stock or just simple make a partnership deed and apply a new pan card and register in sale tax department ? 410
HI, i was given only 1st round and i made it through the first round, then was sent for the final HR round.In the HR round the HR manager dint ask me a single question of the related job,all he asked was as following:- i)what are your salary Expectations ii)are you ok to do night shifts.then he thanked me and said he will let me know by 2 days,when i asked him for any feedbacks and suggestions he said that he will let me know only after 2 days.SO please help me what shall i expect from this one of a kind interview. Many thanks in advance. 301
Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center) 335
I renders interior Services, consider one project cost Rs.500000/- Scenario 1 - Material purchased on my Firm Name Material - 300000 -300000 On party behalf Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit Scenario 2 - Material purchased by client Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit In both Profit is same Rs. 50000/-. which is beneficial for me in terms of turnover or tax matters. and if I have to raise a bill to party as per both scenario, how it will affect bill and tax, where will I suffer loss? 240
what is your achievements? 287
interest paid to bank rs. 15000 in connection with overdraft obtained for paying dividend. 1219
i have interview in KVB on 12-12-08. so Please send me some questions asked in previous interviews contucted by KVB? 386
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