Accounting Interview Questions
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What is the meaning of contra entry

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State why you feel you are suitable candidate for the post applied


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if not found suitable for the post applied for, are you willing to be considered for a lower post yes / no ? why?


what is rate of vat in raj.

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how to modify 12% to 13.5% in tallyerp9 release 1.6



We may get profit or loss from business. If so we can name the statement as Profit or Loss account. But since a long time we are naming it as Profit and Loss account. Why?

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What do you mean by Debit and Credit?

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What is GAAP ?

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Gross Profit Margin ?

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Please tell me jurnal entries for input vat and output vat?

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what is the main defference between cash flow and funds flow

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what are the main tools of auditing?

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what difference b/w capital structure and financial structure?

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How shall I calculate the true profit of my business, as I am a layman for accounting.


what do you mean by bank reconocilition statement

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what are the types of provisions that you would make for the end of a financial year?explain


how to prepare brs statement for company in tally


what are accounting principles


how can make configration related with electronic bank statment and how can i upload bank statment to system


1.recivable and payble,tds,esi


Hi, Please post in here the Aptitude Test Questions given in companies like Thomson, Reuters, GMS, JP Morgan, Northern Trust Bank etc.


what are the voucher entries in tally for medical insurance


1.Which type of records maintaing for Hotels and provision Stores. Which type of returns we are going to file. tell me whos know brefiely,,


what is the last date of deposit TDS on liability for the assessment year 2010-11


which form is used for issuance of C Form ,F form etc. from Sale tax Authority (Haryana), when should be apply? what documents to be submitted?


How We know we are liable for Profession Tax liability. I have an optics shop & I want PT Number so what should i do?


analyses of Cost control




We are running an educational institution in Karnataka,India. Is there any ceiling stating that if gross salary is upto this then only incentive or bonus can be paid?


i wanna p.y tax assistant exam question paper Please send this as earlier as.