Accounting Interview Questions
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why dr is on left hand side while cr is on right hand side?

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land lord raise Rs 107175/- as rent on leased premises plus the service tax @ 10.30/- we deduct tds at the rate of 10% we avail 50% how to pass entries and how much amount do we have to pay

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meaning of accessory for central excise purpose





Maintaining books of accounts (Cash, Petty Cash, Bank,

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Maintaining assets register

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different between income accrued and income receivables

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hi...this is chaitanya fresh bcom computer graduate i need job in finance feild will i get in genpact, deloitte, bank of america, or any other mnc...?


TDS mening

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what is bank occ

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What is the difference between an Invoice and a Proforma Invoice?

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Difination of Debit & Credit note. Journal entries of Debit & Credit note.

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can a pvt ltd. coy take unsecured loan from any partnership firm? If not why?

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IF the turnover of assessee is below Rs 50 lacs but profit declared is less than 5% of turnover . IS he subject to tax audit?

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What is Inter branch accounts reconciliation

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What is back value adjustment/correction in Nostro Reconciliations?


please let me know how to show the sales to unregisterd dealers in tn ctd new portal and in which annexure to select for filing sales to unregisterd dealers, cash / consumer sales


What can go wrong if you have a balance sheet with a lot of debt? What can go wrong if there is negative owner's equity? What does a good cash flow statement look like and why?


please explain all accounting concepts n conventions in detail


im preparing for the sbi clerical post please send me the solved questions.


Expand MNS


What is Risk Assessment?


what is dmat charges?


what is the script forms standard text in fico


Can I check my Vantage credit score range online?


The 'going concern concept' is the underlying basis for: 1.stating fixed assets at their historical cost 2.disclosing the market value of securities 3.disclosing the sales and other operating information in the income statement 4.none of the above


After Posting the Document in SAP FICO Using the sort key then where we can see the sort key in SAP


sir i want know how to fill vat return


My client is a Partnership Firm and was converted in to the Pvt. Company. Now, the Question is that the both the entity i.e. Partnership Firm and Company entitled to get the Depreciation of Proportionarate basis, they used the Assets? I reffered to the Income TAx Act, there is no any specification regarding the convertion only the amalagamation and merger.


my boss (Managing Partner of a firm) promoted along with his wife a private limited company. he and she spent some Rs. 75,000/- (approx) for the promotion of the company. i know that they usually fall under the head of preliminary expenses. but after receiving the certification of incorporation of the company how shall i repay them to the promoters i.e. what is the accounting entry in the books (initial books of accounts) for the expenditure incurred. they have kept in hand 5,00,000/- each to meet the expenses and they were allotted shares of equal to the amount. can i allot shares for a consideration of cash from and excluding the preliminary expenses. can i take cash towards the share application money (being the cash more than Rs. 20,000/-) as the company has not opened a bank account yet. please give me the detailed answer with journal entries that can be entered in tally. thank you.