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what is ERP packages?    1  907
Explain significance of Nastro and Vastro in accounts?    0  1200
give the examples of Error of Duplication?and Error of compensatin? with entries    0  172
Explain "basic fundamental Assumptions"?    2  2782
How baddebts effects in trial balance and balancesheet?    1  901
what is undisclosed profit? explain    0  326
what are the Bank Vouchers?how it is entered in books of accounts?    1  2577
what is revaluation of assets and liabilities? wipro   4  3540
Hi, I am preparing for Junior Accounts Officers test- APTRANSCO. Can any one suggest the model paper / Books available? Many Thanks in Advance Lakshmi aptransco   3  2127
why do you think you are sutable candidate for this post    0  188
We purchase Electricals Cabel for Panel & Fitting for our company, we have issued Form "C" to above material purchase From OGS    3  937
can we issue c form on purchase of mould and die    5  2198
How does the rendering of services on account affect the accounting equation? a. Liabilities increase; stockholder’s equity decreasesb. Assets increase; liabilities increase c. Assets decrease; stockholder’s equity increases d. Assets increase; stockholder’s equity increases    1  1568
what is the rate of tds on interest payment and basic exemption limit for general insurance co.    1  1995
what is live stock?    4  1046
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is fractional code and how can i get a fractional code for a particular account? 186
What is the Technology used to carry out trades? 812
What is the use of form D in sale tax 127
why charges PURCHASE @ 15 % TAX RATE ? 159
what is tds rate of WCT applay for sale tax ragistard company. 676
What is Provision for expenses? 216
if u r work in showroom as a accountant. one day owner's friend is come into his showroom and he want to buy a 1 track-shoot but he confused and he take 3 track- shoot with us and reply he only pur. 1 track-shoot & 2 track-shoot return after 3 days. so now what is entry passe in account.? 168
Zee Ltd. uses material—A for the production of Product M. The safety stock of material A is 300 units; the supplier quotes a delivery delay of two or three weeks. If the company uses 500 to 800 units a week according to the activity levels, the re–order level of material–A will be A. 2300 units; B. 2400 units; C. 2700 units; D. 28 units. 171
what is the process of cenvat credit taken in service tax( in direct & indirect service) 352
can i have practical examples of AS-30 577
can an accountant handle all the accounting transaction without any type of help from any person? 151
please provide to us the rules of wct in andhra pradesh (Hyderabad) 166
Please guide me... We are dealing in trading of industrial material. What is the difference between importer, 1st stage dealer, 2nd stage dealer and 3rd stage dealer? Whether all of these above can pass on the excise duty to the end user. Please tell me and thanks in advance. 248
In what cases can Convertible bonds be considerred as derivatives? 182
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