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What would be treatment of insuance claim received when vehicle is damaged and related exp. is already debited to Repair and Main. A/c    7  3165
What is the meaning of "ROC"? pls give detail information regarding ROC procedure.    14  26151
hello I want to know that how export any ledger to excell from tally 5.4    2  4081
why the loss by fire taking in to the credit side of the trading a/c.instead of this is company's loss?    2  3088
if we are deducting TDS on sodexo .4% means , wht the surcharge & cess in that ionidea   1  3266
what typae of accounts?    2  1402
How the Basic salary will be fix for an employee? infosys   2  4450
1- when will be vat charge, C.s.t charge and excise charge on the goods ? 2- what is different between intra sales & purchase and inter sales & purchase?    3  2914
what is shares buy back And Stock plit.    0  374
Please do let me know how to pass the entry for the rent invoice recd. from business centre (for eg. total amt. is 39941/-)includes rent is 35000/-, telephone chgs: 82.80/- ,Stationary 15/-, Pantry chgs. 450/- and service chg 4393.71/- .    3  1552
difference between office expense and miscelleanous expense with some examples thomson   0  355
I have issued an invoice to a client in which i have charged service tax but I have not received any amount against that invoice. In this case when is service tax payable.    6  4942
For the Quarter Oct-Dec 2008, we hav to give the service tax purchase bills and Sales bills whose payment are cleared in that particular quarter. if i missed any of the bills for the filing? shall i submit the missing bills inthe next quarter(Jan - Mar 09)?    1  1197
What is equity? and how it is calculated?    4  1847
What are the TDS Rates for the financial year 2008-09?    2  3713
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Explain why retained earnings have an opportunity cost associated? 978
In the Manufacturing IF QC reject the material. Then where to record rejected material amount. 300
say something about your school 548
why do you want to work here? 346
Can anybody tell me diference between provisions of Profit and Loss account prepared as per company act & Income Tax Act? 323
What qualification require for become a tax consultant ? what the future in this..??? 935
How to calculate entry tax on kraft papers format in excel under Assam Entry tax rules? 3141
How to calculate entry tax ??(In karnataka) Pls advice me complete computation details. 3969
Accounting Questions 1804
Transfer nett profit of Rs 325000/- to Reserves and Surplus 498
wat is accounting entity 414
EXPAND_________SEB 260
how go make jaggery sales and purchace bill in tally 7.2,jaggery lumbs comes in different weight not fixxed weight and i want stock in lumbs and bill amount in rupees (exp.lumbs/weight/rate/amount-1000/102.50/2500/256250) 178
Mohan sold goods on 1st sep 2009 for the rs 200000/- to sohan immediatly accepted a 3 month bill.on the due date sohan request for the renewal of the bill for further peirod of two month .mohan agree to pay interest @9% per annum to be inculuded in the new bill . determine the amount of new bill? 306
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