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What is purchase order, what is seen in purchase order?    2  1362
What is dishonor check?    4  1651
Accrued. What is it? Explain the word ina-bearings   3  1710
Contra entry with example?    32  68553
What balance will be entered in the cash book?    2  1468
What is petty cash and main cash book? Diff b/w them    2  4663
difference b/w public and private company?    1  2194
4) What is Journal Entry of 1) Credit Sales. 2) Credit sales with Discount. 3) Credit sales with VAT. 4) Outstanding Rent paid. 5) Credit Purchase. 6) Out standing wages paid. 7) Bank over draft 8) bank charges 9) Dishonor check genpact   9  27890
what is mean by traditional accounting ? acs   0  534
what is different b/w current a/c and savings a/c?    0  370
journal entry for drawings? wipro   25  33951
In tally drawing accounts come under which account    12  45650
what is finance tell me in exact definition? bank-of-america   6  3010
what is accounting? pls tell me in exact definition    3  2357
what is joint venture? wipro   0  444
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is general accounting 324
when charges PURCHASE @ 12 % TAX RATE ? 267
what are the main tools of auditing? 723
What Settlement details are required on the delivery instruction slip? 2504
What is invoice processing can u explain it? 1143
how to pass service tax reverse charge entry pass in books 1302
what is procese the TDS diduction? 1426
what is mean by traditional accounting ? 534
what is the case assesment of sales tax and vat.What is the proof of this case assesment.why we use the challan-c...???? Plz tell me someone...??? 341
What is the role oF Jr Financial Analyst ? And what are the General Questions Asked for this Profile For freshers ? 221
why should we are preparing BRS 289
after payment of interest of a loan account by using credit note voucher in tally 9........don't anyone thinks that we have to adjust the cash account by passing cr entry on journal for interest payment... 407
What is TDS entry for a Firm? as previous years TDS is shown as opening balance in the books of the firm in current year and i don,t want in C.Y as its claimed in the Computation of Previous Years???? So what is the A/C ing entry 303
I raised a service tax invoice against a client on which i charged service tax and without receiving any sum from client a deposited service tax on good faith but now client refuses to pay sum . so please, tell me what should i do. 533
Expand-------ANTS 318
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