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how to see the resluts of the bank clerical exams? can someone help me on tis.. i've written oriental bank of commerce but not able to know my resluts... oriental-bank-of-commerce   0  450
What is re-financing in Letter of Credit settlement    0  410
My brother studying B.Com(Comp)third year from Osmania University. He want to be settled in Accounts(Taxetion). Which subjects he have perfect to reach is goal. plz give ur good suggestions...    4  2706
Explain PRICE RATE and also COST RATE.    2  1711
My company's accountant use two different way to calculate Depreciation,one as per Companies Act and another rate for Income Tax calculation. Why we have to use two way to calculate it? Can we just use one way to calculate?    0  432
Expand GDI?    2  1972
Expand GDP?    1  5716
sir can u please provide me knowledge about all the direct tax and indirect tax genpact   3  2000
what is the difference between capital income and capital receipt? reliance   1  6197
I have been interview in next week my posting is accounts officer i have be manage with AP,AR,BRS and GL what Books i have read.    0  431
I want to develope with my basic nowledge of accounts.what books i have to read.can you tell me the suggesion.    2  1556
what is mean by account concept,and how to perpare a full accounting concept journal,ledger,trail balance,and balance sheet how it will prepare in upto fainalaztion.    0  404
What is mean by account receiveble and account payable how it will goes to upto finalazation.and wher it will papper in accounts books.and wher it well be apper in accounts books can you tell for my accounts interview perpose. essar   4  2874
what is derivatives?    4  2350
what is tds tax and what is vat use in tally ?    2  5966
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Un-Answered Questions
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What si the differance between REVENUE and PROFIT? 342
I run a small consultancy firm (partnership with my mother) from my residence address. My firm is not registered, but I do have a separate PAN for it. I do not have any salaried employees. I get work done by freelancers and vendors and pay them against invoice. My annual revenues are just about Rs 5-6 lakhs. I am aware that I would need to register for service tax once I touch Rs 9 lakhs. But I am confused about my obligation to get a TAN and deduct TDS for all vendor/freelancer payments. Are there any minimum thresholds for withholding TDS? Right now I pay 100% of invoice amounts. Please advise. 303
Difference between nonoperating expentiture and non cash expenditure 559
why the closing stock is not considered in drawing trail balance.... Are there any other items like the above 565
What is Hot Issue Income for Hedge Funds? 4728
What is the difference between SL and GL ? 860
what is the entry to be made for vat when any purchase is made in that bill vat amount is included ? 1279
What are direct income and indirect income 431
What are events occuring after the balancesheet date? 519
How to caluculate the value of Corporate Profit, the value of personal savings and the value of indirect tax? 286
Data flow of Accounts payable to General ledger? 7
Ram retired from partnership. The partners with mutual consent agreed to put the capital balance as on the date of retirement as loan to the firm @ 18% pa. The credit balance to his capital account was Rs 325000/- Pass necessary entry 355
as  per partnership deed, salary to working partner is rs 8000/ per month (96000 annually), suppose if i have book profit of rs 50000/ only,then what is the procedure to give salary 1094
if i have a educational loan on my name, can i show for tax exemption on current year income tax? Is it applicable for tax exemption (educational loan) 477
Please send the clerical exam questions and answers to my mail Id 600
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