Accounting Interview Questions
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why dr is on left hand side while cr is on right hand side?

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land lord raise Rs 107175/- as rent on leased premises plus the service tax @ 10.30/- we deduct tds at the rate of 10% we avail 50% how to pass entries and how much amount do we have to pay

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meaning of accessory for central excise purpose





Maintaining books of accounts (Cash, Petty Cash, Bank,

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Maintaining assets register

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different between income accrued and income receivables

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hi...this is chaitanya fresh bcom computer graduate i need job in finance feild will i get in genpact, deloitte, bank of america, or any other mnc...?


TDS mening

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what is bank occ

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What is the difference between an Invoice and a Proforma Invoice?

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Difination of Debit & Credit note. Journal entries of Debit & Credit note.

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can a pvt ltd. coy take unsecured loan from any partnership firm? If not why?

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IF the turnover of assessee is below Rs 50 lacs but profit declared is less than 5% of turnover . IS he subject to tax audit?

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What is Inter branch accounts reconciliation

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what is circuit filter?


What is the difference between cfa and csa?


what is apply SI post


How can pass reverse entry to close the account. If the Asset sides is greater then liabilities side and vice versa, then what can I do.


why you want to lecturer


how many types excise audits and when they are applicable to firm


We have a constructed a goverment approved textile park in year 2007. will we have to pay Service Tax on that Construction Service?


Took goods from the shop for use at home. state whether the the following transcation is business transcation or non business transcation? with reson or explaination?


How can a company reduce profit


please tell me short cut method in maths as well as in english for correcting the error for the post of clerck in bank exam


1. The following data is available. Determine the Break Even point in Sales: Sales : $1,800,000/- Fixed Expenses : $ 375,000/- Variable Expenses : $ 1,200,000/-


hi friend i have selected in ssc cgle as accountant in audit department. can anyone tell about the work of accountant in audit department?


agar hum koi sale return 3 month ke andar hi receive krte hai or part uski cst purchase ka bill deti hai or humse c form mangti hai to kya hum use LS-10 me tax benefit ke liye and LP-3 me c form issue krne ke liye kyoki central purchase ka haryana vat me benefit nhi milta kya dono form LP-3 and LS-10 me hum us return ko show kar skte hai


I had purchased a plot in Nov. 2002 for Rs 18lacs and spent about 20Lacs on its construction. Property is jointly owned by me with my husband in the ratio of 1/3:2/3. I am selling this property for 3cr. How much capital gain I/we have to pay? And can it be set off by purchasing new residential property? If so, can we purchase two separate residential properties, one in my name and one in the name of my husband, which could cover the capital gain amount. Can we do so or it is only purchase of one residential property against which capital gain can be set off. Please clarify.....


How to reconcilation of modvat