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If we follow accrual basis of accounting....will it be in conflict conservatism concept? capital-iq   1  232
Difference between cash and merchantile system? capital-iq   0  233
Whats the difference between merger and aquisition? capital-iq   0  204
What is semi variable expenditure and example? capital-iq   1  529
What if forfeiture of shares? capital-iq   0  228
What is contingent event? capital-iq   2  3388
What is margin of safety?    3  1341
What is Break Even Point? capital-iq   14  3374
What is marginal costing? capital-iq   10  19227
Example for extra ordinary expenditure? capital-iq   0  197
What are events occuring after the balancesheet date? capital-iq   0  217
If debtors realisation period is increased operating cycle will increase or decrease capital-iq   1  643
Difference between nonoperating expentiture and non cash expenditure capital-iq   0  322
If eqityshares are issued as consideration for purchase of machinery will it effect the cashflow statement? capital-iq   0  162
Difference between operating profit and netprofit. capital-iq   2  3650
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Un-Answered Questions
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your company by machinary for Rs 3000000/-, what will be the maximum term lean avaible form bank? 124
Can you help me to pass the journal entry for work in progress for a construction company? I would like to know the debit and credit for W.I.P will be under in which accounts head. Eg: debit will be in current asset a/c head, and credit will be under in which a/c in P&L? whether under purchase a/c head, or under direct income a/c head? please give me the details. Thanks for your previous answer? 271
what is works contract tax? if a contractor made a bill as repairs to machinary 00000000/- service tax 12.36% on 40% on basic value Vat 5% on 60% of the basic value of the bill amount how can i deduct works contract tax? please suggest me? 116
what is the meaning of Processing Vendor/Employee payments 356
Have you worked with other on team endeavors 194
how to see reoprt of miro booking in SAP FI 212
Questions asked for the post of Manager (Finance) in a Public Sector company Subject of group discussions for the post of Manager (Finance) in a Public Sector company 318
{in tally}in inventory info what is (stock group, stock categori, stock item,reorder levels) why we has to prepare them? 312
What is the use of form D in sale tax 174
How can do it TDS in accounts? 149
i have selected jr. accountant/ auditor in ssc graduate level 2008 scheme b. but i have not yet received deptt. memo and also appointment letter. when it will be come??? how much time??? 134
if cheque bounced what we received from customers and payed to bank what entry should we create in single entry system 154
HI i have been shortlisted for the Syndicate bank PO post. Can any one guide me about the interview questions..and answers? 176
How to maintain the reserve a/c inspite of the withdrawls in a propreitorship and ways to reduce the gap of excess current assets to the less current liabilities. 152
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