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What is he difference between OD account and CC account telco   5  39558
What are the different type of bank accounts maintained in tally telco   1  3172
Why to use tally only. What are the advantages of using tally telco   2  4071
How does the ration analysis help in depicting profit and loss telco   0  401
How can we calculate the total income of the company. telco   0  334
How does the profit is affected by the loan. telco   0  451
How do we return the loan in equal installments with interest in tally telco   0  387
What is the procedure to take loan telco   0  308
How do you maintain TDS in the company telco   3  1457
What is TDS telco   2  1207
Suppose the production is more and sales less then what will happen telco   0  304
How can a shopkeeper maintain the daily data in tally telco   0  1639
The total sales is more than the production then what is this situation called telco   0  305
How do you avoid loss situation telco   0  283
What is the difference between consumption and production telco   1  2040
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to calculate the TDS 547
1.tell me five points of check list of an audit. 2.what do you checking in statutory audit.five main points. 3.what do you checking in internal audit five main points. 4.which five major points checking according to caro. 1018
For example for formation of a new company/offshore company you need to show paid up capital of 100K but you don't have 100K you as a director borrow loan of 100K from 3rd party and deposit in the bank as paid up capital and issued shares of 100K in director name. After one week you return back 3rd part loan. What are the entries in the books? 273
what is the Difference between Compound Sales and Deemed Sales? 484
A sample book on interviews is ready for free circulation with 7 chapters i.e Journal entries helpful for various occassions,Terminology,Abbreviations,Test your terminology,Multiple answers, Fill in blanks and Income tax send your requisition for Free Book Immediately to 340
what is shares buy back And Stock plit. 397
6. What is the amount of Simple Interest on $ 1,500 for 90 days at 6% interest (year is 360 days)? 303
Rules for filling Income Tax return for a MNC? 456
i have pay to 250000 excise duty so i ask to all how can maintain entry in tally ? 76
what is the due date of 28th feb 381
why do u want to join bpo sector 453
why may types of accounts 392
Please let me know Under head of Sales Advance? 310
A Old Government Job retired Personnel who is getting his Pension amount@Rs.11000/- per month. He has put his retirement Fund in Bank Deposit for 1 year. No Bank is deducted TDS on that amount. Do we have any way by which his TDS can be refunded or saved 743
what do you mean byrecoupment of shortworkings in royalty accounts 1719
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