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sir i want tax chat,tax calculations    2  1359
Sir i want bill payable meeaning,Entryes    2  1300
Please give Leave encashment formula. Profession Tax & Pf or any other Dedecution deduct on leave encashment or not.    3  6902
In a organization what are comes under DEBIT side? Ex" all assets natural position is debit. like    3  1359
What is the definition of LOSS. Give the formula if any.    0  394
Define the PROFIT.    4  1646
define the REVENUE    2  1243
If i want to establish a company in which i want to manifacture and sell the Wine. So how many permissions i have to taken and who will issue those? ibm   0  320
What are the duties of sales tax department? Explain it    0  388
How can i treat the tds in the Books of Deeductee. Example suppose my company recives an amount on Job work charges by giving tds to a deductor company. Then will i creat it under tax and liability ledger or other. eclerx   4  5689
how to see the resluts of the bank clerical exams? can someone help me on tis.. i've written oriental bank of commerce but not able to know my resluts... oriental-bank-of-commerce   0  348
What is re-financing in Letter of Credit settlement    0  332
My brother studying B.Com(Comp)third year from Osmania University. He want to be settled in Accounts(Taxetion). Which subjects he have perfect to reach is goal. plz give ur good suggestions...    4  1996
Explain PRICE RATE and also COST RATE.    2  1395
My company's accountant use two different way to calculate Depreciation,one as per Companies Act and another rate for Income Tax calculation. Why we have to use two way to calculate it? Can we just use one way to calculate?    0  377
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi sir, Our appointed one agent for sales promotion activities. This agent doing the job "canvas of our product". My quires 1)it is eligible for service tax and how to accounted. 2) this transaction is direct expenses or direct expenses? Pl suggest me 10
what about case study 377
Transfer nett profit of Rs 325000/- to Reserves and Surplus 494
Hi frnds, can any one tell me how much funds has to be there to convince financially sound during the visa interview and what supporting documents has to be produced. What is backlogs means.....hope the best known will answer. 290
what is inter-company transaction? what is Inter-Branch transaction? 3078
Please help me to find VAT Rates of the follwing Items in A.P 1.Fiber Glass -CSM -Roving W.R Polyster Resin G.P{general purpose)Roofing,ISO Thanks & Regards Mohan .V 273
What is revaluation of Accounts, how does it is accounted in business 249
how enter service bill in the tally and what is the process of service bill. aganst service charge @ 10.3%, sercharge 2% cess 1% 687
how to account branches in tally 457
How can you actualize cah flows of 5 years at 8% 308
what are the charecteristics of cost accounting financial accounting managment accounting payroll accounting environmental accounting h r accounting forensic accounting inflation accounting? 247
1. Defination of Contractor & sub contractor 2. In cash method of accounting can we claim TDS deducted on Advance Recevied from contractee. 458
If a consultant charged his fee n receive so can i pass the journal entry n how i can i maintain bal sheet 447
What is fitting and fixtures? 377
Name the Accounting Concepts 366
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