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Un-Answered Questions
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when wct@8.75% is charged from the vendor. How much TDS has to be deducted against it?? 411
What is the use of form D in sale tax 168
We have two mandatory qualifiers nature of accounts and balancing segment, which will balance the debit and credit and recognize the nature of accounts, my question is what other qualifiers do. Like management. Thank you. 176
What is the general net worth percentage banks will observe while sanctioning the Loans for Tranding, Construction and Manufacturing units. 138
Being BE student why you want to join bank? 150
I plan to buy a new flat in Hyderabad which has never been registered before. Area of the flat is 1115 Sq. ft. I intend to know the following things.1.) what should be the amount of registration?.2.) Is there any VAT. If there is VAT what is the percentage?.3.) Is there any service tax. If so, what should be the percentage? as per F.Y 12-13 rule 308
M paying salary of Rs. 22500/-, 21500/- & 17500/- to my employees, frm June 2010. I still have not deduct TDS from their salary. I have not applied for TAN No. M also paying rent of Rs. 50,000/- pm. And also have not deducted TDS on it. What should I do now? 319
Hi, we are not a VAT register and raised not VAT bill to company for signage material. they are deducting WCT @4%, can anybody help me why they are deducting WCT while i am not a VAT register vendor, as i do not cross threshold limit. 153
Entry for revenue item will be Expenses A/C Dr to Cash. But in the Profit and Loss account we will see the expenses with a pre fix of To Expenses Why? 220
what are the seven accounting rules 175
promotions of a new apointed auditor in cgda. 294
which chart of depreciation copy for our Indian companies in sap(fi-aa)? please give answer. Thanking you, mohan 169
a company recive 5 demand draft in different parties 2 DD sumittted to bank for collection and it's collected. what is the closing entry of other 3 DD in the company on that date? 108
Can anybody tell me the steps involved in Budgeting / Forecasting generally..?. Hints would be appreciated highly. 171
why i want to join Hawkins company 155
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