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what is interest invoice    2  1471
what is mixed invoice, prepaid invoice,quick invoice,podefault invoice,withholding tax invoice,please explain me in detail?    0  328
what are the difference between banking institutions and financial institutions?    0  287
Can I make a my HOUSE RENT AGREEMNT in the favour of my wife (LAND LORD) of Rs. 25000/- (twenty five thousand per month). if yes then what are the liabilities on me and my wife (land Lord) w.r.t INCOME TAX Act.    1  882
hai everybody... wish u all the best for those who got selected in sbi associate bank is anyone from coimbatore region attending on 27th may 2009. state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  422
For eg, u have order 100 goods and u got only 80 goods, and u got invoiced for 80 goods only, what u will do in this?    3  1484
what are the different types of invoices?    4  2347
how u will identify the duplicate invoice, on what basis?    3  1415
What is C form? In C form 'C' means what    15  55876
Can anyone tell me the limit of Professional fees on which service tax is to be charged?    1  4151
How to calculat closing stock?    8  3216
What is mean by secured loans?    4  1910
How Many kind of expenses or Income will come under direct expenses or Income ? fedex   5  12869
which kind of expenses or Income will come under direct expenses or Income ?    0  411
What is the basic difference between cash flow statement and funds flow statement    1  1724
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Un-Answered Questions
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Daily announced price of Gold. this price is included vat ya without vat. pls give me solution. 71
I select in Vendor Master - in defualt data material - Purchasing Group as a Subcontractor but how to get report or list only Subcontractor Vendor Master in sap? 322
With a 600 credit score, how to improve my credit rating score? 228
What z d diff of accounting principle,accounting standard,accounting rules,accounting procedures,accounting concepts?????? 403
What is cenvat credit? 541
taken loan from Private person(Dec'2014) - Rs. 6 lac and already interest paid for the year 115200 but interest taken for A/c Rs.38400/-.(upto March2015). remaining amount for this year i.e. 76800/- how to enter in tally. please clearify 12
what is new updates in account 384
What is T+2 rolli g settlement cycle? 414
Journalize the Following: 1. The following were purchased on account: a. Materials $ 10,000 b. Office supplies $ 2,000 c. Small tools $ 1,000 249
A Company has not deposited its ESI /PF dues from 01-04-10 till 31-12-10 in a year (Both the shares). What is the maximum time limit for that and is the liability as on date. Management wants to daly at the maximum, but want the calculations of each & every aspect- monthwise. The avrerage no. of employees are 50 and the salary is around 2.00 to 2.5 Lacs per month. 400
I have mentioned the buyer as in Kolkata and the consignee's in Jharkhand now the consignee has issued the C Form whether the C Forms is acceptable or not kindly help me 254
Telly ERP9 is perfect accounting softwear in excise unit. 1028
Q5 Prepare a Balance sheet from the following particulars: Gross profit =Rs.80,000 Gross profit to cost of goods sold =1/3 Stock velocity =6 times Opening stock =Rs.36,000 Accounts receivable velocity =72 days (year=360 days) Current assets=Rs.1,50,000 Account payable velocity=90 days Bills receivable =Rs.20,000 Bills payable=Rs.5,000 Fixed assets turnover ratio (on cost of goods sod)=8 times 370
what is OTC derivatives and Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) ? 1838
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