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what is city commodity tax    0  436
what is security transaction tax wipro   2  1953
if you reconsilation is doing at end of the month 31 march. you have question for one amount on 30th march which is the banker said that we do not know about the 30th march entry, the amount deposit and expenses. please come after one week. but u need to complete reconcilation end of march. so, what will you do know? genpact   6  2847
what is the tax rate or tax slab for the companies for AY 2009-10?    1  1710
current ratio? asked on 30/7/09 factset   9  3778
explain about mergers & aquisitions? asked on 30/7/09 factset   0  392
current ratio? asked on 30/7/09 factset   3  1803
explain about mergers & aquisitions? asked on 30/7/09 factset   0  346
Define Amortization & Impairment? opi-global   2  9092
What are the items are the purpose of calculating taxable? - Excise duty - Fine & penalty - Loss on sale fixed assets - Depreciation on fixed assets opi-global   3  4081
Give some examples under sec. 80C? What is the maximum limit ? opi-global   6  9278
Journalise the following Entries? Outstanding salary of rs. 20000/- Prepaid insurance of rs. 5000/- opi-global   13  9978
What is VAT stands for? what kind of VAT it is? opi-global   6  4607
What is MAT stands for? opi-global   10  4375
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are the questions commomly asked in reuter's interview.? 550
Short Answer on _________National Debt 282
what is similarites between tata motors and airtel 852
I got below mail stating to pay 8000 rupees to Wipro but when I went to wipro in sajapur, it was fake mail. If u receives this kind of mail, please don’t respond. Please inform to ur friends regarding this. Wipro Limited Dear candidate Your Resume has been selected by ( Wipro Limited). I have attached your Interview Process letter with this email. Kindly see the attached file. Note - you can call in official working Hours Monday to Saturday – 9 Am to 2 Pm, Company Website – Note - And more details you send a email Company Email Add – Best Of Luck For More Details Please Click Here Wipro Limited < I received attachment mail as well. 309
what happens to each of the three primary financial statements when capital expenditures decrease? 401
am attend to bank exam(iob)pls send model questions 367
what is a reducing balance method and depreciation fund investment method and 2 diffrences? 765
what is difference between matching principles and accrual basis principles? 347
what is internal audit 326
Can I check my Vantage credit score range online? 224
Into which account do we close the revaluation account balance during the winding up of a company? 373
What doyou mean by assesment order? and for what purpose it will be passed? 340
swagat staryed business on 1st jan 2005 with cash on hand Rs. 10000 296
While we are bringing our machinery items to factory through a vehicle from other state to Andhra pradesh, is this correct to send our own state way bill along with the other state way bill. 195
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