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Classify the following accounts into Personal Account, Real Account & Nominal Account. Questions Answers 1. Furniture Account 2. Salaries Account 3. Outstanding Wages Account 4. National Trading Co. Ltd’s Account 5. Stationery Account 6. Prepaid Insurance Account 7. Capital Account 8. Interest Account 9. Building Account 10. Purchase Account 11. Cash Account 12. Bank Account 13. Sales Account 14. Commission received in Advance Account 15. Discount Account 16. Drawing Account 17. Loan Account 18. Mysore Store’s Account 19. Repairs to Machinery Account 20. Stock Account 21. Investment Account 22. Loose Tools Account 23. Bangalore Sports Club’s Account 24. Loss of Goods by Fire Account 25. Motor Vans Account 26. International Trader’s Account 27. Goodwill Account 28. Depreciation Account 29. Bad Debts Account 30. Bad Debts Recovered Account 31. Bank Overdraft Account 32. Book Debts Account 33. Purchases Returns Account 34. Sales Returns Account 35. Postage Account 36. Charity Account 37. Carriage Account 38. Rent Account 39. National College’s Account 40. Bills receivable Account 41. Bills Payable Account bisleri   8  15763
State which of the following are Cash transactions, and which are credit transactions: Questions Answers 1. Anil commenced business with Rs.10,000 2. Bought goods for cash Rs. 2000 3. Bought goods from Balaji on account Rs. 4000 4. Paid Balaji on account Rs. 500 5. Commission received Rs. 50 6. Commission due to Raj Rs. 100 7. Took Loan from Bank Rs. 20,000 8. Interest on loan due to the bank Rs. 200 9. Paid salaries Rs. 200 10. Sold goods for Rs. 1000 11. Sold goods to Eshwar on account Rs. 2000 12. Received from Eshwar on account Rs. 100    3  1559
what is a contra entry how it is passed in journal and cashbook?    4  3329
dear sir if i dont know the sell bill amount the. client give me 88036 amount cheque this cheque already cut tds 2.065% how will the service tax how i calculate this pls give easy process.    1  1298
CST 2% against C form,Cst 12.5 % without c form, why government is in loss with C form?    8  41250
service tax and vat,both is possible on one item cs-business-services   7  17557
How to calculate the interest on housing loan for an LET OUT PROPERTY?    3  4663
Is Taxi bills allowed to claim the LTA?    1  11150
what is the difference between draft and cheque niit   3  1991
what is the difference between mutual fund and banks niit   1  6833
what is the amount of t.d.s if one get 4000/- monthly from a company on behalf of consultancy charges.    5  3574
what is monthly closings. opi-global   1  2988
what is accounting    6  1428
what is differance between creditors & expenses for creditors?    3  8103
what is the concept of finance accounting?    1  1299
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Is there any change in the section 80DD for the financial year 2009-10 871
Dividends are usually paid as a percentage of ______ (a) Authorized share capital (b) Net profit (c) Paid-up capital (d) Called-up capital 525
Give a brief explanation of the fundamental accounting concept of prudence 334
Where we show Service Tax Due ( Debit Balance ) in Balance Sheet? 498
Scope and nature of Accounting 444
recently release the 6.0 version not succede in the market why? 300
I am Simrat Kaur. I am persuing graduation from P.U. I have an experience of 14 months as a CSA. But i hav an experience letter of 6 months.But I can show my joinin letter of the other job. I hav knowledge of basics of computer & internet. Actually, m findin job in chandigarh. I am findin the right opportunity. so, Can u plz help me in findin the right job?? Can u plz tel me abt where interviews r goin on? 479
I got a transaction of Online Recruitment Charges, So What is the Ledger to Create? 927
I have scooter , and its insurance expired for the past 1 yrs and i need to renew it ? how to , explain? 332
Short Answer on ________Ad-Valorem Duties 226
Our company is engaged in a business of Real state developer in andhra pradesh. we want to purchase some material from other states. we have central sales tax registration. whether we are eligible for issuing a form 'c' to the supplier being a deeloper. 257
What are all include taxation...? What is to be noted in the taxation...? Hints would be highly appreciated. 269
while raising credit note for price difference,is it mandatory to charge excise duty 12.36% and vat 14.5% on local supplies 497
Whether the TIN and CST no. remain same for a firm in M.P. state. If a firm ask for CST but having only TIN no. is it correct to entertain his invoice? 257
When excise duties differs from 8.24% to 14.24%? Why excise gate pass is required during dispatch of vehicle? 565
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