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WHAT IS R/3 IN SAP.    2  2026
I have a question, is telephone service tax, credited card service tax which is paid by me (input) adjustable against output service tax    2  2075
what is Producer of a wounding up of a company?    1  1666
What is the diffrentm between internal & external audit?    5  4412
how many types of auding report?    2  2660
what is the method for calculation of profitability statement? omaxe   1  1644
Are you sure MBA Finance Demand in market if yes why and if you study a distance couse so my question is destance education is a valed for big company and small company    1  1324
what is the D.V.T. rate from 1/10/2009    0  500
why we are considering the net profit as liable in balance sheet    5  3935
How calculate Rent income exemptions from taxable income under income tax act.isnn't 30% of total income???? plz explain with example?    0  468
What is Sale tax Assessment? When it required ? what is the basic query's to do this??????????    6  23427
Sale of Rs.10000, where in 50% is on credit and there 10% discount on the immediete payment. Pass a journal entry for this accenture   26  11199
what is bill receible    7  3348
What Is audit ? Explain the inventory audit    7  4601
Hi, can you please confirm, what should be the rate of TDS when, I will pay revenue share to a domestic company ?? Tx Buddha    0  739
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the working formula for Working Capital Turnover 384
A sample book on interviews is ready for free circulation with 7 chapters i.e Journal entries helpful for various occassions,Terminology,Abbreviations,Test your terminology,Multiple answers, Fill in blanks and Income tax send your requisition for Free Book Immediately to 394
what is cost audit? 429
How to create a liability for Service Tax in SAP 1291
ABC Ltd. firm has a sales of Rs.6 crores, Variable cost Rs. 3.5 crores and Fixed cost of Rs. 0.65 crores. The firm has debt and equity resources worth of Rs.7 crores and 10 crores respectively. With the data given show : (i) The firm’s ROI. (ii) EBIT if sales decline to Rs.4 crores. (iii) If the industry’s assets turnover is 4 times, does the firm has high or low asset turnover? The cost of debt is 12%. Ignore taxation. 321
Meaning of portfolio management? 467
how many types of practice accounts? 381
how many form used in sales tax return from begining to ending? 183
Truck # 3 has a list price of 16000. It is acquired in exchange for a computer system that company A caries in its inventory. The computer system cost 12000 and is normally sold by company A for 15200. Pass the journal for the same. 470
what is difference among credit, loan, advance 322
Sir, My company was formed in the Financial Year 2007-08 and during the year there is primary work i.e. instalation and sitattion work carried on. Now, the Company has started the Production activity form the Financial Year 2008-09 i.e. 14/04/2008. The question is that if the company is entitled to get the Addition depreciation U/s. 32? 545
The Closing stock balance on the cr side of Tarding Proft and Loss A/c due to this our revenue so when we isued the material or used in production then whats happen with closing stock(I think Closing Stock will dr after Isuabce/use materil in Production)if its correct tell me 313
What is the definition of LOSS. Give the formula if any. 552
how to prost entry for purchases with a bill 390
plz send me a solved paper on SBI of clerk post 581
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