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what is MICR CODE AND BSR CODE HOW IT WAS DIFFERENT? bank-of-america   3  18721
what is MIS report we prepare it? genpact   7  5528
Which document should be attached with purchse & sales invoice?    0  299
What is TDS?    2  1873
can we credit depreciation of the year to the general reserves in a balance sheet of that year? and also enlist some relevant documents or standards?    0  697
During the Interview in a Company the Interviewer asked me that Why the Depreciation Rate as per Income Tax Act & Companies Tax Act differs, please answer this quetion ?    2  2301
which is the payment date & return fileing dates of PF, PT,ESI,TDS,Service TAx and IT in Karnataka    2  17319
How to create report of t code f-02 in SAP FI?    3  4473
basic knowledge of accounting ?    8  13617
basic knowledge of accounting ?    1  1230
what do you mean by self-assesment tax &advance tax . hoe it can differentiate?    2  4090
what do you mean by tds oyster-learning   6  5160
what is the difference between planned and non planned budgt    0  306
we are deducting tds for our clients under section 194C section. exemption under this section is Rs.20000 suppose if a client bills more than Rs.20000, then i have to deduct tds only for above Rs.20000/- bills or from the first bill onwards.please clear me with as example    2  4983
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Un-Answered Questions
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Cheque Received From Customer What is accounting entry and in which vocher. coustomer order is 100 items . 5 items given to customer cost rs 2000 5 items Total 2000 and remaing 95 items not deliveried 100000 Cheque Received 368
an amount deducted from the catalog price for an item of merchandise is called? 3633
Occasionally it is said that issuing convertible bonds is better than issuing stock when the firms shares are undervalued. Suppose that the financial manager of Decent Furniture Company does in fact have inside information indicating that the decent stock price is too low. Decent furniture earnings will in fact be higher than investor’s expectations. Suppose further that the inside information cannot be released without giving away a valuable competitive secret. Clearly, selling shares at the present low price would harm Decent’s existing shareholders. Will they also lose if convertible bonds are issued? If they do lose in this case, is the loss more or less than it would be if common stock is issued? Now suppose that investors forecast earnings accurately, but still under value the stock because they overestimate Decent’s actual business risk. Does this change your answer to the questions posed in the preceding paragraph? Explain. 866
what is procese the TDS diduction? 1447
Do is it proper fo an engineer to head a bank without a good backgroud in accounting? ? 280
Is there any circumstance where an accountant is allowed to depart from accounting standards while preparing financial statements? If yes explain why, if no explain no. 403
What is the Full Procedure of Purchase ? 327
Suppose that a sub-contractor total work done for Rs.100 & he charged 10.3% service tax.Then total gross value will RS.110.30.On what amt you will (that means on total work done or total gross value)charged Retention@10%,WCT@3% & TDS@2%. 476
Expenses which are incured during the manufacturing are direct expenses.In that case,what are the direct expense in a trading firm where there is no production.Like salary, rent, electricity etc in a trading firm 472
kindly send the TDS tariff on Security expenses, rents, transport charges etc., 406
How to calculate Gratuity & when it's applicable to employee after three years or Five years?... 254
what is the difference b/w gain and profit? 301
While selling fertilisers can we charge VAT on excise duty. 364
Can I use a single way bill for 1 vehicle dispatching material from multiple consigners to a single consignee??? 573
how MIS statements used in accounts receivables n payables? n what is the advantage of this reports? 259
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