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What will be journal entry of provision for income tax in current year and Adjustment entry in next year    11  19335
what is legal meaning of CLEAR BALANCE mentioned in bank passbook of a saving account ? bank-of-maharashtra   2  4137
what is the maximum amount of adversiting while we paying in cash    1  620
Why TDS not Deducted on Service tax amount of Rent. genpact   0  245
Hi to All any body pls. tell me the entry for tds in salary example-- one employee salary 25000 tds will be 1000 how to deduct and what will be the entry for above transactions    9  1758
i am working in pvt company as accountant. but i have one doubt in case of tds deduction. becouse we have paid Rs.25000/- to Just Dail Group account as a Advertisement Expences. I know Rules of Tds deduction Rule no: 194C any payment to contract (advertisement contract) must want to deduct tds (1.133%)if u paid advertisement expences more than Rs.20000/- (one time). but my doubt is this. how much our assessment value in this creditor. up to 20000 don't want to pay tds. r we only assessed value Rs.5000 (25000- 20000), ie Rs.56.65 or whole amount (25000)ie Rs.283.25. anybody can help me    13  1855
what are the question going to ask for freshers about acccouting knowledge and how to prepare ourslf ...    2  2092
Financial Management What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hands to meet its obligation at all times?    1  514
We are generally give order to the printing company for printing our uniqe file,calender,sovenour,answer sheet,envelop etc, when company submite the bill it charge the bill includes vat@4%, so can we deduct the TDS on total invoice value or only cost amount (exclude the vat).    8  3175
what is GST? please guide us? what is the rate liable for GST? and when GST is applied?    3  1196
If I want loan upto Rs.500000/- from bank. so how much capital show in my balancesheet. please help me.    1  632
What is FBT? please guide me with the example    1  786
why profit is a liability and loss is an asset?    5  2860
What is BMP in IMS    1  825
What is the difference between vat scrutiny and vat assesement,what is required document for both.    3  1676
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Time capital 121
how to treat accounts receivables and accounts payables in accounting. Which entries are done . 150
Entry Tax is Central Income or State Income. Which Challan this tax deposited ? In Sale Tax Return which column is shown this tax 127
euro currency market 195
In sales what rule applicable 153
What is the Purpose of Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement? 108
what is dmat charges? 131
what is purchase consideration? 141
shares convert into share capital what is the journal entry? how many ledgers need to create? 100
Expand---------BPCD 177
Can anyone expain.. why the sensex is in points. And why the ratios is calculated. In what way its uesfull to the organisations 125
what is miscellaneous expenditure?? 970
Can anybody send me Interview questions & Answers to me IN Accounts & finance my Mail ID - 123
Which Exchange determine Foreign ? 217
If there is an excess amt of TDS paid under the head TDS on contractor, then how it can be shown in Annexure of TDS return? 301
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