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How can we explain what is an asset, consumable, stock, store item ? What are the essential differences?    2  5463
who is debtor? who is creditor?    15  9485
Central Railway i.e. Central Govt. takes material through works Contract in Maharashtra State.The contractor purchases material from other states say M.P. or U.P. state. Due to inter state purchase of material the contractor is asking for C form. Whether Central Railway is eligible to get C form? Whether we will able to get C Form from Sales Tax Dept. so as to hand over to contractor ?    1  925
What is TDS rate of Salary head?    5  2148
What is meaning of Corporate Assessee & Non Corporate Assessee? Corporate Market & Non Corporate Market? ibm   7  7591
What is meaning of MAT? please explain in detail with an example?    7  9053
wat is the golden rule of accounting capital-iq   12  4156
how can i calculate annual turnover for a construction company sun-construction   6  4960
Should we take the taxes in to P& L A/c.    6  1653
Which type of stock show in trail balance. Op. Stock or Cl. Stock & Why?    9  1929
what is payroll    3  840
Examples each for golden rules of accounting dell   20  48734
wate is the TDS lg-soft   5  1736
How To fill vat, Tds, Service tax Return Form? Please Explain With an Example. dell   2  3771
What is Journal Entry for Booking & paid Telephone Expenses.    7  3607
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Un-Answered Questions
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business sepsarate entity concepts 144
What is the important of cash in a business unit 179
If any new form open than we are able to deduct TDS on first year 108
what is the treatment of term loan & long term debenture in calculation of networth? 154
what do you meant by POP-up 174
What is the procedures for withdrawing of form C? 226
Hello! My annual salary is @ Rs.6,00,000/-. What would be the TDS applicable for me per annum/per month. I am also contributing to EPF @ Rs.9360/-. 182
Can anyone plz. tell me where can i get the proforma application for DAO.I have tried all the links but i couldn't find any application proforma in the notifications. 193
My question is that can i taken input credit of service tax of telephone bill & courier bill & labour contractore bills in exemption Area. 148
what is the meaning of (PDD’s, DOD’s, CFR’s,) based on understanding of the business process 251
how do you prepare the mis reports and prepare the one example report stating your accounts department proforma 137
Took goods from the shop for use at home? state whether the following transcation is business transcation or non business transaction? with reason?. 109
I customized the tax procedures, after posting normal g&l (f-02), i got an error, error is complete lineitem display, its popup error message num, how can i find the message error, whats the t-code 74
how to account branches in tally 163
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