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Rules Ammended for issue of C form in 2009 fortune   1  1627
Is tax audit compulsory for companies irrespective of their income?    2  6489
what is the accounting term of bank reconcilation? explain me    2  2274
TAX should Be deducted on Water Supply Contract ?Why ?    5  9616
What is difference between provisional and projected balance sheet of the company?? genpact   2  36168
Why we do show Closing Stock in under Trial Balance & not in Trial Balance    4  2928
A check deposited in a saving account is shown as credited in clear balance in the passbook while the other check deposited next day is shown as pending clearance. Can a bank later on debit the amount of the 1st check unilaterally,once it is cleared by bank. banking   2  1223
Where can i get IFAM Banglore details, i came to know that there they are giving Accounts & Taxation Training on Real Projects, and they are providing Job after training. I got one number that is not reachable i.e 9591777526. Please give me if any one knows this Institute details.    0  345
Whether Luxury Tax is applicable for ICU Bed charges.. apollo   1  2520
What is WCT? On Which it is calculated?pleasegive any example.    1  4454
what is accounting standard?    2  1574
what is account opening and account closing?? royal-bank-of-scotland   10  4341
in Accounts we are using provisions ? what is provisions?    1  1325
when we file Vat audit report    3  2378
what is wct? what is it applied ?    2  6356
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Un-Answered Questions
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How goodwill is accounted for the first time in a company . 306
What entry to be passed for Duty draw back as receivable 191
What is the base for issuing of C-form date of sale or date of purchase since goods sent by one quarter ended may reach in next quarter. 768
if not found suitable for the post applied for, are you willing to be considered for a lower post yes / no ? why? 272
What is mamimum rate of CST applicable on Plastic Doors in NOIDA? 349
What are the specific types of costs that FCA addresses? 405
what are valuation accounts? 369
Depreciation method to using Indian company names 267
what is difference between venture capital financing and equity financing? 354
Hi, we are not a VAT register and raised not VAT bill to company for signage material. they are deducting WCT @4%, can anybody help me why they are deducting WCT while i am not a VAT register vendor, as i do not cross threshold limit. 347
A Lorry driver damaged shed shutter and we deduct 2000/- from his freight amount now what is the head for the Deducted amount? 307
plzzzzzz help me friend my question is, is the tds of part of income tax and when it deduct from salary and why becose tds is deduct only secoundry primary income like lotory etc.. 393
what is the difference between Assets Allocation & Security selection? 723
Into which account do we close the revaluation account balance during the winding up of a company? 361
What is turnover limit for Auditing of Service Tax, VAT, Income Tax, Provident Fund, P. Tax and WCT? Please mail me at gautam_ch2 @ or call me at 09831707812. 1478
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