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A Norwegian Company rents some equipment to a customer in India. The Norwegian Company does not have an office in India. The new tax regulations make in mandatory for them to furnish a PAN number without which a with holding tax will be deducted. The Norwegian company will be paying tax on this rental income in Norway. India and Norway have a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement. I wish to know 1) Is it possible for the Norweigian company to avoid the with holding tax in India?    0  297
The following are details of an invoice from a foreign supplier of goods: 20 pieces of item X @ $ 20 per piece $ 400 20 pieces of item Y @ $ 5 per piece 100 Shippingcharges 40 Discount -80 Total $ 460 Total cost of above shipment of goods is Dh 2,300 which is made up of Dh. 2,070 representing cost of transferring the above invoice amount of $460 and the balance of Dh 230 represents other direct costs You are required to calculate the landed cost in Dirhams for ONE PIECE of item X.    1  838
note for sundry debotrs and sundry creditors    3  3133
What is the journal entry for sundry debtors    4  17116
what is duties and responsibilities for clark working in sbi state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  461
How to change the voucher date in tally ? capital-iq   4  3249
Can anybody explain me entry for TDS receivable with example    5  21027
Describe the P&L Account?    2  2252
AOP meana association of persons which includes individuals BOI means association of individuals .so my question is how to recognize a client whether he is aop or boi when he is a associaton of INDIVIDUALS.I will be helpful to those answered my question    1  2394
what is real account and its advantages    1  1503
How the Entry passed for Loss of Payment    0  486
Where show the sales return of exciseable goods?    2  2408
Why don't show the opening & closing stock in Trial Balance.    2  3298
What diffrance between TDS & TCS.    2  2358
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how we can access the Tax Deduction through PAN ?. 360
if i the vendor is providing us some printing material & they issue a bill of printing with including Vat so what can i deduct TDS ? 425
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what is the basic difference between pooling of interest method and purchase method in amalgamation 1191
Expand---------PCDB 358
What is pr ? why it is prepared and what is its purpose ? who is responsible for preparing it ? And on any fault in it who is liable ? And what will happen if fault comes ?And What are major reasons of fault ? 1091
What is the treatment of Capital Work in Progress as per the International Accounting Standards. 2943
What are the procedures for remitting WCT? 419
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