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why we multiply no. of purchasing year with average profit    0  301
How the MIS format made up in XL.    0  394
what is the format of salary slip when basic , D.A.H.R.A. ,conveyance allowence , concluded and in deduction part P.F. E.S.I. & P.Tax. hdfc   0  2069
What is the entry for Good will payment? (received money for Good will)    2  2213
what is accpunting ? What is intangible Accounting? What is Gross profit ? what is Net profit?    1  1286
What is Assesment year, 2010 - 11 which year Assesment year ?    4  2355
Hello friends, I want to sk that Is computer proficiency certificate necessary at the time of SBI clerk Interview?and all other guys who have cleared the nov 2009 exam and have got the bio data form please give replies,,, waiting for replies ,thank you.    0  382
How many types of routing protocols? cisco   8  5357
Describe the types of routing? cisco   1  2259
How many types of routing? cisco   6  7025
What is routing? cisco   3  2353
what is vlsm? cisco   3  3773
Please anybody tell what is a entry for Sales Tax & Income Tax refund received.    2  2046
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is mixed invoice, prepaid invoice,quick invoice,podefault invoice,withholding tax invoice,please explain me in detail? 361
What are the types of journal categories available in the Oracle AP? 404
what is budgetory control and what are the types 720
EXPAND___________INMA 361
what is tds rate of WCT applay for sale tax ragistard company. 864
What are the AP accounting entries for EXPENSE ITEM VS Inventory Item in oracle ERP 1331
in which group under we will open donation and hamali weekly payment account or ledger 371
in a every intervew asking one common question why you are living current employer, which is the best answer 1139
how to filing rt-1 414
Take me through the entire vendor cycle. 358
Is commodities transaction tax a permissible business expenditure? Explain 317
what is the step in preparing the schedule of audit? can someone explain for me? 311
When you prepare Profit and loss A/C either you will get profit or loss but not both.Then why we are saying it as profit AND loss A/C,why cannot we say it is as Profit OR loss account? 315
what do Loan Loss Coverage Ratio mens describe it with examples? 521
what are the aspects an auditor has to see when he/she is doing the Purchase,Sales and Journal Vouching 368
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