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what is accural genpact   5  3707
where will lostv appear in balance sheet? tcs   1  1197
What is the CST rate in India for sale of Tractor spare parts infosys   1  3348
why u maintain accounts in business    2  1694
mention five items that is commonly use when preparing trading and loss account    2  1793
what the three thing that can not make accounting statement balance?    1  1600
is F form needed while making intra stock transfer ?    2  3717
what is assessment? how many types of assessment will be there? and what is the documents and preparations for sales tax, service tax assessments??    0  342
How do caculate goodwill of a company? genpact   2  3346
Your grandfather is 75 years old. He has total savings of Rs.80,000. He expects that he live for another 10 years and will like to spend his savings by then. He places his savings into a bank account earning 10 per cent annually. He will draw equal amount each year- the first withdrawal occurring one year from now in such a way that his account balance becomes zero at the end of 10 years. How much will be his annual withdrawal?    4  4990
Suppose you buy a one-year government bond that has a maturity value of Rs.1000. The market interest rate is 8 per cent. (a) How much will you pay for the bond? (b) If you purchase the bond for Rs.904.98, what interest rate will you earn from this investment?    2  3182
Equipment A has a cost of Rs.75,000 and net cash flow of Rs.20000 per year for six years. A substitute equipment B would cost Rs.50,000 and generate net cash flow of Rs.14,000 per year for six years. The required rate of return of both equipments is 11 per cent. Calculate the IRR and NPV for the equipments. Which equipment should be accepted and why    0  1284
Volga is a large manufacturing company in the private sector. In 2007 the company had a gross sale of Rs.980.2 crore. The other financial data for the company are given below: Items Rs. In crore Net worth 152.31 Borrowing 165.47 EBIT 43.17 Interest 34.39 Fixed cost (excluding interest) 118.23 You are required to calculate: a. Debt equity ratio b. Operating leverage c. Financial leverage d. Combined leverage. Interpret your results and comment on the Volga’s debt policy    1  1620
A company issues new debentures of Rs.2 million, at par; the net proceeds being Rs.1.8 million. It has a 13.5 per cent rate of interest and 7 years maturity. The company’s tax rate is 52 per cent. What is the cost of debenture issue? What will be the cost in 4 years if the market value of debentures at that time is Rs.2.2 million?    0  1468
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Un-Answered Questions
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How many types we are received funds in business purpose 486
bank exam paper 559
do we have to learn all the shortcutkeys in tally.i am from non commerce background ,where should i start from. 366
In which book we can learn in detail of closing stock valuation. And if any site is available kindly help. 353
why did rbi hiked repo and reverse ratio and how it will effect the market 269
How goodwill is accounted for the first time in a company . 393
Describe yourself briefly why you are outstanding for this post "Finance Coordinator"? 732
how form h fill up? 802
Can anybody tell me the steps involved in Budgeting / Forecasting generally..?. Hints would be appreciated highly. 509
what is leverage n detail and tpoes of leverage with iagram? 369
Define The Term Journal And Explain The Present Day Use? 700
what did you mean by cash credit limit account ? 1046
What is the WCT percentage under which the amount is being deducted in Punjab. Under what Notification and dated when???????????. Serious Senor I need the answer other wise I would not have posed this question; Please send the answer to the mail address. 1089
how to caluclate tds from emloyees and others 500
what is TDS & CST ???????? 21
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