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whether commission earned by stock broker is laible for TDS?    2  1253
what is a gross profit ratio?    2  976
We issued C for the provisional price first. Again for the payment of Price Variation payment a fresh C form is to be issued?    1  495
what is the main difference between Outstanding & Accrued Expenses?    4  3446
what is tcs    2  619
If employess salary is less than Rs 6500/- p.m. then can employer if desires need not deduct PF . Is it right?    7  2540
What is earning per sahre? how does it impact the share holder? hp   3  1154
I HAVE TO PAY INCOME TAX PVT LTD CO. COMPANY BOOK PROFIT IS 5,00,000 (including dep.value + provision val of company passed) HOW TO CAL. MAT 15% ON WHICH AMT PLS. HLP ME IN DETAIL    1  1335
what are the setup required in p2p cycle as per India localization exl   1  559
Why Accountants have to or must prepare INCOME STATMENT in two stages Gross Profit And Net Profit    2  1082
what are types of cost? categorise these cost specially those which are relates to financial managment. and which cost should be consider during management.    3  735
If my Income is 180000 p.a., so what tax I have to be deposit, explain with details of total calculation? tata   3  1497
What is an Debenture thomson-reuters   6  1876
What do you mean by share thomson-reuters   7  1735
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Un-Answered Questions
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How do you handle lack of direction or working in chaos 276
A company purchase goods Rs.2000/- & input vat received rs.100/- but at the time he sold goods 1000/- as a sales & 1000/- as a sock transfer. plz tell me how much take input claim in this case. 158
what is circuit filter? 210
if we have provision for bad debts and RDD then on which amount we have to calculate RDD original or deducted? 652
what are the suggestions to control NPA in rural areas? 1157
as per partership firm TDS receivable at the end of goes to partners current account, but at the multinational company how pass TDS entry pass, where is it is goes 300
Whether interstate purchase of High speed diesel by mines at concessional rate is allowable ? 283
How does a bank or financial institution calculate COGS? What are the 'direct' costs of a loan or deposit revenue operation? 1913
Does provisions need to be subtracted from reserves if net worth is calculated on the basis of share capital based method 199
Dear sir , 1-what is diffrence local tax & vat 2 what is sales tax challan & return due date(monthly & quartly, annually) 3- what is service tax challan & return due tae 82
why auditors are not true and faire statement of account 284
Questions on Purchase Book & sales Book .Balance sheet , Purchase & Sales Return 138
What is the Profit & Loss Account? 140
sort out the difference between service provider & service reciepient from the service tax. 264
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