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what is ment by master in tally?    1  1112
Is service tax is direct tax or indirect ? wipro   9  2806
vat return dates for uttrakhand    0  575
What is the journal entry for Call and a Put option both in the books of buyer and seller accenture   0  3750
what is uses your subject commerce in banking banking   1  4092
prepare theree column cash book from the following details on 3/2/06 1 balance (in hand) in the beginning 25,000. 2 recived chaque from x worth 5,000 3 deposited the same cheque into bank on next day 4 deposited 5000 into bank 5 withdrew 1,000 for personal use    1  1369
what is factory account. Descibe in details    1  1033
what are the advantages of TDS?    1  2724
what is factory account. Descibe in details    1  1705
Expand NEFT banking   2  2661
how to mix calculation VAT & CST in account where charged VAT & CST in bill reliance   3  2298
what is the journal entry for accumulated depreciation? core-logic   4  4762
what is the journal entry for accumulated depreciation core-logic   1  1469
What is the entry posted for GRN (Goods received Note)? If the stock received from the party what entry have to post in books? And in which a/c it has been hit?    2  2982
Explain the Depreciation, objectives for calculating the depreciation and various method for calculating depreciation    1  4389
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Un-Answered Questions
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You are required to show the effect of each of the following changes on profit and Break-Even-Volume from the information given below: Sales 50,000 units Rs. 5.00 per unit Variable cost Rs. 3.00 per unit Fixed cost Rs. 70,000 Changes: (i) Price changes by 20%. (ii) Volume decreases to 40,000 units. (iii) Variable cost increases to Rs 3.50 per unit. (iv) Fixed cost decreases by 10%. 610
What is the content of purchase order? n content of voucher? what is the main use of voucher. 311
What is the working formula for Working Capital Turnover 288
In one year how many times tds, service tax, and Mvat is paid? 1004
What is ABC Analysis in industrial function. hw can it s maintain ? 434
Mr. A purchased a machinery costing Rs. 1,00,000 on 1st October, 2005. Transportation and installation charges were incurred amounting Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 4,000 respectively. Dismantling charges of the old machine in place of which new machine was purchased amounted Rs. 10,000. Market value of the machine was estimated at Rs. 1,20,000 on 31st March 2006. While finalising the annual accounts, A values the machinery at Rs. 1,20,000 in his books. Which of the following concepts was violated by A? (a) Cost concept (b) Matching concept (c) Realisation concept (d) Periodicity concept. 198
What is the basic difference between pledge, hypothication and mortgage???? 512
please advice example of any single journal entry which include all 3 accounts i.e personal, real & Nominal a/c. 638
Which document should be attached with purchse & sales invoice? 299
Difference between cash and merchantile system? 513
All shot cut key use in the tally software & it's uses 402
how to upload ledgers in excel or word document 348
How do you plan to achieve these goals 614
explain about mergers & aquisitions? asked on 30/7/09 375
why i want to join Hawkins company 442
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