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You are trader, and you are buying the exciseable goods and selling the same to locally as well as intersale. what records to be maintained in terms of excise. abc   1  656
How to calculate gross salary from bsaic payment, D.A, T.A, H.R.A? dell   2  6002
what type of questions are asking for fund administration??? hsbc   0  529
we received from chq from particular to make entry in tally9.0? And Particular firm under which group.(Sundry debtor or sundry creditor? banking   7  1024
Whats the Balnace of Closing stock so if we issued the materil then the Closing stick will be dr and in case we pirchsed the materil the closing stock will be cr so tell me that i m correct or not itc-infotech   5  697
Tell me if the company wants to enhance thier business and incured the cost on other building (like Buliding Material, Iron and Others) so we will put it in to the expenses or i have to put it into the Fixed asset land and buildin by passing this entry Land and Building (Dr) Bank/Cash/Detors) (Cr) Thanks    3  436
financial statement of company sales(1,00,000 units @ Rs.10/-) 10,00,000 Variable costs 5,00,000 Contribution 5,00,000 Fixed costs 3,00,000 Net profit 2,00,000 p/v ratio 50% BEP 6,00,000 Margin of safety ratio 4,00,000 If the price increases by 10% what shall be the new p/v ratio and BEP? If the price increases by 10% is accompanied by a reduction in volume by 12%,what shall be the effect on BEPand profit?    1  613
what is book profit wipro   0  204
Accounting Question Help Please? I would like to know how I should journalize this entry: Credit invoice received from Sam's Trailors for a 10% price adjustment on invoice #515, $1910 Please tell me what to debit/credit....purchase discounts, or purchase returns. THANKS    1  349
why do we prepare balance sheet as on a particular date and not for a year?    1  852
what is the difference between trial balance and the balance sheet.? cts   1  1057
what is bank reconcilations statement intelenet   2  1201
suppose you make a bill with service tax and on the time of service tax return you have deposit the same. but now party denies to pay the value of service tax. what adjustment entry you pass to rectify the a/c.    2  458
what is depreciation ? and its entries ? genpact   6  3177
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Un-Answered Questions
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What accounting records must a non-company charity keep, and for how long? 286
which type audit for your company account 175
Name the Accounting Concepts 180
Zee Ltd. uses material—A for the production of Product M. The safety stock of material A is 300 units; the supplier quotes a delivery delay of two or three weeks. If the company uses 500 to 800 units a week according to the activity levels, the re–order level of material–A will be A. 2300 units; B. 2400 units; C. 2700 units; D. 28 units. 174
what is the format of salary slip when basic , D.A.H.R.A. ,conveyance allowence , concluded and in deduction part P.F. E.S.I. & P.Tax. 965
Rules for filling Income Tax return for an Individual ? 161
Hai Experts can any one send me some finance interview questions ,my mail id is,please send quickly it's so need. 104
1. Cold Ice, Inc. sells ice cream sells for $2 each. The variable costs per ice cream are $1 and the fixed overheard costs are $ 0.35. A summer camp wants to place a one-time order for 100 cone of ice cream at a price of $ 1.25 each. What is the minimum price hot dogs should be charge for this special order? 164
central excise all question 423
Let me know the liability positions of Partners 140
Expand ----------GIDB 129
how to calculate vat,pf,esi,service tax in corporate firm 81
please tel me Karnataka vat,sale tax deposit from and return from 333
Whether We can Get the Refund of Service Tax Paid Wrongly to the department.We are not suppose to pay the tax and we knew after that we can adjust that servies tax what we have collected from our client aganst services received from our suppliers. 1213
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