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Hey guyz I m looking for a Job in Accounts Sector can anyone help me I hve 2 yrs of work experience...    1  809
is depreciation a fictious assets?    2  1772
What is the posting of TDS Receivable in balance sheet    7  10295
What do u mean by Vouching? What is Vouching?    2  1819
What is the difference between financial accounting and management accounting?    2  1317
what about present pf rate can anybody defined clearly    2  1158
How much time does it take for a pay order to be made?    1  1050
what is the principal of accounting    1  1188
Hey can any body tell me..What are negative assets?    0  361
what is deferred profit ?    2  2325
we are a trading company providing devices and some times after sales service. when any defect came we just replace the hardware from another defective device and getting the payment from the customer. how can we account that? is there any tax implications for this?    1  1101
we are selling a device for 6000 and the company want to replace that device with a new device which is a bit more than the prior price say 7000. how we can account this? calsoft   1  1179
When you prepare Profit and loss A/C either you will get profit or loss but not both.Then why we are saying it as profit AND loss A/C,why cannot we say it is as Profit OR loss account?    0  284
hi m freshe working as a account assistance. i want know about accounts, what is balance sheet, profit & loss a/c, trail balance? why these are require to company? how can i know about full account work in tally? what should i do everyday? how to finalisation calculting? kindly explain please..    0  298
what is turn over? what is vat? what should ido to become a expert in acount? plese ans me    0  316
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the entry tax explain briefly? 396
ten example of direct income 402
what is the due date of 28th feb 386
what do you mean byrecoupment of shortworkings in royalty accounts 1740
Pls let me know Job profile for Account Manager. 342
what is profitability ratio and dividend policy ratio 358
in Sensex and Nifty, what is the measure to take the points 491
what is the difference between f.f.s and c.f.s? 599
hi friends, i have simple doubt if we completed this financial year that is 2009-10 march. after that we will file it period of from apr-2010 that is new f.y.what we take the opening balances without filing how can we know the exactly figures? 732
i am the student of icwai (intermidiate) What is the tds and how use the different state .. 393
EXPAND_________SEAMEC 250
How to raise my credit score if I have 500 credit score? 228
I had purchased a plot in Nov. 2002 for Rs 18lacs and spent about 20Lacs on its construction. Property is jointly owned by me with my husband in the ratio of 1/3:2/3. I am selling this property for 3cr. How much capital gain I/we have to pay? And can it be set off by purchasing new residential property? If so, can we purchase two separate residential properties, one in my name and one in the name of my husband, which could cover the capital gain amount. Can we do so or it is only purchase of one residential property against which capital gain can be set off. Please clarify..... 327
Dear all We have purchases the dialer & loger with all equipement for setup new call center from simens ltd. i taken to in our books as plant & machinary under fixed assets .So we want the rate of deprecation. Please answered me . 1215
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