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what are the key job responsbilites of area mamager in pharma    0  398
What are the questions being asked at the interview related to exports.    0  362
if i have done a research,and finally it has to be approved by my boss,but at the last moment i have found some major mistake inside it ,and if i disclose about it ,then my whole carrier will spoil,then how would i handle this situation?    0  356
I am asked to sell a pen as but with a condition that I will have to sell the pen at Rs.25(five times more the actual rate)though actually the price of the pen is Rs. 5 and wen the customer is aware of the same.    8  5173
How we can Evaluate Market Potential and Risk? Especially in Telecom and Banking Sector    0  577
how we make a appointment letter and offer letter,for a marketing manager    0  2587
What do we mean by branding the channel and what are the items we may use to do so?    0  1233
What is your long-range objective? cisco   0  1036
Carrier Objectives ,Future Plans & Kind of job wanted?    0  829
Tell me about Your Past Live experience / Project cisco   0  456
for an mba (marketing) is it good to start carrer with education industry.if the profile is of assistant manager with good payback ?? ibm   0  677
furniture design    1  1115
what are the effects of price increase? How do you manage price rise and maitain company markert share? nutrine   0  621
elicit areas of development    0  1265
market share of vijai electticals    0  1286
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Explain in brief the situations when you would be using Integrative growth strategy Intensive growth Diversification growth strategy 511
Tell us about the most successful marketing campaign that you've developed. 543
Please give me a fair bit of idea regarding the FAQs in interviews. 428
What are your top three predictions about how integrated, multichannel marketing in your industry will evolve in coming years? Why? 29
What was your failure in your sales career? 444
Have you ever been charged with training and coaching other sales professionals? 48
what is your career plan 520
Tell us about your experience with focus groups. 156
what is the key role of a new regional manager in a pharmaceuticals company? 1
why do u think u r suitable for the field of marketing....???? 703
what is your technique of selling? How do u manage distributor? How do u manage stock in SS? 664
A well – thought out orientation program is especially important for employees who have had little or no work experience.” – Comment. 2. Explain the four types of appraisal interview and how they affect the way you manage the interview in Textile Industries. 3. Should the job evaluation depend on an appraisal of the job holder’s performance in shipping industries? Give suitable examples. 4. Develop an incentive plan for Chemical Engineer, Plant Manager, and Sales Person. What factors would you consider in developing incentive? 1.4 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 1. “All the IT Companies paid more Dividend” if Yes, explain in detail, if no Justify your answer. 2. “More of Borrowed fund used in capital is safety” if the statement is Right Briefly Discuss or if it is wrong justify your answers. 3. Profit maximization is not wealth maximization – Discuss briefly by giving appropriate examples. 4. “Equity share is most safe capital in the organization” – Comment. 1.5 PRODUCTION AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT 1. Identify the factors affecting Plant Location for steel plant in sub-urban areas or rural areas. 2. “Make or buy decision is based on quality, quantity, cost, tax and other available resources in organization.” – Comment. 3. “Preventive maintenance is suitable for power plants.” Do you agree, if not what type of maintenance should be practiced? Explain. 4. Discuss the purchase parameters and the functions of a purchase manager in a large automobile manufacturing firm. 1.6 BUSINESS MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS 1. (a) Solve using the principle of inverse 2x + dy = 4z = 9 2x – 3y + 4z = 3 -2x + 3y – 4z = -3 (b) Distinguish between parametric and non parametric test. 2. (a) From the following, fit the two regression line, X on Y and Y on X X 10 20 30 40 50 60 Y 70 95 110 125 135 155 Estimate X, when Y = 200 (b) What do you mean by multi-co linearity and what are its consequences. 3. (a) Construct a chart for averages and chart for range and infer whether the process is under control. No Dimensions 1 10 11 12 10 2 9 12 10 10 3 10 11 11 11 4 9 10 10 9 5 11 11 10 10 6 11 10 11 10 (b) The mean amount of rainfall, wheat production per acre with their variances are given below. Yield Kg/ acre Rain fall inches Mean 900 16 Variance 484 9 Determine the yield, when the rain fall is likely to be 12 inches. The correlation between yield and rain fall is 0.52. 4. (a) The number of demand for a particular spare part in a shop found to vary from day to 1360
What skills and abilities do you have? 37
what are the effects of price increase? How do you manage price rise and maitain company markert share? 621
what are the functions of marketing. 625
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