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i m pursuing MBA in marketing,i wanna to know which type of job i can get in pharma sector after complition of my MBA.    2  2572
distinquish between parametric and non parametric test    0  432
under what circustances centralisation and decentralisation of authority is desirable    0  508
How will u close corporate deal? Tell me the steps? ibm   1  2353
How will you close croporate deal? tell me the full process? ibm   0  453
I am pursuing MBA (marketing).I have completed B.E.E.C.I have experience in Manufacturing.What is best answer for pursuing mba(mktg)for bank & FMCG industry? dcb-bank   0  514
Highlight the facilitating and/ or inhibiting factors    0  1260
What is Brand Equity???    2  2228
hi why have u chosen marketing in mba    3  5567
you choosed as marketing as major and finance as it is add value to your career?    2  2800
how can i sale a low price pen to the reputed person who use branded pen hdfc   5  6913
Why you choose this company? hp   3  3190
how you do your self assessment? igate   1  2106
why you shifted from Bsc electronics to management/pgdm/MBA?    1  2629
i m an MBA / B.Tech (ECE) and would like to go for IT or Software or Electronics Industry .Having 2 years of experience in Telecom industry in RF as Sales & Technical Support Engg, what can be the questions that can be asked during interview. accenture   0  736
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Un-Answered Questions
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How would you relate your key competencies to this position as store manager?? 1102
Tell me about a time when you had to many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks. 357
How do you start your day?  751
list c&f agents in cochin 1165
hiiiiiiiiiiii i am a person of G.C(general category) and i want to attempt the lic delelopment officer test . i have done mba in marketing and i am agency holder of lic for 3 years. am i elligible for this test .or this test is only for s.c/b.c persons please tell me sir ,,, mailme at, 349
How can we get TIN No and CST NO. ? How much is the expence for the issue. What is the procedure and regulation to get above said things? 667
What is the Andhra bank Old caption 905
what is difference between seeds marketing and pesticides marketing. 732
Please give me a fair bit of idea regarding the FAQs in interviews. 360
2. Explain the Sales Promotion in marketing and also how HLL and P&G are doing their promotion of products in India with suitable examples. 1284
Someone wants to send a small quantity, say about 500 Kgs., of green coffee beans from Koraput Orissa to Bangalore for Roasting and Packaging of the same there. There will be a loss in weight of about 20% during the processing the green coffee beans into coffee powder, which will then be fit for human consumption. Now, after processing the green coffee beans at Bangalore, the person wants to sell simultaneously a part of the Roasted Coffee Powder to four persons; one of them is in Chandigarh (a registered Dealer in Punjab) and the other is in Mumbai (possibly he is a an individual and not a registered dealer), third one is a registered dealer in Bangalore and the last one is an individual consumer just like you and me, and is not a registered dealer and stays in Mysore. The person wishes to bring the rest of the packed Roasted Coffee Powder back to Koraput, Odisha. The planter is a registered dealer under VAT in Odisha and has produced (manufactured) the coffee beans in his own gardens, and has applied for a CST Number but is yet to obtain the Number. We want to know: As to whether he can send the coffee beans to Bangalore for roasting without obtaining a CST Number beforehand. Or as to whether it is mandatory for him to get the CST registration first, before sending the Coffee beans to outside the state; As to how the person can generate the Way Bills from here and to send these to the transport carriers, for his sales to Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore. Tell me as to how he can do the necessary paper works and as to how he can pay the tax collected thus, As to how he can bring the rest of the roasted coffee powder back to Koraput that he can sell afterwards in the state and outside; He shall be sending samples of the Roasted coffee to Philippines and elsewhere, from Bangalore itself. May be in a subsequent times he might export, for which he has to send the roasted coffee powder to Mumbai; If the person wants to send the parchment coffee to Kushal Nagar in Karnataka to do the Curing Pre-Roasting) there, as to how he can send the processed coffee to the Roster at Bangalore. During Curing there is a loss of weight of about 20% too. Until the roasting is done, there will be no transfer of ownership, at any point of time, in between. 364
what the reason to switch frm insurance industry to IT industry. 413
u r now executive tomorrow ur going to become frontline manager 5 sub-ordinates under u. two of them are ur friends and three of them r seniors to u. how u will handle them? 598
kindl le me know which moule have better prospect in indian market oracle crm versus orcale sales and disribution. 371
Explain in brief the situations when you would be using Integrative growth strategy Intensive growth Diversification growth strategy 475
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