Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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How can a marketer of very light, very powerful laptop computers use its knowledge of customers expectations in designing a marketing strategy?


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what is job profie of sales executive in fmcg or in amul?


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how you sell pepsi than sell pen ?

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what do u mean by share and debentures?

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this is guy with CHEMISTRY background and completed MBA ,i need to attend an interview by ANDHRA BANK ,please can any one give me a probable questions to make my interview as a success

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what is schemes in FMCG?how frequently companies will give the schemes?why companies announce these schemes?what is primary and secondary schemes?


what is targets in FMCG?How will they assign targets to sales executives r sales officers?Is there any special targets also assigns by company to employees?

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what is PROMOTIONS in FMCG?How the sales executive r sales officer will participate r conduct these promotions?

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Wht is pre-sales?

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Hw can i sale if same product given from other distributor in low price?

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what is your strength and weakness?

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what are the marketing challenges that diamond selling companies are facing as a result of the recent global financial crisis? and how best can these companies exploit those marketing challengies to improve their market situation?


How to convience a customer ?

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how you convince a customer if he says I DONT HAVE MONEY???

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What is your goal and how it will help our organization?


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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile?


What is the procedure to get TIN number and CST number. 


Hi, I am working for an MNC as an marketing and sales specialist.Not very much satified with my work nature and my interest towards SAP I want to do SAP-SD.I am working for almost an year and want to shift towards SAP.Can anyone tell me how good it would be to shift and how are the job opputunities for SAP freshers like me.


Describe a couple of instances, big or small, where you took a different tack in achieving an objective than was the company standard?


How do you currently track/manage your sales rep call activity?


How u will convince Axis bank or SBI bank customer to take loan from IDBI bank


you have 8 yrs exp y ur not applyed big possition


Explain some ways you create a sense of urgency to close the sale?


How will you Present your self among the clients for better relationships?


Give a relationship between concept, Hypothesis and Theory. What are the Salient features and classifications?


Dear ones, Currently am doing job in a retail industry as a floor manager.But doing this job cuts you from your social life n' that's y i am somewhat depressed. Also i want to go in marketing related jobs (advertisements,marketing Promotions, etc)in any well known company but no to insurence field as well. what can i do then? Please suggest me, i am so much confused ! Pallav Verma Raipur (C.G.),India


how to convise to ladies in us visa section.she is so crul?


i m an MBA / B.Tech (ECE) and would like to go for IT or Software or Electronics Industry .Having 2 years of experience in Telecom industry in RF as Sales & Technical Support Engg, what can be the questions that can be asked during interview.


Tell us about a situation where you convinced someone in a sales situation?


what is people management?