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Tell me about Your Past Live experience / Project cisco   0  417
for an mba (marketing) is it good to start carrer with education industry.if the profile is of assistant manager with good payback ?? ibm   0  630
furniture design    1  980
what are the effects of price increase? How do you manage price rise and maitain company markert share? nutrine   0  590
elicit areas of development    0  1144
market share of vijai electticals    0  1248
How you convience the customer? kotak   3  3830
10) objections and how do you handle this challenges effectively and professionally? tcs   0  1385
why you choose marketing ? bpo   11  27277
Whatis the meaning of reach & Coverage in FMCG? fmcg   7  16614
7. Give me an example of a time when you have tried to accomplish something, and failed    0  1274
9. Give me an example of a time when you motivated others, either in your community or place of work.    0  837
I'm a MBA graduate specialized in finance and hr. But I'm getting a lot of offers for marketing job. The problem is when ever i go for an marketing job interview they keep asking the same question. Why are here for this job when you're specialized in different field. I've try to answer the best but its not working. I missed a lot of good jobs coz of that. Can anyone suggest what should i answer if they ask the same question? faber-castell   3  2402
10. What do you hope to achieve if you are employed to work with Eastern Oil Company, in the position you are seeking for?    0  343
9. Give me an example of a time when you motivated others, either in your community or place of work. maruti-suzuki   0  1389
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Give me an example of a time when something you tried to accomplish and failed. 350
During launching of a pharmaceutical company we should select fresh or experienced candidates. Give reasons. 130
What is your long-range objective? 976
We are looking for a truly inspiring Marketing and PR Executive, someone who can create a culture of open communication, trust and respect. What strategies would you implement to achieve this? 84
how can i crack the interview with the combination of and PGDM ?...what are the tips i should followed 537
By using 7p's how can u sell a HLL product? 1355
i want c f agengies .ihave space near industral area.ican invest about 10 to 15 lakh.please help me 324
What do you like in your previous Sales Job? What sales challenge have you experienced recently? 8
Tell me about a time when you had to many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks. 369
there is any possible to same councilor to ask me or another? 429
Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone's openion 538
Tell us about a marketing plan that you have developed and the result of implementing that plan. 573
what is the way your business 358
who to increase the sale promotion? 638
What are your top three predictions about how integrated, multichannel marketing in your industry will evolve in coming years? Why? 8
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