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 Categories >> Engineering >> Metallurgy
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what is the cause of attenuation due to powerloss    1  987
What are the superalloys used for?    2  1187
What are the superalloys?    3  2695
Why is non-destructive testing necessary?    9  2514
What kinds of NDT methods are available?    9  4113
What kind of components are fabricated from the superalloys, and what are their roles?    2  795
Why are the superalloys used for land-based turbines?    1  746
What kind of shell systems are used for investment casting?    2  860
What is investment casting?    3  1079
Is it possible to design heat treatment processes such that a gradient in grain size is produced?    4  797
How can Residual stresses in superalloy components can be minimised?    1  968
The processes used to fabricate the superalloys seem fairly mature. Is much process development going on?    2  643
What is Vacuum Induction Melting ?    3  1021
Why do some of the latest 'single crystal' superalloys contain concentrations of the grain boundary strengthening elements, e.g. carbon and boron?    0  319
What happens to the microstructure during service exposure?    0  421
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the componentsof SCS14 ? 794
Any body know when the medicals are starting for the BSI P.O , if anybody got any call letter please let me know 285
what is a rate controlling step ? how is it dependent on reaction path ? explain with an example. 414
does any one has gate solutions of 2007,08,09 metallurgical engg papers? 686
i m going to give an interview for iocl on 5th aug . pls tell me what questions can be answered from metallurgical prospect 660
1)We are using OHNS material for manufacturing Thread & plain Gauges.What is the excat composition of OHNS for Gauges? 2)Which is the reference standard book for OHNS Material composition for Gauges? 1314
i need manual solution of diffusion in solid(shewmon) if you have plz send for me. tank you my email : 1004
What is the chemical composition of FCVS350 ? 217
where do i get previous question papers of metallurgy? 387
what is No.1 Laathing Scrap Bundle ( Mill Scrap ) 407
what should be the exact suction capacity for 3 to 5 mt capacity lead rotary furnace and length of duct line for proper suction for same 305
Why are the superalloys sometimes subjected to secondary melting processes? 382
Witch type curome oxide in ms matle? 37
any input on how to spec out(if possible) a larger grain structure(3/8" or larger) on a Al 6061 forging material. 375
what are different grades of mild steel available for making machine structure (housing) 749
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