Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How many methods to take IR value of Current Transformer?

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why autotransformers are not safe for supplying low voltage from a high voltage source?

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Explain the experiment on ward leonard method of a speed control on a dc shunt motor with an suitable circuit diagram.


what current is taken from a double wound 500kva transformer

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what is the tolerance for the magnetic balance test conducted on the distribution transformer?


what is the differn bitween RCCB &MCB

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what is b checks and m checks in diesel generator maintenance?

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how caculate the pump head to maintain perticuler pressure of water and what would be the motor size in hp for the same?

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what should be the megger test report for 11KV cable when meggered with 5KV megger , what is the resistance value we should get

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how we can calculate power factor without knowing current in 230v 100w load ?

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What is the List of Equipments, Instruments, Components required in Transmission of electricity from 1 substation to other substation(The equipments required in substation too)? What are the differnt IS standrds used for above equipments in Industry?

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What is the pratically meaning of neagative going ac current.

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Why a transformer is rated in kVA and not in kW??

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my self i am raghu working as tech.. in my college the maximum demand is 211 kva presently we are using 12kva capacitors the target power factor is .95 so what capacity of capacitor banks should i install

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what are the problems that generally occur in power flows??


what is the power rating of CPU, CRT type moniter, LCD type moniter,scanner Approx.


For small size, high frequency coils, the most common core material is- a. )Air b. )Ferrite c.) Powdered ion d.) Steel


how wecalculate breaking capcity of acb mcb mccb .explain with example


. What is Electrical Life & Mechanical Life of Circuit Breaker? 2. What is Electrial Life & Mechanical Life of Magnetic Contactor? 3. What is RCD, RCCB & RCBO? 4. What is the Between defferance of RCD, RCCB & RCBO?


how we select ac fuse rating of an power inverter???


Can we use a absolute encoder to show rpm of a motor ? what about the condition when power is off ? what is difference if a incremental one is used ?abanirout@gmail.com


what is the minimum recommended leakage current of an earthed cable connected to the body or skid of an alternator


Why we are using only Dyn11 tranformer in distribution system but not using a Dyn1 in distributing system?why not and advantage and disadvantage in both


What is the formula to calculate distribution transformer De-rating on iron losses basis


which network topology offers the greatest level of tolerance?


Draw a SLD of DG distribution up to main LT panel?


in star-delta tranformer,if the input of star connection is 400/7v 3 kva then what is the output of delta connection?


what is apparent poewr, reactive power, & active power?


What is Traction? 1KVA Alternator, How much urrent taken?