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Why underground cables are used to connect transformers?In addition how are they again connected to lines after step up or step down?    1  1481
why we use mostly 3-phase but not 4-phase and 5-phase what is the difference between them    0  532
what is the difference between a hooter and a mcp    2  3322
what is dc mator?types of dc motor?losses in dc motor?what is the mechanical,electrical and commercial efficiency of a dc motor?    0  347
why it is unable to birds to be on a 220kV 0r 132 kv lines like on 33kV and 11kV lines?    4  3104
how the synchronizing is obtained at bus couplers in grid substation? (because there we cannot change the frequency in one of transmission lines like in generator synchronization)    0  560
why +24 v and -48 v give to BTS? If -48v protect from surge then why we not use -24 v?    0  254
What is plc and how to do preventive maintenance    1  2318
Which has more losses, AC or DC?? tata   4  5372
There is two transformers of 2MVA & 3MVA, which transformer is located at the sending end & which is at receiving end. why?    3  1776
Why transformer use to generator neutral earthing purpose ?    1  1664
The neutral&earth voltage is 0v.But we were connected the lighting load at the time ballast was failed.why?    1  891
What are the different auxiliary protections of a transformer? cesc   1  536
what is tpmo switch    2  9162
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the series parallel connection of capacitors? and how can we use these application in three phase motors for controlling torque? 358
when ac current flows thru d coil of a contactr,it energizes,magnetic field attracts d contact of the coil...nw wont dt ac current in d contct induce current back on to d coil thru mutual inductance leading to high currnt in d coil 176
why use in & out Diesel line in dg set. 343
how to select electrical equipment such as fuse,dg,transformer,motor,msb,wire,cable as per the connecting load..please mention any books to design,take licence 1126
what is conductor constant of raccun conductor 418
The slip during plugging operation is given by= A 1-s B 2+s C 1+s D 2-s 862
What effect does a very low impedance have on the Voltage regulation? On the short-circuit current? 2390
to vary valtage from 0 - max a variac is necessary . so how to design for high power applications nearly about 200KW power 360
defination of controlled shunt reactor 530
hii this is ranjith from hyd... i want to know what type of questions they ask in interview...and hw the interview will go..? what subjects thay ask specially for electrical engg students? 265
Dear Respected sir how to test ABB REX521 protection relay by relay tester. 374
what is the value of combined earthing in general electrical circiut? 341
How can we calculate C10 rating of a bttery from c5 or c20 ratings?? 2315
Why reactors use before incoming of ac vvfd drive? 71
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