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what's the meaning of the negative going half cycle in the circuit containing a bulb and a switch in series with a input ac source. i mean what happens in the -ve cycle. the dir. of current changes or any other thing. if dir. changes then why we use fuse in only phase wire.    2  656
what is the simple meaning of harmonics?    4  958
in the thermal power plant, why we use the condenser (for cooling the steam) when we have to heat the steam again. i mean why we are cooling the steam,    5  1064
How much resistance between neutral earthing and body earthing of Power transformer?    1  532
where we use compound motors in real time and why? tata   2  935
How to calculate the sag on transmission Lines.    0  403
What is the method & formula of Fault level calculation in power Transformesr.    3  1037
What is the method of Tan delta test for power Transformes and why it is required.    1  751
If a Power Transformer Fails and the transformer manufacturer suggest that "Do all electrical test on the transformer?". What are the test to be conducted in this condition?    5  846
through which medium return supply given to alternator please answer in details mahagenco   1  701
if transformer winding burn on dc supply then why not alternator rotor winding please post answer on mahagenco   4  1389
1.stranded resistance values of motors? to calculate the resistance values of single phase and 3phase motors? l&t   2  1747
What is SMPS,How does it works? bharti   4  1851
Whta is earthing?What is the optimum value of Earth Pit? bharti   2  922
What current can be carried by 25 sqmm copper cable safely? bharti   6  1754
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Un-Answered Questions
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How Can I calculate for the photometrics requirements for a street lighting? Data given are: 45 units of 6 meter light pole with 150 watts metal halide lamp, 220 volts and installed in a promenade area. 133
what is the difference between vector scale and vector diagram? 551
the typical output of a solar cell is........ 135
Scott connection is used for A 3-phase to 2-phase conversion B to achieve higher effciency C to save copper D to reduce harmonics 176
1. If 8.35%Z means the percentage impedance of 132kV-line from power company, we will like to reconfirm its base capacity. 113
in single phase converter, the no.of scr's conducting during overlap a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 146
how to flameproof electrical motor on the shaft? 154
What is the rating factor for copper cable ( Specific value according to the type of laying ) & the voltage drop? 234
explain supply side and demand side energy management with advantages & disadvantages 267
yesterday i am using my laptop by plugging power supply also battery was working properly after while i unplugged AC power source ,using my battery i played car game (use much power) after that the battery finished the charge and it closed my PC. after that my battery not charge (when unplug automatically PC will turn off) 156
What is the formula for calculating the Instantaneous Short Circuit & overcurrent for any breaker 180
what is the principle of operation of synchronous motor and generator? explain in detail. 1325
What is the physical significance of phase.. i.e. what is exactly the meaning in layman's language.. 1 phase, 3 phase etc ??? 158
what is the saturation point of crgo lamination. 159
How to calculate flow of water delivered by pump when pressure & size of pipe line is given 254
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