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what is rating providing of contactor,relay,fuse unit for motor output power    2  480
what is the excess air in furnace    0  169
what is diffrence between MH LAMP and HELLOZEN LAMP    1  576
why are caluculte transformers or dg's in kva does not caluculate in kw    5  653
can i know how to design overcurrent setting and earth fault for 11kv & o.433kv system assuming tx 1000kva.    2  826
why in India it is maintained for exactly 50HZ frequency, why it is not that 49Hz,why it is so?    2  732
why can't we provide dc supply to a transformer?    2  642
How to implement 6 output with 3 input NAND gate?    1  302
What is majour reason of Electrical Arcing ? abb   9  1502
when voltage gets down the current of motor increases. but according to Ohm's law voltage is directly proportional to current. plz explain maruti-suzuki   4  1674
can we run three phase motor by single phase? and what happens if we do this kirloskar   8  1695
what are the main differences of delta and star connection essar   4  1121
Write a note on RC operational amplifier as integrator    1  329
what is lumped and distributed elements?    0  112
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is inter connected dc generator? 9
ult of expression 'document.FrmQF.myem 100
What is the difference between diode and a transistor in terms of the direction of current flow? 184
sir, i am 3 years diploma course pass out candidate.what type of certificate can i got in marine service. 219
What is relation between transmission lines & Communication lines ? 200
how we can explain arc heatng? 144
ow can i get certificate of competency as electrical supervisor and my diploma in electrical engineering from jalgaon. 183
Where can I get CPWD electrical specifications & Shedule of rates? Please help me 165
Earth Is a very good conductor or very good insulator.? If a good conductor then why current donot flow through small piece f earth and if a good insulator then why we use it as return path in lines.??? 2802
I Have 3 Phase 10 KW AC Alternator i found one phase weak, so what will be the reason & what action shouls i take to rectify the same. 166
what is vA rating and class of a ct. 93
Can anybody inform me about the pattern of ECIL GET( Graduate Engineers Trainee) interview for Electrical students? Will there be HR round as well? I thought of preparing for 2 to 3 subjects thoroughly. Will it be sufficient? Please share your thoughts. 207
What is the importance of counter based plan & how is it scheduled? 104
model question paper for supervisor trainee 246
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