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Can Dy11 and Dy1 vector group transformers be paralleled?    1  4186
In electrical locomotive engines, the DC series motors is being used as traction motor. But in new engines like in WAP7 & WAG9 the 3-phase squiral cage induction motors has replaced them. So can someone tell me the advantages of induction motor over dc seris motor in engines points of view....??? rrb   0  467
v/f drive basic princeple    0  458
what is power factor ultratech   4  1833
what are the principles of a booster converter?    0  294
could an induction motor be used for regenerative braking in electric-train control? in this type of application would some scheme have to be devised to obtain low synchronous speeds while braking? would induction-motor drive, therefore, be suitable for passenger service?    0  396
sir,in our plant we r using SATEC PM172E power reading meeters in HT panel side it is monitoring the MB data smart viewer(sever).but last one week we did not get readings inthe server only available in meeter.tell me how communicate meter and server. and also what steps we take for checking.    0  312
derive the e.m.f equation of transformer    2  5294
why using 3 phase    1  1210
we convert 66kv to 33 kv to 11kv to 440v. why can't we directly convert 33kv to 440 ? l&t   9  12565
Under Ground Power cable earthing is required at both end or single end? and reason for the same    3  1822
how to calculate the output power of vfd , please help me.    1  1522
what is the importance of earthing system on the generators big capacity and small?    0  210
How is the AVR working?    1  936
which is the best book of electrical objective for placement    1  7263
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Un-Answered Questions
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state the working principle of incondenscent tube? 369
redundant connection in contactor? 710
Witch do depand of Power factor and theory of power factor? 479
what is meant by residual over voltage & residual earth fault ? 3747
What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer? 278
The loads are connected with phase and ground then why current flow as the loads ? 281
how does WTI work ? 240
7- What is the Dissipation Factor and the difference between it and Insulation Resistance Test? 8- What is the task (function) of DC and AC reactors in power plant? 9- What is the task (function) of (open delta with earthed) in some types in transformers? 10- What is the base of the selection of the vector group in transformers? 11- What is the zig-zag transformer and its function by drawing in large detail? 12- What is the polarity ? 13- Why we make short between phase(R) in high side and phase (r) in low side in vector group test? Where High Side ( R ,S and T ) and Low Side ( r ,s and t ). 14- What are the time on delay and time off delay? 15- What is the vector group? 15- What is the task (function) of different types of vector group such as Dyn11 , Dd0 , YNd1,……..,? 412
it is possible to measurement of tension of slipring induction motor(SRIM)carbon brushes, any maesuring instruments are available in the markets. 315
Why do we apply both Differential and REF (HV and LV) protection schemes on YNyn configuration of a transformer? 253
Why do we avoid electrical conduits in floors at apartments? 317
How to operate a ac chilar plant? 46
why u r living from presentaly working. 524
what is inter connected dc generator? 960
working of diesel generator ? 180
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