Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How many methods to take IR value of Current Transformer?

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why autotransformers are not safe for supplying low voltage from a high voltage source?

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Explain the experiment on ward leonard method of a speed control on a dc shunt motor with an suitable circuit diagram.


what current is taken from a double wound 500kva transformer

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what is the tolerance for the magnetic balance test conducted on the distribution transformer?


what is the differn bitween RCCB &MCB

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what is b checks and m checks in diesel generator maintenance?

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how caculate the pump head to maintain perticuler pressure of water and what would be the motor size in hp for the same?

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what should be the megger test report for 11KV cable when meggered with 5KV megger , what is the resistance value we should get

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how we can calculate power factor without knowing current in 230v 100w load ?

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What is the List of Equipments, Instruments, Components required in Transmission of electricity from 1 substation to other substation(The equipments required in substation too)? What are the differnt IS standrds used for above equipments in Industry?

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What is the pratically meaning of neagative going ac current.

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Why a transformer is rated in kVA and not in kW??

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my self i am raghu working as tech.. in my college the maximum demand is 211 kva presently we are using 12kva capacitors the target power factor is .95 so what capacity of capacitor banks should i install

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Is a 300w induction motor used in a food processor as powerful as a 1000w DC motor.


What is Percentage impedence of a transformer? why it is expressed at a percentage? what is the importance of percentage impedence in case of a transformer?


i need to now what will be the cable size to the following load, transformer to distribution panel distance 110m, load 1000kw, voltage 400v, pf 0.85, permissible voltage drop 2.0%, overhead line, atmospheric temperature 35 degree c.


what is the synchronous timer ? and it applications.


i have interview in Pepsi company what type of question will ask please send the question and answeer


What is the difference between diesel generator engine with and without turbo charger with the same capacity?


I am getting above 60 V as open delta voltage against single phase unit ICT at tertiary delta formed and ICT getting trippped on NDR. ICT tested and found in order. PTs provided on tertiary are tested and in order. what may be the reason?


what is the mechanism of operation of brushless dc motor why is it more wexpensive then ordinary permanent magnet motors


How to design inductive load for 3 phase 440v and maximum 5 amps for star or delta? Can we use a 15kW, 1450rpm motor for 15kW, 960rpm apllication?If yes.how......n.if thesame motor used what`s it`s sideeefect.


can anyone tell me can the electromagnetic waves can be reflected back?if so how &by which material it can be reflected back?please tell me so that it can help to my wireless power trasnmission device.


During Starter Panel Com missing I Found The Main Incomer 40Amp MCB 10KA Trip When Motor Change Star To Delta Motor Rating 20HP BUT When We Use Same MCB To Other Motor It Does Not trip Or What Is Necessaries for Star Delta Starter MCB SFU MPCB OR MCCB And What are The Breaking Capacity of MCCB in the Motor above 15HP


What is EMC filter in VVVF Drive ?


What is the lifetime of a Thyristor? Is there a recommended lifetime for thyristors after which they should be replaced?


why Induction Generators are not "Black start" ? and apart from WTGs where this types of generator are generally used?


sir i have cleared the apti test of EIL held on 15th march and my interview will be in new delhi on 2nd june.i will be very much helpful if u help me regarding the type of interview questions comes at EIL.(URGENT.........PLZZZZZZZZZZ...............)