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how to measure earth pit resistance barc   3  29480
what is the rating of power generation in india? siemens   10  4485
what is the min and max dc voltage for a dc system (110vdc) asd-lab   1  959
what is the purpose of using battery in dg sets, please specify in details. balco   2  3383
what is the calculation of current when a clampmeter is attached to two phases of any drives. abb   3  1753
i have seen a picture of a power plant. in that pic. i saw chimney like giant structure which were spreading smoke like something...i want to know is it chimney or cooling towers, as my friends use to say.    2  1016
What happens when ac supply is given as excitation voltage instead of dc supply    1  1040
what is the right cable size for 100 hp mpter.    3  3805
Hoe do calculate the Cable size for Amps rating ?    0  224
why transformers not work at d.c.-    3  1579
can any tell me how to do wiring connection in L&T 3ph 4wire E301 CT operated energy meter, what is P1,P2,P3,P0. M1,M2,M3, L1,L2,L3.    2  3513
how the length effects the ampacity of the cable? if a cable is carrying a current of 100A for 50m length then what will the effect on current if we double the length?    2  1032
what is the difference between the alternator used in hydro and thermal power plants??    2  5033
Why are transmission lines multiples of 11? Is it because of some historic reason ? Or is there a scientific base to it?    5  1617
what is the powerfactor gvk   5  2365
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Un-Answered Questions
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iii) A shunt motor runs at 70 rad/sec from a 460V supply and takes in an armature current of 100A. Resistors of 2.52 ohms and 1.64 ohms are connected in series with the armature and in parallel with the armature respectively. The field excitation remains direct from the 460V supply but the generated torque is halved. Determine the new running speed. Neglect brush voltage drop. The armature resistance is 0.4 ohms. [15] 234
what are the values of VRY,VYB,VBR,Vry,Vyb,Vbr,Vrn,Vyn,Vbn for Magenetic balance test of 100 KVA and 63 KVA Distribution transformer 577
how to check regenerative load in drived motor 350
How to calculate earth wire load by formula 598
Why does the Solid state Rectifiers for 3-ph brake motors sometimes have 2 & sometimes 3 output terminals? 279
how works inductive &capacitive sensors? 282
How can i calculate the Breaking capacity of molded case circuit breaker, is the breaking capacity of CB for Diesel generator shall be less than grid supply's breaker ? 462
What it the purpose of parallel phasing transfomers?? 269
if single phase is 230 v three phase is 440 v then what about two phase?and why is it so? 270
i have done diploma and btech in EE and live in Chandigarh so kindly help me how can i make my competency certificate in my area. 464
why star point of HT motor not earthed? 499
why steady state stability limit is greater than transient stability limit ? How it can be explained ? 571
what is the difference between the characteristics of two different phase bushing of any transformer 43
Why AC & DC capacitor are use in UPS ?????????????????? 319
What happens if we give the supply to the rotor of induction motor and make its terminal shorted? 826
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