Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How many methods to take IR value of Current Transformer?

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why autotransformers are not safe for supplying low voltage from a high voltage source?

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Explain the experiment on ward leonard method of a speed control on a dc shunt motor with an suitable circuit diagram.


what current is taken from a double wound 500kva transformer

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what is the tolerance for the magnetic balance test conducted on the distribution transformer?


what is the differn bitween RCCB &MCB

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what is b checks and m checks in diesel generator maintenance?

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how caculate the pump head to maintain perticuler pressure of water and what would be the motor size in hp for the same?

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what should be the megger test report for 11KV cable when meggered with 5KV megger , what is the resistance value we should get

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how we can calculate power factor without knowing current in 230v 100w load ?

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What is the List of Equipments, Instruments, Components required in Transmission of electricity from 1 substation to other substation(The equipments required in substation too)? What are the differnt IS standrds used for above equipments in Industry?

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What is the pratically meaning of neagative going ac current.

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Why a transformer is rated in kVA and not in kW??

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my self i am raghu working as tech.. in my college the maximum demand is 211 kva presently we are using 12kva capacitors the target power factor is .95 so what capacity of capacitor banks should i install

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what reactive how to maintain


what is the basic construction diffrance between servo motor ans sqiralcage induction motor


How test for Ddo vector group test condition?


I am getting above 60 V as open delta voltage against single phase unit ICT at tertiary delta formed and ICT getting trippped on NDR. ICT tested and found in order. PTs provided on tertiary are tested and in order. what may be the reason?


where is the need for short circuit test for 3 see is required and why? can you explain in brief with application


Is single load(eg: three phase motor) having all the components like positive,negative,zero sequence components during fault condition?


my diploma certificate in my higher education college


How can ou verify the size of conductor 50Sq.mm ACSR


What is the source of dependent source ?


do anyone out there know where to find a compleete list on acronyms/abbreviations used in offshore electric engineering. MCB - Micro Circuit Breaker, MCCB-Mouldes Case Circuit Breaker, ELCB-Earth Lekage Circuit Breaker, ELMCB- etc.....


I would like to know that the fault curretn at base load and at 10% generation will be same? Fault level of BUS remain same with different generation?


What is the implications when 600 hp motor is started when the unit is running with Transformer of capacity 1500 KVA and DG set of 1000kva


sir, i'm preparing for hpcl exam officer trainee pls tell me how the exam ques paper pls pls


what is gridrotor resistance starter


In all analog voltmeters or ammeter showing some small size symbols. as well as a star and in star 2no. digit, resister symbol,and other. what is that's meaning ?