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 Categories >> Engineering >> Electrical Engineering
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why transformer rating is always in KVA ntpc   7  2056
if 1hp jet motar drop voltage when start from 220v to 120v give the reason and solution.    1  371
Why Stabilising Resistor used in REF circuit ?    0  546
Which device of PlC does share load between DG sets when DG are running in perallel?    0  215
How does PLC work for sychronising of Two or more DG sets?    0  120
11Kv Dog conductor 6/0.186 formula Line Losses ? Length 4.85Km amper ..? 52 Pole Max Load 3200Kw    0  507
how much resistence in proper earthing?    4  761
why motor run slow speed in star connection?explain how?    3  1119
how to check 3phase motor winding with help of multimeter?    2  1136
I have current, kva How can calculate kv?    3  841
Why pmg used in electrical generators for there any other method without pmg ?    1  459
What is mean by Sensitive Earth fault & what are the effects enteg-technologies   1  623
what happens when we apply dc to a transformer siemens   6  1752
Difference between HRG and NGR. Are they both the same thing    0  231
how does an open delta transformer works    2  586
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is water cooled chiller plant? 25
what will happen if ac and dc supplies given 110
i want to model paper for section engg. 192
How to choose primany and secondary side MCB 275
What is servo lock in CNC how they work and if any parameter for them in CNC machine 765
I am a possesor of c licence from 1993. I forgot to renew during the year 1998. During that time I was working at TNEB to till date. Is there any possibility to get renewed? or to apply for a new one? 204
cc of scorpio? 143
why 1.7Uo for HV cable Hi pot test?IE standard why? 244
what is the maximim current drawn by 1 phase and three phase welding machine 106
How RTCC works with OLTC 476
What is the disadventage of gland earthing(power cable) if any. ? 109
how to calculate percentage impedence at 75 deg C at normal tap 368
what is mean by PIR in circuitbreaker and give me detail of that? 912
Difference between single phase rotary inverter and 3 phase rotary inverter 11
generally in LT and MV motors we are using 3.5Coresx16,25,35,50 etc cable for supply.although motors is earthed at two point and having all protection.then why we are using that 1/2 core for earthing the motors.while in HT cable we are using only 3core cable for motor supply.generally lt and mv motors are delta connected and ht motors having star connection.whethere it is having any relation with winding connection( star or delta).all motors i am talking about are dol only.can anybody solve my confusion.thanks... 206
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