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In power generator sets, when they are coverted from 50hz to 60hz, the kva rating after conversion increases. For example, the manufacturer of a perkins 200kva @ 50Hz generator set has mentioned it to become 220kva after converstion to 60hz. What is the relation between the frequency & the KVA rating. Any formula please.    3  2709
what will happen if instead of neutral we use earth wire as return conductor?if we can use ,then why we are not using in our day to day appliances?please justify the answer ongc   9  7734
where is the primary of CT??    2  1341
An input device is interfaced with Intel 8085A microprocessor as memory mapped I/O.The address of the device is 2500H.In order to input data from the device to accumulator,the sequence of instruction will be gate   1  1765
If the rank of a (5x6)matrix Q is 4, then which one of the following statements is correct ? gate   1  866
X is a uniformly distributed random variable that takes values betweeen 0 and 1.The value of E {X3}(x cube) will be. gate   1  875
what is mean by transition resistance of transformer?    0  1459
what are the insulation properties. cable-wireless   2  1994
How to know the following data of synchronous generator 1. D-Axis Unsaturated Reactance 2. D-Axis Unsaturated Transient Reactance 3. D-Axis Unsaturated Sub - Transient Reactance    0  300
What is a soft start? focus   1  1384
If any HVDC line is going with positive & negative(the negative usually have return path of current with earthing electrode). Now the question is if this HVDC earthed electrode which is using as return path and earthed any nearby 400kv or 220kv AC substation equipments. which will be the impact of this on AC substation & its equipment, how severe may be this and what should be the minimum distance require between HVDC earthed electrode and AC substation equipments? It's really an high engineering level question...Dare to answer and increase your knowledge. meil   0  310
You are given 220 V supply source, four wires, an ammeter and voltmeter. There is no any indication or description on meters. How will you identify which is ammeter or voltmeter? abb   6  3736
why we are 0.8 power factor only?    1  1562
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I need the recommended size for a 3 phase transformer at 13.8 KV Primary and connected loads of 3000 kVA at 4200 volts and 2375 kVA @ 480 volts AC. 351
A motor running with lenze frequiency inverter stops if I REDUCE SPEED with 25% load.If I run it in High speed and medium speed running smoothly with full load.please help me to solve it. 201
when we design electrical schemes of 11/.415kv distribution..wen and were should we show the relays??what is the function of it?for example..we place EFR Relay CT between transformer neutral link and transformer earth.Like this what are the other type of relays we should use?why?where?Explain please..Thank you 259
how to calculate the step resistance for slipring induction motor,how you deside the no of step for that? 435
please send privious years question papers of jindal steel and power ltd.My e mail id is 409
What is meant by Low Resistance Cable and High Resistance Cable. 261
what is the use of vcb & isolator in substation? 564
What is the form name of 'c' license, I want to download in web 83
Difference between transition and diffusion capacitance 67
What is the automatic voltage regulator with servomotor? 309
explain wiring system 679
what is the meaning of vcc 545
Transmission through a short line depends on 361
I have a drawing of a wound rotor induction motor for a crane. This crane motor has 5 forward speeds & 5 reverse speed implemented of course with different amount of resistance for each speed setting selected. What has got me scratching around is the fact that 8 of the 10 speed selections switch in uneven (unbalanced) amounts of resistances on each of the 3 connections to the motor's rotor.Can this be possible? I would have assumed this would produce unbalanced rotor currents and therefore vibration in the motor. I would greatly appreciate anyone's comments on this. Many thanks, Confused. 187
how point on wave controller works. 674
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