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10mm aggregate 1brass = How many KG    1  449
how to calculate the mortar for 10'*10' size room for both plastering and for masonry work?    0  133
1 bundle=how many rods s there? and what is the length of each rod    2  441
in the earthquqke the profile of water on dam is parabolic or not    0  87
Whta is the proportion of M30    1  375
what isIS code no for preparation of BAR BENDING SHEDULE (BBS)    3  847
what is cement wastage percentage in NHAI ROAD WORKS    0  101
What is Gsb tollens ?    0  135
how to identify np3 pipe and np4 pipe    0  117
how do i remedy a foundatiom that the column bases was cast and aftet 28days crushing the conprehensive strength of the concrete fall below the specification 25N/mm2    0  90
Form where IS456 is adopted in 1978?    0  119
Why M15 is replaced by M20 when ammendment are made in IS456 in 2000?    0  95
I got a concrete base to do 2200 x 2200 x 150 mm can you tell me how to calculate the quantity of cement to use    1  319
What should be the required steel in column, beam and slab    1  656
Sir your company in receiver ment of civil engineering.    1  266
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Un-Answered Questions
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Which prize is the alternative to the NOVEL Prize? 611
What is the requirement for over all CG of DG from the foundation surface to absorb the vibration of heavy set. 393
use ofr concrete as per grade ? 439
definition of compressive strength. definition of compressive stress. 433
how much unit weight of an RCC Box 3.0mX3.0m will be of design mix concrete M30 142
how much is the maximum compressive strength of soil cement and soil-cement-microsilica . 629
how to tie 10 legged stirrups 2083
what is the proper procedure in conducting a california bearing ratio penetration test on soil on cbr machine? 472
what is derating factor in cable? what does it mean if derating factor is high/low in terms of thermal resistivity of soil? 794
what happening if we casting HV shunt reactor foundation pad at 50cm height different time (One day difference) 5
Civil engineering related 172
Curvature ki quantity kaise nikalte hai pls give me ans... curvature canal ka hai 364
i need gate exam civil engineering question papers with answers 549
what is the mix design for M:60 with micro silica andmetakaoline? 414
how to calculate reinforcment in staircase cranked beam? 674
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