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if i want to change the dia of some bar in a structure,then which formula should be used to find the spacing for the bar of new dia?    3  6032
How to calculate no of 12 mm dia bars in a ton    2  4509
how to calculate load bearing column    0  1011
sir what is the mean of WBM    1  4808
what is the quantity of cement sand and metal in a 1m^3 m15 standard concrete    2  3107
How to find CN by using arcgis 9.3?    0  540
can we make bricks using m10 grade cement concrete and what would be the ratio of raw materials used and price per brick ?    0  704
can i make bricks using M10 grade concrete ? and what would be the cost of a brick if we use m10 grade concrete sand and aggregates ??    0  517
What is the Roll of Water Bonding under VDF road?    0  514
What do you mean by tolerance factor of concrete ?    0  920
How many cum of 9.5mm stone in 1 ton ?    0  578
In Rcc work what ratio we need?    2  5322
Explain the water bound macadam roag    0  606
what will be the cost of constructing a plinth of (40x40x4)ft and a PCC layer of 4 inches?    1  3360
12mm diameter iron bar having 1m length how much kg weighted ?    4  4743
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is features of a typ-ical modern air-conditioning installation? 213
If a slab concrete is placed with M-20 grade concrete, actually it has to be placed with M-30. what are the rectifications / measures to be taken after concreting is done. 416
what is castigliano theaorem 300
calculate the quantity of water for 1:6 cement mortar 390
Design a cantilever type retaining wall to retain sand for 4m above the ground. The sand fall slopes at the rate of 1 vertical to 2 horizontal. The weight of sand is 18000 N/m3, the angle of repose being 30. The safe bearing capacity of the soil is 200 kn/m2 at 1/25m below the ground level. Use m 15 concrete mix. 850
step by step procedure to find out the percentage of steel in coloum,beam,slab,footing in detailed 412
32mm bar column lapping we use welding binding what is dimension of welding as per stander code?  694
Dear sir, i want to NBCC & NTPC previous exam papers email Id : 464
types of piles detail, 465
In the present situation of ban on mining sand from rivers,can we go for formation of earth dam filters viz;Horizantal sand blanket,inclined chimney and filters under rivetment with crushed rock sand of 6mm down size.If so what are the specifications and is there any codal provision for its authentication? 201
pls send me interview question paper with answer of EIL/AAI/UPSC/RPSC because i am doing prepration of compitation exam of UPSC for the Asst. Executive Engineer 1115
How to calculate density of 40 mm coarse aggregate, in mixing ration 1:1.5:3? Please explain calculation for density 183
If we have the center line of the Finnish road level and we want to know what level of pay would have offset the Lhs and Rhus RHS 1,2.5,5 1,2.5,5 m. 281
is there any thumb rule for calculating construction cost of the building with pile foundation per sft. area? 1785
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