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how to take concrete quantity for precast segment for viaduct project?    0  40
Can anyone suggest how to determine scheduling of reinforcement of floor beams from Staad model,other than clicking each beam respectively 7 noting down the values ?    0  21
if cement is 70 kg. sand is 140 kg and coarse aggregate is 280 kg. so what is volume of cement, sand and coarse aggregate? please explane it.    3  130
how much need sand and cement for 1 cft roof construction?    0  80
How to calculate material requirement for 230mm thick, 1 sq.m brick masonry? dlf   4  203
How do you measure the centring work tata   2  529
In 250x250mm cube, how much there will be cement,sand,water,and gravel tata   3  211
What is the Cement: sand: aggregate: water ratio for grade 30 (G30) concrete. l   0  157
Can we use Polystyrene as a Bitumen modifier !! if so is it a good MS research topic ? and what type of laboratory tests will be conducted during Research work ??    0  49
What is the proportioning by weight of 1:2:3 concrete mix design of cement, sand, gravel, and water in metric for a 3000 PSI concrete strength and a target slump of 75-100mm?    2  255
What is the best mixture ratio in building a power plant? what is the weight of a 1 sack cement? what is the density of a cement? alfaraa   1  164
What is the allowable silt content for concrete works?    1  173
how to convert kg/m3 to cu ft    0  143
Soil is clay nbcc   2  130
Formula for calculating the weight of ismc 75    1  247
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Un-Answered Questions
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how i can calculate the actual nos & size of steel to make 1000sqft. x 3"thick slab 207
how to take the quantity of block work and plastering  1block price:3saudi riyal cement:1bag:15 saudi riyal sand:3bag:20 saudi riyal 1mason:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal 1labour:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal can anybdy calculate 9
how many kg cement & fine sand reqird in one sq meter 1:6 mortar ratio? 252
what is the weight of 10mm,20mm,40mm aggregate 165
What is the Cement: sand: aggregate: water ratio for grade 30 (G30) concrete. 157
percentage of metal,clay or soil & water in water bond macadam roads to know the quantities for each in total volume of 11500 cubic meters 95
how much dry volume of cement in 1cum in m20 grade 1223
what is c4x light weight cement blocks 682
how water proof chemicals act in concrete to avoid leek? 170
what are the code used for residental building? 230
beam is fixed at both end which is 8 m span carry udl of 10 kn/m at left half span.there is internal hinge at center.what is reaction at center 92
please send latest placement papers of hpcl officers trainee test. i will be very thankful to you. 354
how much cement and sand required for 1cum rr masonry 721
how we check the thickness and line of ceiling plaster. 161
what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness?? 148
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