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Generally construction is based on which method:limit state of working stress    2  440
What difference comes in constructing of house and a housing complex like society    0  72
Where do we use singly and doubly reinforced beam in construction purposes    1  363
How many square meter can mason layout chb per hour    0  91
what are the differences between Tie beam, Ground beam and strap beam. thanks    0  200
what is the difference between highway and motorway?    0  83
why curing is necessary? Please explain it with detail    1  596
What is the cost difference between site mix and ready mix concrete per cubic meter    0  103
How can we find out the clear cover for a circular ring and rectangular ring..    0  85
Why is DPC not provided at sills of doors?    1  397
How to calculate the design of column by simple method?     2  602
what is the curing time for plastring (all)?    1  546
What will be compressive strength of concrete casted in PPC in the 7 days period with M20 grade.    4  395
what should be the minimum cross sectional dimensions of column for any given loads????    0  64
what is density on steel bars?    2  667
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is polity 272
how to calculate the strength of rebound hammer test reading in building construction ? 582
how much cement and sand required for 1cum rr masonry 2085
Spider cracks occur in beam bottom due to–– 359
(Project Management Topic) What are the important criteria in the successful realization of the project? 377
what is the coefficient for running feet to cft coversion both area and price 364
What are the alternate material for steel, Sand and aggregate 386
difference between fc and fc'? 61
1. 1. The mass of a chunk of moist soil is 34 Kg and its volume is 0.012 cu. Meter. After drying in an oven, the mass reduces to 14.25 Kg. Determine the water content, the density of moist soil, the dry density, void ratio, porosity and degree of saturation. Take G = 3.25 363
specifications of fe500 steel 1619
what is the weight of 6000 psi concrete in lb/cft? 1025
undistributed samples are obtained by 457
how much cement is required for 3200 sq ft of roof 192
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