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Does degree of bend of rebars has any effect on strength of the member? For example- if a beam is designed with 45 degree bent up bar with respect to architechtural needs and is not 45 in practical so will there be any reduction in the strength of member?    0  95
How much steel required for 1000 sq ft slab 4" thickness.    3  1216
how many kg reinforcement is required for G+ 1 roof slab of 1200qf slop slab with 5 inch thickness of house.    1  545
Density of 10 mm aggrigates    2  578
How should i calculate Cutting length of haunch bar in a raft including cover?    1  436
For a RCC section with congested reinforcement , what is the compaction factor    2  641
permissible compressive strength of m15 grade conc.    4  672
in a mix if desired concrete slump is not obtained , the adjustment of each concrete slump difference is made by adjusting water by which percentage    1  362
steam curing is not used in which cement    0  113
The internal dimensions of a wire house 15m*5.6m and the maximum height of piles is 2.70m. What is the maximum number of bags to be stored in two piles ?    0  84
how much quantity of water is required for main wall brick work, partition wall brick work,and for internal and external plastering and how it is calculated?    0  151
how much area can be platered by a mason for exterior    0  103
We are working building soling work so soling thickness given 230mm but total are 50 cum. So I am purchased how meny tons is here spreading plz. Tell me    0  79
How to calculate the dia of reinforcement when required (as per drawing) dia of reinforcement steel not available at site?    3  1028
can we compare the combined core of DBM and BC density with average density of Lab DBM and Lab BC density    0  100
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Un-Answered Questions
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4. Differentiate between NC and OC soils. Draw curves for (i) Stress vs Strain (ii) Volume charge vs Strain (iii) Pore pressure vs Strain for these soils 345
What is the diameter of the 3"inch nails? 79
How is calculate the cube molt 169
how to tie 10 legged stirrups 1883
how much of the strength comes from post-production curing 971
How to calculate quantity of plum masonry in 1:3:7 625
primary treatment of sewagw consist of removal of floating materials removal of sand & grit removal of organic materials all above 297
Can someone please be curing period of the following according to IS codes Column beam slab brick masonry raft found. and also tell how many hours/day 323
Bearing capacity of soil determined as per ASTM is to design the foundation size.what is the importance of EV1/EV2 value as per DIN .My consultant ask me to test the the soil as per din to find out this ratio to assess the compacted strength of soil ,,?? is it meaning full ?? 641
how to calculate the material from ratio of work PCC, RRM,POINTING, RCC 241
within an emergency scenario what are the safe systems of work a coss can setup as part of is duties 362
What is the basic difference between OPC 143
what quantities of work done in terms of sq.mts/day/ of 8hrs for each varpenter (shuttering) and Steel fitter in terms of Tonnes. For slabs, Columns etc.? 397
What out turn civil works 2798
32mm bar column lapping we use welding binding what is dimension of welding as per stander code?  760
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