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what is characteristic strength of m20 concrete? dlf   5  5802
which oil is used for mivan shuttering?    3  4788
why we need pcc?    2  2595
If u want ur Ans.Of any Question so mail me    0  245
how to calculate steel quantity in plinth beam&footing    5  12558
Minimum spacing of 2- bars in column, beam, slab    8  15301
how much aggregate need for 1:4:8 p.c.c in 1sqm area?    5  2771
what is the minimum % of steel use in columns ?    7  4855
what are the types of bridges respective to the span ?    1  1679
how to find out spacing inbetween bars instead of 8dia 100c/c to 10dia bars    5  2757
what is the formula of calculating number of bars? ameyas   2  3272
difference b/w stress and strength bms   3  2599
Dear sir, What is the procedure for total station?How to calculate? l&t   3  4548
How to calculate thickness of MAT slab & Reinforcement? The dimention of under ground water reservoir is 80'X14'X 12 ft    0  409
how to tie 10 legged stirrups    0  1711
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Un-Answered Questions
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Rate analysis of 150mm, 100mm, & 230mm thk BBM work 3557
How much cement will require for 1Rmt Skirting laying 266
 Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed Preventive measures 757
what is the difference between volume and weight batching and which is better? 10667
) Design a gussetted base for a column section consisting of one sc 250 with two cover plates 300 x 25 mm carrying an axial load of 2500 KN. The S.B.C. of soil is 250 KN/m2 and the permissible bearing pressure on concrete is 4000 KN. 330
How Can I know the wastages(%) of each work added in estimating the quantity of construction materials?(Eg. Ceiling Work, Brick Work,etc....) 294
How to test cement,sand,20mmbluemetal,40mmbluemetal,bricks,concrete by visual and instrument 417
define the strength 335
Different sizes of Hollow blocks and its weight. Thanks. 401
Please let me know the quantity of steel required for 2600 square feet 6" thick roof slab of the house? 577
how to estimate man power for estimating the time required for completion of a project in terms of carpenters,barbenders,masons for block work ,masons for plasteing ,unskilled labour, painters, tiles masons,plumbers and electricians for medium and high rise constructions and independent villa projects. 1810
How to make a c++ program that converts any base to base 10? 311
please send me bhel questions on 864
How to Rectify deep crack formed on Brick Wall? Explain the method of rectify the defect? 2448
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