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which formula used for calculate the area of segmental arch? hrl   0  766
what is civil all interview questions    0  260
What is the amount on nails per bag needed for 1m square of wooden form work?    2  2138
Normally in slabs, steel quantity is not added when you calculating concrete quantity for that slab, why it is not added ?    2  2836
what is project planning ncc   2  2363
What is the cost of Brickwall ( 4")(1:4) thick wall total Area 245 sqft with plaster(1:6). With all materials including.    5  2746
In colomn reinforcement when dia of bar is going to change, than what should be the lap length of bars weather it should be of heigher dia bar lap length or it should the accordance with new dia bar. the grade of concrete is same.    10  6000
Iwant to calculate the production of 1 labour for concrete casting which includes shuttering,scaffolding,steel fixing,concreting, deshuttering and curing in 8hours.But i am not able to determine it approximately would you pls.??    0  925
what is the procedure to make compressive strength test for concrete cube in lab    3  4086
how much quantity of cement,sand and water required for 1 sq feet flooring work . jmd-group   0  600
1)What's are the diff. types of column based on loading? 2)Is there any difference bitween Development length & Anchorage Length? 3) What is the basic diff. between one way & two way slab? 4) Where should use OPC & where should PPC? tpsc   3  6504
Plz tell how to find out stell bend correction for all angle of bend and in where it is? Plz answer    1  1024
which tie is used in binding of steel double tie or single ti?    1  1761
what is the procedure to clean the mivan technically?    0  382
which chemical is used for corroded steel    2  2292
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are the cube & Sylinder strength of concret M20,M25,M30,M35,M40,M60 ,M75,M10 ,M15 972
3. A vane 12.5 cm long, 8.8 cm dia was pressed into a soft clay at the bottom of borehole. Torque was applied and the value at failure was 55 N-m. find the shear strength of the clay on a horizontal plane. 307
225 mm thick RCC slab, how many ton load slab can carry? for example if 33 ton truck loaded with soil, truck having 6 wheels. slab can take load or not? grade of concrete is M35 and slab design Fe500, slab desing one way slab. 1164
Why do you want to work here 463
give me the rate analysis for Bituminous Macadam and SDBC 2115
How Can I know the wastages(%) of each work added in estimating the quantity of construction materials?(Eg. Ceiling Work, Brick Work,etc....) 300
what is diffrence between catchment area,watershed and basin? 813
1.Why we are preferring 43 grade cement than 53 grade cement. 2. Approximate cost difference between 43 and 53 grade cement. Thanks. 948
Please send me the qunty. of mason/labour required in each day for different type of civil construction work?please send me ans. in my mail id is ( or here. 492
What are the delays in construction projects due to approvals from owners? How can we analyze them in different prospective? Whats their affects and effects on presently going work? 346
which formula used for calculate the area of segmental arch? 766
How do you calculate load bearing capacity of a waffle slab? 140
57. Calculate the volume of a truck loaded with stone chips whose data are as follows– 5 Top Length - 13-9, 13-10, 13-09 Bottom Length - 13-11, 13-10.5, 13-10 Top width - 8-7.5, 8-8, 8-7 Bottom width - 8-7, 8-8, 8-7.5 Depth - 2-0, 1-11.5, 1-10, 1-11, 1 -10.5, 1-11.75, 1-11 1489
what is the ratio of concrete to steel? what's its value?? 132
In the present situation of ban on mining sand from rivers,can we go for formation of earth dam filters viz;Horizantal sand blanket,inclined chimney and filters under rivetment with crushed rock sand of 6mm down size.If so what are the specifications and is there any codal provision for its authentication? 204
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