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Will the plant able to produce electricity when the soil is dried up    0  188
How is the position of a nucleotide substitution on genome detected? I mean that it is on exon, intron or promoter region?    1  1144
How can we find the direction of an nucleotide substitution, for example; C to T or T to C?    0  860
what is the meaning of science?    7  2710
what is the difference between present and oldest drug discovery methods? thomson-reuters   1  2551
Is there is best online Training for Bioinformatics    0  935
which field have wider prospective of job... bioinformatics or biotechnology    5  3035
what are databases used in bioinformatics?    3  2485
what are databases used in bioinformatics?    1  3393
it is a common experience that if we go on burping simultaneously and consciously(i.e.purposely,as in a non- natural action),our stomach starts aching.Why does this happen?    1  1664
How to identify highly mutated aminoacid from clustalw?    3  2602
Draw the E-R diagram for the database of a departmental store having the following relational database scheme Employees(e-no, address) Department(d-name) work-n(e-no, d-name) Looking-after(d-name, e-no) Item (item-no, brand-name, model-no, cost-price, sale-price)    0  7828
what is an active ? (UML)    0  930
Can isolation of DNA done with perfection?how?    2  2229
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Un-Answered Questions
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A certain radioactive element A, has a half life = t seconds. In (t/2) seconds the fraction of the initial quantity of the element so far decayed is nearly how much? 667
what is a qi number? 668
Can DeCypher be used for protein struc-ture modeling? 662
How to find a sequence of dna molecule? 568
Describe the aim of microarray data analysis? 902
Suppose you used the NCBI Blast server to look for a match to a fruit-fly gene. Suppose further that the best alignment contained this section of an alignment: Hit from database: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXNFSTSQ User sequence: SLEAEAAPASISPSNFSSSQ What do the Xs signify? 568
How to identify common acc.numbers from among a set of files ? 1169
How to run DOCK 6 using cygwin? 3688
What is the idea behind ?weighting? sequences in the package CLUSTAL W for multiple alignment? How are these weights calculated? 501
Explain about needleman-wunsch algorithm? 766
How do ESTs work? 503
How can we find the direction of an nucleotide substitution, for example; C to T or T to C? 860
What two possibilities are there to describe how gene fragments may have evolved? 614
How a cluster algorithm works? 586
can u give me an example of a project you were involved with that illustrates your interest and skills in bringing people together? 608
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