Bio Informatics Interview Questions
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what is the principle involved in Biometry?


How would you value a biotech company as opposed to a consumer products company?


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can u give me an example of a project you were involved with that illustrates your interest and skills in bringing people together?



what is FASTA format?

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what is a qi number?


How do you find the most recent human sequence data in the data bases inorder to determine physical maps?


How do you customise database for blast?

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If you had 1,500 base pair pieces of random DNA and you have to know how many of them had homology to known genes, what would you do to determine that?

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How much template do you need for sequencing?

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What is a ?clean and run? reaction?

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Tell us about three kinds of DNA?

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How can you have an accession number?

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what is a Homologue?

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What is bioinformatics?

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What is Pharmacogenomics?

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How long will a train 100m long traveling at 72kmph take to overtake another train 200m long traveling at 54kmph?


Can DeCypher be used for protein struc-ture modeling?


How to find flanking region ?


Will the plant able to produce electricity when the soil is dried up


can u give me an example of a project you were involved with that illustrates your interest and skills in bringing people together?


what is an active ? (UML)


A certain radioactive element A, has a half life = t seconds. In (t/2) seconds the fraction of the initial quantity of the element so far decayed is nearly how much?


Suppose the Blast search returned 100 hits. Of these, 17 were false positives and we knew that there were 165 sequences in the database which should have returned a hit with our sequence. How many false negatives were there, and what is the sensitivity and selectivity of Blast in this instance?


How to predict the function of a gene (product)?


What is enzyme-ligand interaction?


How to find a sequence of dna molecule?


What is a DNA array?


Suppose you used the NCBI Blast server to look for a match to a fruit-fly gene. Suppose further that the best alignment contained this section of an alignment: Hit from database: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXNFSTSQ User sequence: SLEAEAAPASISPSNFSSSQ What do the Xs signify?


Bootstrap analysis evaluates evolutionary trees by sampling columns from the original alignment with replacement (multiplying or removing some of them) and computing a proportion of times that a particular branch appears in the resulting trees. What is the main idea behind this approach?


What is Phantom Gene Sequence?