Automobile Engineering Interview Questions
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What is a injecter pressure in heavy viehle?

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oil mixing with coolant & causes of this ?


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wat is the significance of BS 3 or 4 engine, wat will happen if BS 3 fuel is used in BS 4 engine or vice versa ?? pls explain the consequences happening in engine if wrong fuel is burnt ??

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if the piston ring & liners changed after that if problem arising again of back compressor?


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on how many points, an engine-clutch-gear box unit is supported on chassis frame ?

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frame is distorted in a paralleleogram shape due to--------

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types of wheels preffered in sports cars ?


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I am a diploma Automobile Engineer working in Volkswagen for 4 years . I wish to apply for Australian PR however SOL of austria does not include automobile ngineering is there any other way i can choose to apply for the same. Please help..



CRANK shaft to be fixed to the engine, ? (1) Perpendicular CAM shaft (2) Inclined to CAM shaft (3) Parallel to CAM shaft (4) None of the above

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What is the function of a carburetor of a Motor Car? (1) Provides petrol vapour to the engine to produce power (2) Provides an electric spark for the fuel to burn (3) Provides clean air to the engine (4) Filters petrol

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Usually helicopters are having a small fan at the rear end, the purpose is;? (1) To increase it’s lifting capability (2) To balance the torque applied on the main fan (3) For safe landing (4) For safe taking off

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why do cars have smaller tyres and bikes bigger ?

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what is ECU


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How does genera tors operate


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how could test the speedo meter


how cdi unit works ? what will happen if there is no cdi unit in car?


engine rotation


difference bitween CPC & SQC


1) can any one tell how dozer transmission system power terrain --track


What is the engine rating required for 1000 KVA Generator set. Calculations?


I have a 2000 grand Prix with the 3.8 liter engine and my alternator went out are there other alternators that can be used instead of buying the specific one needed.


How are calculate the Speedometer ratio in the vehicle?


My Isuzu common rail 4Hl 1-1 tipper caught to flood & water absorb to engine through air intake line (air cleaner) then I put new pistons, rods everything its needed. But now when I start the engine its try to start with normal starting sound. I try to start until battery getting low, but nothing happen. What can I do? Please help me to resolve this problem.


What is a “proximity probe” used to measure?


where can i get the course for automobile engineering in delhi?


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What is overflow and how it's happen


what is a stage time


prove the relation for the torque required in order to accelerate a gered system?