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by mixing oil in fule of fourstroke bike will it damage engine, performance? if not than what happen? yamaha   5  4220
where can i get the course for automobile engineering in delhi? tata   0  516
Why do you want to change your present company??    5  3332
How are calculate the Speedometer ratio in the vehicle? tata   0  1783
What is BHP & How it is measured? maruti-suzuki   6  11621
What is the meaning of cc of engine? tata   16  46417
What is the meaning of back compressor in engine? tata   3  4040
What is Terminal Engine Meltdown? john-deere   1  3344
what is meant by 1)1.8 TSI 4V 1798cc turbocharged 2)2.0 TDI PD 3)bhp 4)front wheel drive car 5)four wheel drive car    3  3094
what is cpk value? nissan   1  4293
Why not cars which have a wheel type steering, requiring many rotations to be made to turn the car, be replaced with a handle type steering, like the one provided in a autorick shaw for quicker turn? ashok-leyland   3  3321
where is fan located in car?before radiator or between engine and radiator? ashok-leyland   17  7309
why we are using oil with petrol in two stroke engines but not in four stroke engines(two wheelers)?................ mahindra   11  20796
IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC cummins   2  6481
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Un-Answered Questions
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engine rotation 13
What is the Diesel consumption of 1000 KVA rating DG set at full load? 1969
prove the relation for the torque required in order to accelerate a gered system? 1215
What is CX and DX mean or abbreviation for JCB Backhoe Loaders ? I know they are models 3CX is used in Europe and 3DX is used in India but I am looking for the full form of those abbreviations - Thanks 224
What High School Career completer should you select, for automobile engineering? 1151
difference bitween CPC & SQC 883
What is the composition of Cast Iron Grade:GG P70 ? 1661
what is the syllabus for the rrb sec. eng. posts iam from automobile engg. 790
I am a diploma Automobile Engineer working in Volkswagen for 4 years . I wish to apply for Australian PR however SOL of austria does not include automobile ngineering is there any other way i can choose to apply for the same. Please help.. 1382
troubls in inaccurate guage reading 603
what is a stage time 563
Why I/P transducer is connect with 24V DC not to 220V AC? 1640
What is the allowable -ve carnkacse pressure (vacuum) in the gas engine of 1.5 MW, what are the reasons and how it can effect the operation of the engine? 531
How are calculate the Speedometer ratio in the vehicle? 1783
What is a “proximity probe” used to measure? 163
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