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why we are using oil with petrol in two stroke engines but not in four stroke engines(two wheelers)?................ mahindra   11  9604
IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC cummins   2  1943
which engine have the high mechanical efficiency eighter 2 stroke engine or 4 stroke engine?    7  2699
wat happens if u use petrol in diesel engine infosys   12  4722
how does the engine starts working when we start our twowheeler mahindra   11  8870
Why I/P transducer is connect with 24V DC not to 220V AC? l&t   0  553
What are your Future Plans for company volkswagen   2  1675
What is the engine rating required for 1000 KVA Generator set. Calculations?    0  427
What is the Diesel consumption of 1000 KVA rating DG set at full load?    0  1069
what is the role of electrical engineer in auto mobile industry,whether there is good future is there    5  4449
how could test the speedo meter ntpc   0  443
What is the allowable -ve carnkacse pressure (vacuum) in the gas engine of 1.5 MW, what are the reasons and how it can effect the operation of the engine?    0  252
what is the fundamental eqation for correct steering ? ashok-leyland   1  1848
1.what is the minimum percentage for engineering students? I like to become RTO officier...please send me procedure for that...    0  767
is filter Generated ( Diesel filter & Air Filter) from Diesel Generators are Hazardous waste ? rrb   3  1068
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Un-Answered Questions
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My Isuzu common rail 4Hl 1-1 tipper caught to flood & water absorb to engine through air intake line (air cleaner) then I put new pistons, rods everything its needed. But now when I start the engine its try to start with normal starting sound. I try to start until battery getting low, but nothing happen. What can I do? Please help me to resolve this problem. 85
Why in open-wheel racing cars torsion bars (of suspensions) are removed in case of wet track? 440
how could test the speedo meter 443
What is diff between SCADA nad DCS,Present which is new technology, Is dcs controls with out manual operation? 353
where can i get the course for automobile engineering in delhi? 260
I am a diploma Automobile Engineer working in Volkswagen for 4 years . I wish to apply for Australian PR however SOL of austria does not include automobile ngineering is there any other way i can choose to apply for the same. Please help.. 640
What is the engine rating required for 1000 KVA Generator set. Calculations? 427
prove the relation for the torque required in order to accelerate a gered system? 503
1. How are voltmeter and am meter connected in the circuit? 2. What is the function of space heaters for motors? 3. What is Ohms law? 4. Enumerate the parts of Main Switchboard 5. Examples of good conductors of electricity. 6. Examples of good insulators. 7. What are to be checked in an induction motor? 8. How many battery discharges? 9. How to find ground in main switchboard? 10. What is the cause of motor not to start? 11. Where can you find space heater lam p and what is its purpose? 12. How do you detect earth by lam p? 13. Why the transformer is mostly used aboard the ship? 14. Electrical symbol 15. List the different devices and components of main switchboard. 16. What are to be checked in an induction motor? 17. How do you detect earth by lam p? 18. How do you reset the circuit breaker? 19. What is the purpose of ventilation in the battery room? 20. What are the usual checks when induction motor is running? 21. Methods to dry up wet induction motors? 22. The unit of resistance? 23. The lowest allowable insulation resistance? 24. What is space heater? 25. What is hertz in electrical system? 26. In electricity, what is commutator? Carbon brush? 27. Draw a parallel circuit with one battery and two resistors. Derive the formula for resistance? 28. Define earth lamp? 29. What is the use of multi tester? 30. How to check the diode, fuse and bearer switch? 31. What is the formula to determine the speed of induction motor? 269
1. What are the three methods of the heat transfer? Give example for each 2. Name the four most important components of a Freon refrigeration system. 3. What is an expansion valve and its purpose? 4. What happen when the expansion valve is excessively open? 5. Kind of refrigerant use in a refrigerating system 6. Purpose of evaporator in refrigeration system. 7. What are the characteristics of Freon 12? 8. Purpose of condenser in refrigeration system? 9. Kinds of refrigerants and their properties. 10. What will happen if there is moisture in refrigeration system? 11. Explain the cycle of refrigeration system. 12. Give the different ways of detecting leaking refrigerants? 13. What is the cold side of the refrigeration system? 14. What is the purpose of liquid receiver? 15. What are specific heat, latent heat and sensible heat? 16. Where id the warm side of a refrigeration system? 17. What would happen if there was water in refrigeration line? 18. What safety device will activate to stop the compressor in the refrigeration system 19. What phenomenon becomes when air mixed with refrigerant? 20. What is the effect if tour refrigeration system has an air? 21. What is short cycling in refrigeration system? 22. What is the hottest part of refrigerant in the refrigeration system? 23. Diagram of refrigeration? 24. Give the function o evaporator? 25. What is a magnetic valve of refrigeration system? 26. In refrigeration, why during operations is running low pressure at the suction side? 27. What is a liquid flooding in refrigeration system? 28. What are the safety devices that are fitted in a refrigeration system? 29. What is flaring tool? 408
What is the allowable -ve carnkacse pressure (vacuum) in the gas engine of 1.5 MW, what are the reasons and how it can effect the operation of the engine? 252
can we use servomotor for applying torque or load to the gear box drive shaft at various speeds for gear box testing purpose 386
difference bitween CPC & SQC 391
which gas is used in cars and formula1 cars? 406
i had applied for 6 categories for rrb section engineers posts 2 different rrb boards 2 those i was eligible of an single notificatoin. do i need 2 write different exams or single exam 257
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