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Hero Honda Interview Questions
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How do you establish working relationships with new people?

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What is difference between "terms of payment" and "payment terms" Fields are available in vendor master purchasing view and accounting view respectively. System can take two differnt values for same vendor? why different values are maintained?

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What is the differance between negative dc voltage and positive dc voltage because some circuit uses -24,-5,-12,- 15,volt dc supply

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How we configure release in SAP MM ?


What Is Fundamental Analysis?

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1)How to calculate HRA in Income tax 2)Kindly give me Item list applicable for Tax deduction with their Amt limit and section (Ie Lta,grautity)


Why the capacitor are connected in Delta(Three Phase) for power factor improvement ?

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1. What does mean of "PS" stand for Diff. CT class? 2. What is the formula of KW for 1Phase load inturms of voltag,current & P.F.?

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if our balance sheet will not matching so what i do ?

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dQ-dW=1 which of the law is obeyed by the equation

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what is accounting concept? explian in brief?

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what is marketing ?

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what is the difference between cold and hot spark plug? mention their place of use with justification?


what will happen when petrol pour into diesel engine?

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Un-Answered Questions

if while coding power goes off , how to retrieve the codes?


If I want to replace a 26KW Slip ring Motor with a Squirrel Cage motor & Drive (for a Hoist Application). How can I approximate the Motor & Drive HP required in new Setup.


how many joints are allowed in underground HT cable of 1 KM


what is BPM in concrete demolition hammers. what is better a higher value or lower


For how many days (or) weeks you will test a product or software?


In AC if the direction of current keeps reversing every half cycle, how does it propogate through the transmission lines?


What role do you see metadata playing in terms of reflecting versions, and the relationship between e- publications and other publications?


Why is it prefer to initiate circuit breaker failure by "86" lockout relay not by "94" tripping relay ?!


We have a directory structure /usr/local/jboss/server/{$app_name}/log/*.log which contains 1000 log files. A web application has been logging to the cloud.log file, the attempts of a user called test. The code logs the following way: log.debug(username); where the username equals “test”. What command line application and or combinations of applications will you call in order to create a file named user_log.csv that contains the following lines, where the timestamp is sorted: timestamp,username


insted of bentonite we can use any alternate material in piling ?


What is the torque required at M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24 M.S&S.S Bolt or give me any chart for this?????????


please send the IS strandard for electrical to


HI Friends I m new dev(forms & report). can anyone tell me how we upload a document on form 11g.??


hi, I m looking for a career in manual web testing. so PLZ anybody who have the practical knowledge of dis field help me. GIVE ME UR MAIL ID so that i can ask regarding some doubts. my MAIL ID is


Hi Friends, Can anubody give me brief overview of Automation tools.. (basics of tools-summary)of following tools? 1.Qualty Center 2.Load Runner 3.Win Runner 4.Q.T.P mail me on


Hero Honda Interview Questions
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