Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is real account and its advantages

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Describe the P&L Account?

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What is the journal entry for sundry debtors

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note for sundry debotrs and sundry creditors

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in tally software payroll vouchers option is there for what purpose it is used ? please tell me friends.


hi friends i went one interview yesturday Hr is asked " r u have experince in payroll accounts " what is this experience i cant understand pls post the answer?

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how to prepare balance sheet pls tell me?

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if a company purchased cell phones for employees how to treat that expenses is it asset for the company under which ledger it will come pls tell me friends?

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what is meant by statutory payments?

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hi friends how many types of vouchers there i know cash voucher, debit voucher, credit voucher, journal vourcher, purchase voucher, sales vouchers, if any other voucher is there pls tell me friends

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what is cost center option in tally what purpose it is used?

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what is the difference between backup and restore in tally software pls tell me friends?

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how to prepare trial balance?

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How to calculate ESI pls give with example? and Professional tax give with example brother?

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what is the difference between cheque dishounerd and cheque bounced?


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Goods worth Rs.347.60 has been destroyed. Ex:(parachute Hair Oil 8 Ml, So entry will be.. Abnormal Loss A/c Dr....347.60 To Stock Destroyed A/c How it possible????


Give ONE reason for Balance Sheet to be out of balance


Cash bill of sale so the company can deduct the amount.


cash with drawn from bank with issuing self check vide ch no.123456 how to enter in sap. please send answer anyone this is very helpful to me


I purchased a machine and finance it by bank with the amount 1900000 and bank apply the finance charge 440000 for 3 years finance how to pass this entry still machine value is 2200000 is finance charge is interest (indirect exp.) pls help me.


why only 6 months interest is charged on drawings


How to post advance paid to a supplier in oracle jd edwards


If the company acquires equipment prior to incorporation what are the accounting entries?


At the end of financial year need to verify the all entries in the books of accounts


What is mutual fund what is derivatives what is capital market what is TDS.breifly


Hello Friends, I am Vinod Rawat & want some tips of interview question for the post of accountant in a reputed company Pls. Given Examples.


what is special purpose ledger in SAP.. is it required to configure in ECC 6.0 since New GL concept is active?


what is valuation code and valuation modifier in sap fico


what is core accounting?


please inform me , how to make employee ladger account of salary...please inform me with entry..e.g if we give 14000 salary, as structure we put it half amount in advance and half is salary so in this case how to make entry in employee ledger account...please inform me...both things..Thank You.