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What is the purpose of preparing a bank reconciliation and why is it necessary?    4  766
Dear sir we are running a export enterprises and we are marchent and exporter we purchaige the goods from mahahrashtra /gujrat and many indian stats our iec cod is issue from varanasi and our firam is registerd from azamgarh utter pardesh kindly advise me can i purchige the goods from gujrat and send direct to port or shude we inter the goods in utter pardesh then we sent to port i m asking this question because our salse department is not issue form H kindly give me advise i m waiting for your for reply thanks and regards e mail id: javed    1  284
interest on drawing will fall under which group in tally?    5  1103
when a customer buys a good. we have to debit bank and credit inventory equaly. but wouldnt selling a good make a profit?    0  132
What do u mean by accounting?    6  1113
Why Reserves and Surplus are shown on the liabilities side of the balance sheet.? justify your answer. infosys   3  3121
What are non performing assets in banking? jammu-and-kashmir-bank   2  850
how to show provident fun in balance sheet genpact   4  1977
What is working capital...? ambuja   5  1205
sale cycle    0  131
what is the process of cenvat credit taken in service tax( in direct & indirect service)    1  342
ledger entry for outstanding salaries northern-trust   8  2210
for giving the salary in terms of cash to an employee for what minimum amount revenue stamp is reqired to paste the vouceher? up to what limited revenue stamp is required?    1  433
what is golden rule of accounting tata   2  1108
what is journal entry ? please describe in detail. tcs   4  1339
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Un-Answered Questions
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Regarding vat return,I have 3 units can i return at a time for 3 units vat return only one vat form. Kindly suggetion the same how to do. 308
describe the rule of garner vs murray and how it relates to the dissolution of a partnership 793
M/s ABC Brothers, which was registered in the year 2000, has been following Straight Line Method (SLM) of depreciation. In the current year it changed its method from Straight Line to Written Down Value (WDV) Method, since such change would result in the additional depreciation of Rs. 200 lakhs as a result of which the firm would qualify to be declared as a sick industrial unit. The auditor raised objection to this change in the method of depreciation. The objection of the auditor is justified because (a) Change in the method of depreciation should be done only with the consent of the auditor (b) Depreciation method can be changed only from WDV to SLM and not vice versa (c) Change in the method of deprecation should be done only if it is required by some statute and change would result in appropriate presentation of financial 6 statement (d) Method of depreciation cannot be changed under any circumstances 54
how to enter the tender refund amount in tally ? 203
what is inter-company transaction? what is Inter-Branch transaction? 1483
What action could be taken by you and your manager to improve your performance in your current position? 1203
What is Capital Commitments means? 139
1. how to pass TDS entry in tally 2. how to pass service tax entry in tally 3. how to pass depreciation entry in tally 4. what is percentage in TDS and service tax 149
Hello friends, I want to sk that Is computer proficiency certificate necessary at the time of SBI clerk Interview?and all other guys who have cleared the nov 2009 exam and have got the bio data form please give replies,,, waiting for replies ,thank you. 210
calculations of pf 323
Can it be possible to transfer FCRA funds to an ngo who don't have FCRA registration no. 336
Hi, we are not a VAT register and raised not VAT bill to company for signage material. they are deducting WCT @4%, can anybody help me why they are deducting WCT while i am not a VAT register vendor, as i do not cross threshold limit. 151
what is retention? how caculate on asset 209
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