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Salaries and wages per general ledger is 288,000 of which 56,500 is paid in advance. Req: Prepare adjusting journal entries from the books of audrey company as of dec 31 09. (pls help me with this, I'm a bit slow but willing to learn, thanks!)    1  425
We are operating a company which H.O. is Delhi and Branch offices at Kanpur and Hardwar. We need Income and expenses seprately in All branches. is it possible in tally.erp9. if yes please provide the procedure as early.    2  396
under which accounting rule prepaid salary?    0  208
Cash in hand-5000,Cash at bank-4000, Bill receivable- 3000,Bills payable-5000,Bank loan-6000.Calculate total liability of the firm? acs   10  1521
Is petty cash book is compulsory in all companies? acs   1  882
what is the difference between NEFT and RTGS ? banking   2  1538
What is the full form of RTS in banking ? tcs   2  2339
What do you mean by Accounting ?    2  584
What is the difference between accounts and finance ?    1  632
How is closing stock is valued at the end of the accounting year? acs   1  1356
What is the meaning of Trial Balance.    3  796
Mr. S wants to set bank reconciliation start date, from where will he activate the same Answer A. Ledger creation B. Accounting feature C. Configuration window D. Display    2  352
how we pass commission entry when we give to other with tds ?    1  466
when we give to payment for contractor what entry pass with tds?    2  1073
How to make balance sheet, please advise me in details... Thankx    1  401
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to transfer fund useing cashflow and fundsflow? 194
In the Manufacturing IF QC reject the material. Then where to record rejected material amount. 145
What is Capital Commitments means? 156
What are the probable interviwe questions in SBI clerical interview ? I am having my interview on 30th april. 189
How the Depreciation will calculate in Company? 198
Where do we show "Dividend paid in FFS ,either in FFO or in FFS? what is teh concept behind? 133
How to charged TDS on salary and How many charged percentage? 146
what are the voucher entries in tally for medical insurance 207
How we will dabit profit & Loss a/c in tally because profit & Loss a/c is tally generated a/c. we have to make provision for tax. 1176
How to maintain the reserve a/c inspite of the withdrawls in a propreitorship and ways to reduce the gap of excess current assets to the less current liabilities. 152
The following are the list of Balances of SUNSHINE Company as at 1.2.2012 RM Land and building 450,000. Furniture and Fittings 35,000. Office Equipment 25,000. Motor Vehicles 75,000. Inventory 5,000. Trade Receivables 12,000. Trade Payables 8,000. Bank Loan 200,000. Bank 13,000. Cash in Hand 1,000. Capital 408,000. 133
what is journal entries for Vehicle loan settled with bank after Sale of the vehicle on profit or loss in case the party paid check direct to Bank .......??? 331
bank releted question interviw plz tel me 244
how to individual capital account. 197
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