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What is Inter branch accounts reconciliation    2  3534
Difination of Debit & Credit note. Journal entries of Debit & Credit note.    2  4380
What is the difference between an Invoice and a Proforma Invoice?    1  1594
what is bank occ    2  1360
TDS mening    4  1581
hi...this is chaitanya fresh bcom computer graduate i need job in finance feild will i get in genpact, deloitte, bank of america, or any other mnc...?    0  230
Maintaining assets register    1  2459
Maintaining books of accounts (Cash, Petty Cash, Bank,    1  918
why dr is on left hand side while cr is on right hand side?    0  264
whether sale and purhases of cf agent are his and he is liablte to pay VAT on sale of goods and pay the tax to govt collected by him one more being receiving commission of saleproceed during the year whose stock would be it it is of c f agent or principal manufctrurer who has send the goods to sold on his behalf    0  223
What do we mean by Redemption of shares and debentures? idbi-bank   0  567
what is golden accounting rules hcl   3  1837
What would greater impact a firms valuation, a 10% reduction in revenues or 1% reduction in discount rate? ubs   0  2646
why profit and loss account debit balance appeare in the asset side of balance sheet? hcl   9  16369
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is bond wash transaction ,when we have to use it, and what is the procedure please help me with examle 324
please inform me , how to make employee ladger account of salary...please inform me with entry..e.g if we give 14000 salary, as structure we put it half amount in advance and half is salary so in this case how to make entry in employee ledger account...please inform me...both things..Thank You. 1745
Difference between Journal and Journal Proper??? 263
What Entery Should Made When Godown Rent Paid in Advance At The Time Of Agreement.Transation Is as Below * Rent Paid To XYZ (OWNER OF PROPERTY) For Running Month. * One Month Rent In Advance Tenent will Always pay rent amt 1st of every month. How can we do entry every month and How can party's a/c will due on ending every month. How can party a/c Show ADVANCE RENT. Please enter every entery including JV. With time when it is necessary. 1051
Ramu started business with rs 1000000.give me journal entry. plz explain brefily 64
what are the different methods of teaching share and debenture to pre degree students 253
how to reduce the interesting giving to debts ? 397
what is loan operations and what are the complete process form from making customer to closure of loan 419
What is the use of form D in sale tax 355
what is the meaning of deferred revenue ? give me some examples 2547
Sir, Now, i am purchasing ply wood, board, and other material for my office furniture. But now the furniture is incomplete so what would be the journal entry for this exp. in book. 336
A company primarily operating from own land, takes on rent building for staff quarters. Whether rent paid on such staff quarters qualifies as capital investment? 298
what is the procedure to appoint an Austrlian citzen as indian company director... 257
hi for all i completed Mba finance in 2008.then i got a job in kpo capital iq as jra for 1 year than i left it and done a course sap fico so now looking for a job in sap how to approach? pls give me answer 353
I got below mail stating to pay 8000 rupees to Wipro but when I went to wipro in sajapur, it was fake mail. If u receives this kind of mail, please don’t respond. Please inform to ur friends regarding this. Wipro Limited Dear candidate Your Resume has been selected by ( Wipro Limited). I have attached your Interview Process letter with this email. Kindly see the attached file. Note - you can call in official working Hours Monday to Saturday – 9 Am to 2 Pm, Company Website – Note - And more details you send a email Company Email Add – Best Of Luck For More Details Please Click Here Wipro Limited < I received attachment mail as well. 284
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