Accounting General Interview Questions
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Furniture is Destroyed in Fire ?? Where it will effect in Balance sheet ??


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how to calculate good will of a company

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In which we will use Annuity depreciation method?

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what is mean by portfolio Management?


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What is mean by Amortization?


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What is mean by deffered revenue expenditure?


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What is mean by capital gain


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what is the diffrent between form-c and form 16

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What is the difference between capital expenditure & revenue expenditure

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Please explain about Bad debts (Old & New) and Bad doutful debts?

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Please explain about wages control account?

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Please explain ASAP?

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Who has to prepare credit note and debit note? whether the account department or the concerned department like, purchase department, sales department.

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what is a capital budgeting

Capital IQ,

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what is capital reserve?

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What can go wrong if you have a balance sheet with a lot of debt? What can go wrong if there is negative owner's equity? What does a good cash flow statement look like and why?


One Institute, after completion of course not issue any certificate to students, they issued certificate from other branded institute with cost (Kindly provide the term of this expenditure to appear in P&L a/c)


How do I charge bank charges on payments to clients


From the following particulars taken on 31 December, 1995, you are required to prepare a bank reconciliation statement to reconcile the bank balance shown in the Cash Book with that shown in the Pass Book: (i) Balance as per Pass Book on 31 December, 1995, O/D Rs 1,027. (ii) Four cheques drawn on 31 December but not cleared till January are as follows: Rs 12; Rs 1,021; Rs 98; and Rs 113. (iii) Interest on O/D not entered in Cash Book Rs 51. (iv) Three cheques received on 30 December and entered in the bank column of the Cash Book but not lodged in bank for collection till 3 January next: Rs 1,160; Rs 2,100; and Rs 2,080. (v) Cost of cheque book, Pass Book, etc; Rs 1.50 entered twice erroneously in Cash Book in November. (vi) A Bill Receivable for Rs 250 due on 29 December, 1995 was passed to the bank for collection on 28 December, 1990 and was entered in Cash Book forthwith whereas the proceeds were credited in the Pass Book only in January following. (vii) Chamber of Commerce subscription Rs 10 paid by bank on 1 December, 1990 had not been entered in the Cash Book. (viii) Bank charges of Rs 5 had been debited in the pass book twice erroneously. . . . plz be fast


what are the processes of account reconcillation


formula of reduction in tax credit of vat form 201(gujarat)


Explain the Invoice verification process


A non-function currency claim:- Employee while updating a non functional currency claim the system uses the period end rate i.e. any claim pertaining to the period 01Aug - 25th Aug. the system uses the period end rate as of July 31st. (2) Also, what is the basis of using the period end rate not the average rate for expenses claim. Can you please clarify my question.


My question is.. I Received the amount from party through the bank. example. 1. Actual received from party $1000 @ 32.70 = 32,700 baht(service charge included ) 2. Bank Charge 500 baht 3. Given the credit to pary $ 1000 @ 32.50 = 32,500 baht 4. and bank charge 500 debit on party account also. .... For the First three transacion on account bank account dr 32200 bank charge dr 500 party cr 32,500 ex. fluxation cr 200 how can treate the 4th transaction. thanks in advance


How to prepare HSD statements in tally


can any one tell what is the selection proces in cognizant for MBA finance




what is the responsiblities for accounts manager?


What is invoice processing can u explain it?


export sales contract and domestic sales contract? india's trade in commercial services?