USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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Why have you chosen this university?

Activemike Technologies,

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What do you plan to do after you graduate?

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Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?

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How do I know you'll come back after your education?

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Why don't you do this course in your country?

UK Embassy,

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Do you have any relative in USA?

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Brief me on your assets?

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what were your grades for your undergraduation?

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How many universitiess have you applied to?

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Why not you go for some other university?

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How many i-20s you got?

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And what if I don't give visa for you?

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Why did you choose US ?

IBM, US Consulate, UK Embassy,

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what is your university fee?

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How are you going to pay your tution fee?

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HELP my visa interview was on 21st dec...n i got denied reason being that my siblings are there. They are legal permanent residents who have settled there...the visa officer deined me the visa saying that i wont come back as my siblings also went on F-1 visa. I am planning to apply again reply to this plzzzzzzzzz


I have rcvd my I20 and would be opting for VISA interview soon. Is there some kind of monthly quota of visas ? Taking an interview around 20th April or 1st week of May. will be there any difference in VISA quota for the counsular


completed my btech with 21 backlogs and 57% any possibility to get visa for USĀ 


i had done my MBA and now want to study IELP i got admission for that but my visa had been rejected. what are the chances of getting visa now?


Three years back my friend's brother had attended visa interview. Eventhough his all documents were perfect than they wat to be, VO didnt gave visa to him. He told that VOs just reject visa to get more money for visa office as it costs more than 100$ each time to register for interview. Again he applied with the same documents but he got it true....they just reject visa for the purpose he told........pls give me a genuine answer.....


hi guys, i did mba n i again i wana pursue mba programe with another specialization.if VO ask why do you choose again mba.what will i say?one more thing for getting visa which path is better by mba or by bsc?if ur answer bsc what will i do for two years gap?


hi am harry and i have a doubt regarding visa .my gre score is 1120 and my toefl is 85 and ma academic background is 60% of average with 17 backlogs.the problem is will they reject me for having 17 backlogs ?? am really worried cause i was not knowing all these things b4 i applied.i came to know this today from my senior who had only 4 backlogs and he got rejected two times will i get rejected ?? and if not how should i handle this when they ask plss anyone help me its my life i worked hard to get into this realizing my future


im already done my mba planning to do THIS PARTICULAR COURSE MBA(IT).but my 12th and graduation is science how can i convinced vo?


What is the synthetic name of transformer oil ?


i am citizen of india, heare i have completed diploma course (3 years) , i have 3 years experience, now i want to do gradutation in USA, so can i get student visa as undergradute student at the age of 25


What is difference between analog signal and digital signal. .?


i have done BCA .and i am going to pursue MBA from national university sandeigo ca. 1-- how can i justify why i am doing mba not other IT related courses .( why MBA) 2-- why i chosse national university.


Hi guys, I've got a student F1 VISA since October 2009, I studied english for 7 months in Florida but on Mai 2010 I went back to my country. I'd like to go back to USA but in another language school in California. What do I have to do ? Thanks for answering, Hermes.


please give me some information about texas a&m university commerce..


sir,this is vamshi. i completed my btech(cs)in 2006 and i secired am working as a associate professor in a same college which is i studied(btech).my gre & toefl is 850,73 respectevly.i have 6 backlogs ,i applied for tamu-commerce and i got rejected my visa am applying my visa on 11 july'08.could you please help me how can i support with this criteria? what are the expected questions and give me the proper answers ..