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normally by going through the object properties in object spy we write descriptive programming(correct me if i am wrong). But how or from where can we get the object properties in the object spy?plzzzzzz do answer    2  1892
In keyward driven framework what will be the step for yahoo login page ,inbox logout,plz explain in detail yahoo   0  462
What will be the script for recovery scenerio.plzanyone give ans with aexample related to banking project yahoo   2  2252
How Qtp will identifies object during run time yahoo   6  6456
suppose i give valid user id and password to open an web base application on qtp will know itis a valid user id and password    3  3825
How to Rcognize the Objects in the Web Page Dialog Using QTP    0  793
what is descriptive programming? what are the mandotory properties in qtp? what are libriry functions in qtp? what frame work you are using at your project? what is object repositery? what is our role as per qtp project is concerned as a software tester? wipro   3  3974
what are the mandatory properties in qtp? what are the library functions in qtp? wipro   3  5141
hi i am working with vbwindow on qtp.first i am openning qtp whenever open qtp my application not open that time generated error like "Runtime error 0" and fatal error:automation error how to solve this problem pls tell me tcs   0  788
How do we do DOM programming in QTP.Could you explain with an example. If possible please provide some material or link related to DOM Programming.    0  2163
how can i pass a "cript"as a parameter in to a function    0  377
If we write a script in the expert view how are the objects created in the object repository? to be clear i will explain my problem first i have recorded the mercurytours application by providing the link and all the objects are stored in the object repository ok this is fine. but i have copied the script generated in the above processes and pasted in a new test and tried to run that script but as the objects were not stored in the object repository it showed an error (The "Welcome: Mercury Tours" object was not found in the Object Repository. Check the Object Repository to confirm that the object exists or to find the correct name for the object).so how can i overcome that error    6  3339
what are the different types of framesworks in QTP?what is the keyword driven framework? mindlance   2  2587
how do we know whether all objects are stored in the object repository or not? how can we know if a particular object is not stored in the repository?    0  333
when do we write a script in qtp?(plz give me more then 2 reasons)    1  1468
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Un-Answered Questions
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can any one please tell me the full form of .g.t in silktest datadriven method 1097
what is clean sweep? 713
what is the hierarchy to use properties in descriptive programming 380
what is the advantages and disadvantages of using functions instead of re usable actions 433
Hello friends..... On which areas of an application we can not test with QTP 528
How to swap two numbers by using parameter passing method byref in a fucntion and return the result to outside of the function? 1079
In general, how do you see automation fitting into the overall process of testing? 419
how will you check how many members visited the website 430
What is test parameter 539
Key word driven framework 509
Explain the N-tire structure(process) for Funds Transfer ( means give N ways to funds Transfer in an Application) 579
how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director 987
Can we Test Welcome Screens and Process Images with QTP 429
how to explain a claims and insurance project? 536
In application which areas to be automated and what kind of situation will be take? using QTP? Plz give me the clear answer 861
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