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Hi! Using Descriptive Programming How do we get Parent object for an object. Say, i want to get a parent object for a "Link" in a web page. thanks    3  8938
What is ment by Module level testing ? (Chandana) tcs   4  8440
If u r using descriptive programming to identify the object where do u write the script for those objects? do u write it in the expertview? plz do answer its urgent thanks advance.    3  3048
How do u write script in qtp? where do u write?    2  2334
What are the various versions of QTP that have been released so far? Please also mention the year of release for each version    4  7197
I want a code for a following item in TSL Language. Look up a person in database, If not found, add person to the database.    0  394
how will you check how many members visited the website logica-cmg   0  384
How to Get data from database(table) to an excel sheet igate   2  2315
How to Import(insert) data from an excel sheet to Database(table). igate   2  3897
How to Recognise List Boxes and Combo boxes for Web Applications In WinRunner 7.5 please..... cbe-software   1  1444
Without QTP (or any Testing tool) can we able to test the GUI part of the Applications. for Example generating the Scripts in Notepad and Executing them Using VB. Is it Possible to do so.. Correct me if iam wrong some where. microsoft   8  4235
how can i pass parameters into function? livetek   4  9912
1,You have scripts in Qtp8.2 and some scripts 9.0 to handle ? ness-technologies   2  1266
What r the rules to apply to select correlated values in project?(Chandana) tcs   10  6498
can u name some of the important functions in LoadRubber Scripting? cts   1  3645
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Un-Answered Questions
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After executing the script in qtp suppose i found some script execute successfully and found some error.So how to report the status for both (i.e pass and fail report)in test director. For "fail" We use "defect tab" in testdirector. But for "pass" how to report it to TL.what is the process plz anybody ans 541
How should we write and execute a user define function using WinRunner. 457
What is the descriptive programming? 421
what are the Dynamic elements in web Application? 90
Can anybody post some real time scenario in qtp? please its very urgent. 615
What is the exactly use of webserver and Application server in Load Runner. 435
Need one Urgent help please,for ex: first time i created Local reposory and convert that local to shared Rep and save in some where(by using Export local objetcs), unfortunately that saved repository is missed, now i want same repository,but iam not able to export the same repository second time?? i need that Repository only how to get??? 1505
Hi am New to Automation Testing , any one can you help me what are the basic questiion are asked an interview? 331
The title of the window consists of date and time.What is the regular expression to recognize the window as unique? 379
What is Test Builder?(Suma) 653
write a programme to insert into elements in array?n finding duplicate characters in given sting? 693
How can i test an application like Google Earth.In my application data will be fetched from a oracle database based upon which graphs are these all are can i use qtp here..alongwith that how can i test the map generated by a satellite just like google earth.. 680
how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script 668
There is an built in window application in qtp9.1,i.e.Flight4.0.i want to implement the recovery maneger on it.How can i do this? 339
what are the questions that are generally asked in an interview if a person is having 3-4 years of exp..and in ds exp 2 yrs exp is wd automation testing 416
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