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Hi Guys, Is it possible to merge and compare graphs from different scenarios in load runnner ?    6  3925
Hoe we can export TEST RESUALT IN to XL-sheet? ibm   1  3787
Basically why we need testing?    14  19983
waht is puirpose of accesbility Check point? waht is the use of Page and XML check points?    1  3086
Plz explain about MATCH/EXACT MATCH/IGNORE SPAGE in text check points?    1  3052
How we can test a Frame in a web page? emids   0  567
How to Import the data from MS-Access in QTP?    1  5552
Why we use Junit and Jmeter? Suggest some sites where we can get more information on these two Tools?    2  7711
how to invoke the web application through script in qtp ibm   11  31465
how to retreive the xml file data through qtp.can anybody send script for this.. synechron   0  483
actually how many hours per one day we will work on automation(qtp) in real time synechron   1  1354
What is the another extention name of library file.If that is exist than what's the differnce between them. synechron   1  2537
How can we import into Excel "Details" ,"Result" ,"Time" parameters from within a Results Report which is generated after a Run error when a script is executed in QTP? Refer E.g below Status Functionality Description RunDate Fail Login User should be able to Login 12/3/2007 StartTime EndTime Details* 1:31:58 PM 1:32:29 PM (this one i want)    0  418
How can we extract data like "Details","Result","Time" from the 'Run Error' result generated in QTP after run time errors are generated during a run & import the details etc...into excel sheet    0  533
what are the supporting development environments supported by winrunner    1  1363
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Un-Answered Questions
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what r DLL functions in loadrunner?where these present?when &why we use these? 815
How should I click on the right click menu objects When I trying to add the object properties to the OR.It is showing only Window(Window).Not all the objects of the window. Also while recording I found No script. How to solve this>. 412
What is the usage of Test case Design Techniques,in Integration/System Testing? 868
what is critical test case ? please give an example . 278
How can we retrieve the Bug Ids which are open&Reopen in status through QTP scrit?Please find the script which i tried... Dim objBugFactory, objBug Dim BugId Set TDConnection = QCUtil.TDConnection Set objBug = TDConnection.BugFactory If QCUtil.IsConnected then Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Connected", "Connected to server: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.ServerName + chr (13) +"Project: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.ProjectName + chr (13) + "Domain: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.DomainName Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Current time on server is","==>" & TDConnection.ServerTime Else Reporter.ReportEvent 1, "Not connected", "Not connected to Quality Center" End If If mybug.Status="Open" Then BugId=mybug.DefectId MsgBox BugId End If 'OR**********************************--------------------- -----********************************** If Bug_Fields("BG_STATUS").Value ="Open" Or "Re Open"Then BugId=Bug_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").Value MsgBox BugId End If 1295
Hi All, we are using QTP Automation Scripts to test SAP. I recorded QTP Automation Scripts in English-based SAP GUI. Now we have to test a French-based SAP sytem and use the same scripts. The QTP scripts are failing when executed on the French-based SAP System due to Object Recognition Issues. What can we do? Do I re-record the scripts in the French-based SAP system? 1034
I used the below code to open QTP through VBscript?But i can unable to Invoke QTP...PLZ help me with the correct code to invoke QTP through VBS with description of the code aswell. Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application 'Declare the Application object variable Dim qtTest 'As QuickTest.Test 'Declare a Test object variable Dim qtResultsOpt 'Declare a Run Results Options object variable Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") 'Create the Application object qtApp.Launch 'Start QuickTest qtApp.Visible = False 'Make the QuickTest application visible qtApp.Open "C:\form", True 'Open the test in read-only mode 'set run settings for the test Set qtTest = qtApp.Test qtTest.Run 'Run the test 'WScript.StdOut.Write "Status is: " & qtTest.LastRunResults.Status 'Check the results of the test run qtTest.Close 'Close the test qtApp.quit 'Close QuickTest Pro Set qtResultsOpt = Nothing 'Release the Run Results Options object Set qtTest = Nothing 'Release the Test object Set qtApp = Nothing 'Release the Application object 903
What is datapool cursor? 743
In QTP can we feed the out of one browser(internet explorer) as an input to the another browser(mozilla firefox)? If yes explain how to do it with an example. 552
what is meant by source control? 600
Are there any suitable free tools to conduct performance test on a php web application?Manual or automation which is preferable for such kind of application? please answer ASAP 612
Hi All, I have QTP installed on my machine but the application under test is on remote machine. I need to automate the scenarios which consist of automatically enter the remote machine through IP address ,record the application in remote machine and run it also when played. Can some one tell how to record the application in remote machine. 501
two file is there how will compate it by useing qtp. 479
If you are testing a web application then what will you test in that application? 538
1.explain end to end process of qc, many tabs are in qc9.0,qc10.0 3.what is review, how many reviews are following in aproject will you get the requirements 5.why do we choose testing to export tc's and requirements to qc through add-ins 362
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