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How to handle the encrypted values in correlation. please send me example with explanation    0  46
how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value    0  28
how to handle the dynamic left and right boundaries are numeric    0  37
if thoughput will be high /low what will be the problem?    1  127
how memory will be used in the JVM.With think time .what is necessary of the think time in loadrunner    0  83
explain about goal-oriented scenario in controller    2  358
i have 10 users, 20 itereatios and duration 1 minute how can design this scenario.    1  296
How to find response time in loadrunner?    1  366
Performance testing Training    1  242
how to download pdf file in loadrunner    3  445
Loadrunner is enough to monitor all the servers while load testing? if yes how can u monitor & which servers u monitor & how can u access those servers through LR explain it??    0  334
which institute is good to learn load runner    3  679
Can we do Context Parametrization in VUGen script of load Runner. I mean to say like .. i have recorded an set of steps in one environment and i want to run the same script in another environment too. Is it possible to do it in Loadrunner? can we do the url or web service parametrization in LR? Plz help on this..    1  390
Events are generated, but the script is not generating? Why?    1  702
What is SoketLevelData? And Its purpose?    1  940
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the main Performance issues in JBoss server? And How to do it? 579
Hi all, Do anybody know how to test JDBC protocol application which doesnt have any UI with LR.I want to test it for performance.Do i need to develope any UI to trigger that process or is there any other way around??Please help me 912
You are Performace Engineer and it is bottleneck how will identify it is Database Issue? Any one can justify? send to 397
what are the general problems faced in VB Vuser Protocol? 790
how is the market for load runner in Hyderabad? 562
1.How can you Calculate load / stress testing in manually ? Is there any Calculators are available? If yes Please send me the Formulas?(I mean how the tools Ex: load runner, JMetter, Silk Performer ……………………….calculating the load ) 559
If we want to know the size of each component in system how? 458
how test an real time application using the loadrunner .plz give me an example 969
ur using the internet with same bandwidth & others also use internet by sharing the bandwidth there exist the traffic in between how u calculate this? 527
1.How can you Calculate load / stress testing in manually ? 587
How we tested remote servers if client is installed in another place 655
how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value 28
how to write test cases & test scenarios using loadrunner with examples. plz any one can send the anwser . thank u 3286
How many values can be generating in script we can Parameterize even it is in one scenario 1000Parameterization values are there it is correct to Parameterized?or not? 804
hi manual tester daily process is the req.s preparing test scenarios & writing the t.cs and finding bugs and send to the devoloper......SIMILARLY PLS TELL THE LOAD RUNNER DAILY PROCESS FROM INITIAL STAGE TO FINAL STAGE...? daily process..performance tester use any TCD? 600
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