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What is the confirmation that you will come back return after the completion of contract?    0  104
hi now i am pursuing hotel management degree after that i would like to go for a higher studies in Canada for MBA.what are the MBA courses available in Canada according to hotel management?what are the requirement i need to curry for the higher study?fee details about MBA and diploma? thank you    0  137
If I am offered the position, how soon will you need my response?    0  197
How soon do you expect to make a decision?    0  177
How many people have held this job in the last five years? Where are they now? ibm   0  153
What is the history of this position?    0  120
Why isn't this job being filled from within?    0  146
How much travel is involved?    0  145
who have been in this position?    0  131
What are some examples of the achievements of others    0  126
What are the initial projects for which I would be responsible?    0  124
If this position is offered to me, why should I accept it?    0  114
What qualifications are you looking for in the person who fills this job?    0  107
How might these responsibilities and priorities change?    0  90
How much time should be devoted to each area of responsibility?    0  105
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Hi I am indian citizen a business man with good business records & exports unfortunately i could never get time or never applied passport & thr was no need as i didnt had to travel anywhere now i recently got my passport first time & i wish to travel either canada or london or US everyone ( Tour & travel ppl ) i talk to they says first go to few countries & thn apply for US or canada i have proper business records and i maintain a good worth & i am doing business with american associates they have been to me 10 times & now they want i should go to them i am confuessed i hate to be rejected just because i have new passport & i have never been to any country please suggest or please anyone has same experience or anything i will be thankfull Thx friends 420
What have you been doing since you left your last job? 45
You don't have the necessary experience or background for this position 38
wat type of questions are asked during the interview for study visa 1039
Hi,my name is R.S and for the first time i am going to apply to visa for canada.Related jobs so i want to know what kind of quations they will ask to me and how i should answer of that quation??plz reply to me 403
Hi, I am Naga, i am having 5+ experience in software , working at Chennai. I joined one month before in the new organization. I got the project now at Canada. Is am i eligible to apply VISA for Canada? If i have to apply for VISA , do i need wait to complete one year at same organization ? Please let me know, ASAP. Because i should reply for this openings on today itself. 94
What prevented you from advancing in your former positions? 38
What is the minimum salary you will accept? 49
Why do you want to go into this field? 45
What did you like most and least about your last job? 39
Why do you want to go into this field? 77
Tell me about yourself. 55
Tell me about the best and worst bosses you've ever had. 46
Why should we hire you? 53
If I am offered the position, how soon will you need my response? 197
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