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What is the confirmation that you will come back return after the completion of contract?    0  73
hi now i am pursuing hotel management degree after that i would like to go for a higher studies in Canada for MBA.what are the MBA courses available in Canada according to hotel management?what are the requirement i need to curry for the higher study?fee details about MBA and diploma? thank you    0  112
If I am offered the position, how soon will you need my response?    0  168
How soon do you expect to make a decision?    0  141
How many people have held this job in the last five years? Where are they now? ibm   0  127
What is the history of this position?    0  101
Why isn't this job being filled from within?    0  123
How much travel is involved?    0  111
who have been in this position?    0  101
What are some examples of the achievements of others    0  102
What are the initial projects for which I would be responsible?    0  103
If this position is offered to me, why should I accept it?    0  91
What qualifications are you looking for in the person who fills this job?    0  89
How might these responsibilities and priorities change?    0  73
How much time should be devoted to each area of responsibility?    0  78
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Un-Answered Questions
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what will do after completion of your course ? 291
What would you expect me to accomplish in this job? 61
hi, i completed my with 70% marks in 2008 in ece (electronics & comm)& now i'm planning to go to centennial college for a post graduate course in electronics. can i get a visa.? & what should i do about the gap in my study? 308
What responsibilities have the highest priority? 66
Hi I am indian citizen a business man with good business records & exports unfortunately i could never get time or never applied passport & thr was no need as i didnt had to travel anywhere now i recently got my passport first time & i wish to travel either canada or london or US everyone ( Tour & travel ppl ) i talk to they says first go to few countries & thn apply for US or canada i have proper business records and i maintain a good worth & i am doing business with american associates they have been to me 10 times & now they want i should go to them i am confuessed i hate to be rejected just because i have new passport & i have never been to any country please suggest or please anyone has same experience or anything i will be thankfull Thx friends 406
wat type of questions are asked during the interview for study visa 988
If this position is offered to me, why should I accept it? 91
Hi, Iam applying for Canadian Business Visa in the coming days, the problem is that I have a gap of 1 (one) year regarding my income tax returns. Would it be a problem? Can I be refused? though I am attaching all my previous years Income Tax Returns Papers with the application along with this years returns, I am being sposored by my company for business visit to do Analysis of Requiremnts. 586
At your last job, how much was performed by a team? 23
What is his or her character and how does this influence the organization? 37
What else do you think I should know about you? 29
What motivates you? 26
What qualifications are you looking for in the person who fills this job? 89
How soon do you expect to make a decision? 141
If you could have your choice of any job, what would it be and why? 26
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