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What do you expect to experience in this job that you did not experience in your past jobs?    0  226
If you feel you have any weaknesses with regard to this job, what would they be?    0  171
What could you contribute to our facility?    0  417
Why do you want to work here?    0  214
What prevented you from advancing in your former positions?    0  388
Have you ever offered suggestions to management? How did management respond?    0  210
How did you solve the problems?    0  168
What are some of the problems you have encountered in your past jobs?    0  226
Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team?    0  252
At your last job, how much was performed by a team?    0  211
At your last job, how much of the work did you perform independently?    0  335
What did you like most and least about your last job?    0  204
What have you been doing since you left your last job?    0  294
How long have you been out of work?    0  235
When did you leave your last job and why?    0  235
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi I am indian citizen a business man with good business records & exports unfortunately i could never get time or never applied passport & thr was no need as i didnt had to travel anywhere now i recently got my passport first time & i wish to travel either canada or london or US everyone ( Tour & travel ppl ) i talk to they says first go to few countries & thn apply for US or canada i have proper business records and i maintain a good worth & i am doing business with american associates they have been to me 10 times & now they want i should go to them i am confuessed i hate to be rejected just because i have new passport & i have never been to any country please suggest or please anyone has same experience or anything i will be thankfull Thx friends 646
Remember that an interview is a two-way conversation. For you, the interview has two purposes: One, to sell yourself, and two, to evaluate the position. After asking questions, the interviewer usually invites you to ask questions. By asking informed questions, such as the following, you not only gain knowledge about the potential employer, but you also make a good impression: 230
Are any acquisitions, divestitures, or proxy fights on the horizon? 164
Hi,Iam Kanna,i completed my graduation and having 7yrs work experience,iam planning to go to Canada for higher studies.Without Gmat and toefl is it possible to apply and is there any way to go. 588
who have been in this position? 559
What is the public image of the company? 211
What type off questions are asked in canadian live in caregiver interview and also how i should dress up? and does it really effect?plzzzzzzzzz answer this question coz i m called for interview next month. help me and god bless u all.... 5074
How does this job compare with them? 163
What are your financial needs? 226
Tell me about the best and worst bosses you've ever had. 178
Hi, Iam applying for Canadian Business Visa in the coming days, the problem is that I have a gap of 1 (one) year regarding my income tax returns. Would it be a problem? Can I be refused? though I am attaching all my previous years Income Tax Returns Papers with the application along with this years returns, I am being sposored by my company for business visit to do Analysis of Requiremnts. 914
which type company internet thru select 496
If I am offered the position, how soon will you need my response? 738
hiiii my name is rohit and i have applied for live in care in giver in canada in 2006 . now my intrview is scheduled in the end of nxt month.i've been asked to bring NOA of my client there in canada, ielts certificate and +2 certificate along with me. Please tell me wht sort of questions woulb be asked to me there ..? 661
This section is your opportunity to include additional information about yourself to help us provide the most accurate advice possible for your particular circumstances. 1662
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