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What do you expect to experience in this job that you did not experience in your past jobs?    0  33
If you feel you have any weaknesses with regard to this job, what would they be?    0  28
What could you contribute to our facility?    0  28
Why do you want to work here?    0  28
What prevented you from advancing in your former positions?    0  22
Have you ever offered suggestions to management? How did management respond?    0  22
How did you solve the problems?    0  25
What are some of the problems you have encountered in your past jobs?    0  33
Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team?    0  27
At your last job, how much was performed by a team?    0  24
At your last job, how much of the work did you perform independently?    0  27
What did you like most and least about your last job?    0  23
What have you been doing since you left your last job?    0  31
How long have you been out of work?    0  23
When did you leave your last job and why?    0  25
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Un-Answered Questions
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You don't have the necessary experience or background for this position 29
16. Give details on how you intend to handle a challenging position you are posted to manage unexpectedly as a company staff? 1205
Tell me about the best and worst bosses you've ever had. 37
Are you switching careers? 31
Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team? 27
Hi,my name is R.S and for the first time i am going to apply to visa for canada.Related jobs so i want to know what kind of quations they will ask to me and how i should answer of that quation??plz reply to me 389
which type company internet thru select 166
What type off questions are asked in canadian live in caregiver interview and also how i should dress up? and does it really effect?plzzzzzzzzz answer this question coz i m called for interview next month. help me and god bless u all.... 2548
If this position is offered to me, why should I accept it? 93
what will do after completion of your course ? 291
How do you feel about evening work? Weekend work? 41
What qualifications are you looking for in the person who fills this job? 90
What else do you think I should know about you? 29
What are the greatest problems of this department and company? 42
what are the questions they asked for the student visa case...n if they already given me to undergo medical what does it mean that my visa is approved or... 501
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