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What is your salary history?    0  332
What is the minimum salary you will accept?    0  354
What are your financial needs?    0  332
Since you are overqualified for this position, what do you hope to gain from it?    0  435
Why do you believe that you could handle this position?    0  424
You don't have the necessary experience or background for this position    0  286
You don't have a college degree. Why should we hire you?    0  295
Are you switching careers?    0  379
Tell me about yourself.    0  448
How do you feel about relocating?    0  374
What is your leadership style?    0  290
How does this job compare with them?    0  257
Are you considering other positions at this time?    0  243
How do you feel about evening work? Weekend work?    0  314
Why should we hire you?    0  381
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Un-Answered Questions
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If you could have your choice of any job, what would it be and why? 373
What qualifications are you looking for in the person who fills this job? 624
hi now i am pursuing hotel management degree after that i would like to go for a higher studies in Canada for MBA.what are the MBA courses available in Canada according to hotel management?what are the requirement i need to curry for the higher study?fee details about MBA and diploma? thank you 845
i will take an interview test to visit Canada (visit my sister in Canada) in Bangkok in very soon, so what will question that will expect to asking me? 975
What are the greatest problems of this department and company? 361
How did you solve the problems? 272
who have been in this position? 820
Why do you want to go into this field? 446
This section is your opportunity to include additional information about yourself to help us provide the most accurate advice possible for your particular circumstances. 1896
Does the company plan to expand? 301
How does this job compare with them? 257
What is your leadership style? 290
hi, i completed my with 70% marks in 2008 in ece (electronics & comm)& now i'm planning to go to centennial college for a post graduate course in electronics. can i get a visa.? & what should i do about the gap in my study? 616
How much travel is involved? 995
What is the history of this position? 642
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