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- What is EGIRP and IGRP - How EGIRP and IGRP works    1  1585
What command displays a summary list of OSPF interfaces that includes a column for the cost of each interface?    1  4240
What command displays the OSPF Process ID, Router ID, Address summarizations, Routing Networks, and passive interfaces configured on a router?    1  2848
What command displays only OSPF routes?    1  2161
What command displays detail information about the OSPF interfaces, including the authentication method?    1  1957
What command displays the OSPF section of the running-configuration?    1  2475
What command will display all connected OSPFv2 routers?    0  3809
completly describe th steps fo osi model when you enter http:/ hcl   1  1362
Want to be a Cisco certified person through authorized training and certification center ? mercury-solutions   0  693
if i am using active directory,i have router also.then how i configure router,means which address will be default gatway in active directory & roter how to give ip address details in router. ibm   1  1642
How many networks route update does a router recieves in RIP at once ? comnet   3  2666
In which layer switch is work? hcl   16  5311
When you type what are the process involved from layer 7-layer1? cisco   2  4026
Can you explain what IPSec is ccie   2  3110
Can you define in short what VPN is? ccie   5  3505
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the Difference Between Windows 2003 And Windows 2008 Server? 316
Can you explain PPP packet format? 276
What is STP and what is the difference between PVST and RSTP 1180
Explain isakmp ? 505
Why we used Virtual MAC in GLBP 743
What is GRE in PPTP? 401
what's the difference between Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptosystem? 472
Hi, Can any one please tell me the experience of their CCNA interview,and please tell me all the questions they asked in the interview. Many Thanks... 517
1>What do you mean by Networks and Networking? 2>Difference between Vlan And Sub Interface Vlan? 3>What is Fiber Optic Media Converter? 4>What is Firewall? 5>Difference Between Layer2 and Layer3 Switch? 6>What is the function of Multilayer Switch? 7>Expalin STP? What is the Difference between STP and MST? 8>What is the Function of VTP?Explain the modes of VTP? 9>What kind of Message VTp will Send? 10>What is the Difference between Normal and Manageable Switch? 11>Difference between Local Vlan and End to End Vlan? 12>Difference between Distance Vector and Link State Routing protocol? 13>What do you mean by Backbone Fast Port? 14>what is Root Guard and BPDU Guard? 653
Can you explain encapsulating, carrier and passenger protocol? 289
On which layer does L2F, PPTP and L2TP operate? 1374
How do we do encryption and authentication in L2TP? 438
Given the configuration example: interface ethernet0 ipx network 4a ipx access-group 800 out interface ethernet1 ipx network 3d interface ethernet2 ipx network tc access-list 800 permit 3d 4a Which action result from implementing this configuration? a-Traffic from network 3d for network 4a will be forwarded out e0 b-IPX network 5c will not receive any traffic c-Traffic from network 3d, destined for network 4a, will be forwarded out e2 d-Traffic from network 3d for network 3d will be forwarded out e0 650
Can you explain PPP link process step by step? 228
What requirements should a VPN fulfill? 1359
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