What command would you use to find out the names of Novell

servers on a network?

A. show ipx servers

B. show ipx hosts

C. show ipx sap

D. show ipx nodes.

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Answer: A

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Identify the following components of the IPX address 2e.0000.0065.ed43 A.) Not a valid IPX address B.) Network = 2e, Subnet = 0000, Node = 0065.ed43 C.) Network = 2e.0000, Node = 0065.ed43 D.) Network = 2e, Node = 0000.0065.ed43

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What is the default CDP broadcast update rate for Cisco routers? A.) 120 seconds B.) 60 seconds C.) 30 seconds D.) 90 seconds

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What is a characteristic of Store and Forward switches? A.) They work at wire speed. B.) They are the same as Cut-Through switching in 'prune' mode. C.) They forward based on transport layer info. D.) They forward the frame before it is completely read. E.) They increase latency.

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can we measure how much a host exact bandwidth using by a network cable which is communicating over the network? options: 1- via Router 2- Switch, 3- other device... if yes.. then how ( with every option)

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Do you found the Cisco Certification 642-067 exam Guide ?

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Suppose we have 4 switches runing in VTP mode. So when i create a VLAN in Server Switch this VLAN info reflect in all other switch. So question is - A) Suppose i m practicing this scenario in BOSON software, When a create a VLAN in server switch n ADD ports of switch to that VLAN, the same number of ports of client switch also belongs to dat VLAN. For example - In switch A (Server mode), i create a VLAN 7 name Hyderabad & port number 1, 2 & 3 put into this VLAN. Another Switch B (Client mode), its also showing that port number 1,2 & 3 belong the same VLAN. How cud it possible... As we know, VTP share only VLAN configuration information. Cud anyone explain it please....!!!! B)Same thing, when i m practicing in PACKET TRACER 5.0, its only showing that VLAN configuration information is shared. No port information is shared at all. I can manually configure individual switch port to respective VLAN as our wish. Cud anyone explain it please..!!!

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What do the following statements in an extended access list accomplish? access-list 101 deny TCP eq 21 access-list 101 deny TCP eq 20 access-list 101 permit TCP A. This will block ftp traffic. B. This will block http traffic. C. This will permit ftp traffic. D. This will permit tftp traffic.

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Identify the OSI layer which is responsible for end-to-end connections? A.) Network B.) Transport C.) Session D.) Data link E.) TCP

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WAN stands for which of the following? A.) Wide Arena Network B.) World Area Network C.) Wide Area News D.) Wide Area Network

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Which type of switching reads in the entire frame before forwarding it? A.) Pause-and -forward B.) Store-and-Forward C.) Inverse ARP D.) Fast Forward E.) Cut-Through F.) Routing

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what is meant by wild card mask and why can't we use in eigrp ?

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What are the OSPF router rules????

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