What command would you use to find out the names of Novell

servers on a network?

A. show ipx servers

B. show ipx hosts

C. show ipx sap

D. show ipx nodes.

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Answer: A

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Identify the hardware component used to store buffers, tables, running-configuration etc? A.) NVRAM B.) ROM C.) RAM D.) Flash

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How convergence happen in ospf?

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Identify the command to display the status of the Frame Relay virtual circuit? A.) Router# show frame-relay virtual-circuit B.) Router(config)# show frame-relay pvc C.) Router# show frame-relay pvc D.) Router# show virtual

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Using the access-list command, 'access-list 1 deny', what else must be done to stop host from sending any traffic out of physical interface E0, while still allowing other traffic? A.) In global mode, Add a line - 'access-list 1 permit' B.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'access-group 1 in' C.) In global mode, Add a line - 'access-list 1 permit all' D.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'access-list 1 in' E.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'access-list 1 out' F.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'ip access-group 1'

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You have a Frame Relay link on serial 1. Which command displays the Local Management Interface (LMI) data link connection identifier (DLCI) and bandwidth for that link? A. show interface serial1 B. show frame-felay serial1 C. show protocol frame-relay serial1 D. show serial1 encapsulation frame-relay

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Identify 2 functions of IPX access-lists? A.) Control SAP traffic B.) Limit number of Novell servers on a network C.) Limit number of workstations on a network D.) Block IPX traffic

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thnx jitender...its me shridh...m working for SG ltd..the situation iz like ths -at a specific time in our company the internet connectivity goes off...v hav two networks in our company...but out of it only one link goes down for 5-10 sec...a fastethernet port becomes down for few sec and automatically becomes Up... Is this occures becoz of Power?? If yes thn y the 2nd network is not affected?? plz tel me jitender how to resolve ths problem? as u sd loop in switch is the primary cause of ths....i wanna know how to resolve it...thnx for ur replys jitender sinha.

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For IPX, what is the DEFAULT Cisco Encapsulation on an Ethernet interface? A.) novell-ether B.) gns C.) snap D.) arpa E.) sap F.) dix

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What command displays detail information about the OSPF interfaces, including the authentication method?

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Identify the 2 types of access-list filters that control SAP traffic? A.) Novell-ether B.) Arpa C.) Input-sap-filter D.) Round-robin E.) Output-sap-filter

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A user device that connects to a DCE must be which of the following? A.) DTE B.) CPE C.) Demarc D.) DCE E.) CO

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Identify the switching method that examines the destination MAC address as the frame is being received then begins forwarding the frame prior to receiving the entire frame? A.) Fragment-free B.) Store and Forward C.) Cut-through D.) Fast forward

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