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Does anyone got Latest TERADATA V14 Certification Dumps for the below? TE0-141 , TE0-142 Please share the dumps to mailid : kannan.tk@gmail.com Note: I'm new to TD and planing to do TD 14 certification , Please need me here


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completly describe th steps fo osi model when you enter http:/youtube.com


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Anyone send me list of latest Microsoft certifications and where the dumps available for practice purpose

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what mean the NGO and need to rural poor

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hi ,i am going to give advance sas exm but i dnt have dumps so if any one have recently advance paper and answer please mail me- diffmail172@gmail.com tHank you



I would like to know about Oracle Online Course certification (Finance)



How to change pre windows 2000 (Backward OS compatibility) character limit that is 20 character. Can we extend that limit more than 20 character. If yes how to extend. e.g At the time of AD user creation it used Like display name (Samid).


I am an diploma holder in electronics & communication engineering. Am I eligible to get c license.Pl let me about it.


What command will display all connected OSPFv2 routers?

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What command displays the OSPF section of the running-configuration?

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What command displays detail information about the OSPF interfaces, including the authentication method?

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What command displays only OSPF routes?

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What command displays the OSPF Process ID, Router ID, Address summarizations, Routing Networks, and passive interfaces configured on a router?

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What command displays a summary list of OSPF interfaces that includes a column for the cost of each interface?

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Are You Interested To learn ISTQB Course?

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Dear Sir/Madam, I have passed lic ado written exam and my interview on 29th sep. I belong to OBC and I dont have current non creamy- layer certificate but I applied and will get within a month as per the new policies of State Govt, i have caste certificate and non creamy layer certificate of 2002. Can I eligible for the selection, plz reply me on anil_i13@yahoo.co.in or call me 09158153313.


Murali Raju I would also be intrested in persuing qtp certification could you send me the tutorial . My email is nikhilaram@gmailcom. Can you also let me know where i can get the certification details like fees and the center information. Thanks Nikhila.


Hi I am E&C B,E graduate..From past 3 yers working in ICICI Bank non technology gruop..what certification helps me to get advatage of both Technical and banking knowledge?


How does PPP use LCP for link control?


hi! i am a 3rd year engineering student pursuing a degree in computer science and engineering. i was wondering that would it be useful for me to join the IBM's CEIS program. they have said it is a 5 month program and would cost me Rs.71000. they have said that i would be placed in ibm. so would this course be of any use to me as i am an engineering student doing computer science and engineering.


ihave lost my documents before the sbi interview


Which is best among dotnet and dotnet diploma? Friends Please answer this question as soon as possible.


What requirements should a VPN fulfill?


Can anybody provide me the material which is useful for the bo xi r2 certification.Thanks in advance.


Are Silicon mutual funds and investment plans under SEBI registration and is it safe to invest in Silicon mutual funds?


Hi. I wish to appear for OCA exam. Can anyone pls guide me on the syllabus n fee structure of the exam. I know that there are 2 tracks : developer and dba. What is the difference between the two? All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


Which is best insistute to learn IIS 6.0 and 7.0


What is Transport and Tunnel mode?


How do we do encryption and authentication in L2F?


provide the best institute details in pune, which takes ISTQB preparation as well as exams to clear certification. send it on my mail id u_baride@yahoo.co.in