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Please, i am a final year student in nigeria and i have a project on pension fund administration and i need help in starting.    0  491
What are the two data table in Microsoft Project 2007?    1  3021
create a flow diagram up to 2 levels for hospital management    0  1780
What are the different inputs and outputs of the phases in SDLC ? honeywell   7  31496
How do speedup the project delivery without affecting the cost? emc2   6  11190
can any body help me to know the procedure followed by programmer/developer inorder to develop a project. what are the steps, how he/she get the SRS,technical document??how does he submit his wotk to TL/PM/Business Analyst?? How does these documents review?? how the developer starts coding? how does he deploy his coding in server? in which server he will deploy?? what are the important document a developer should have??? Pls give me a real time scenario of development process, how it is going on in a company???? Thanks in advance    1  2553
I want question and paper based MS Projects. Also is there any exam which microsoft conduct for Ms Project professional to issue certification? microsoft   0  750
How to estimate the cost of projects ? voltas   3  8725
Does XML has white spaces?    1  2946
What is the role of CLR in ASP.NET?    0  1727
What is DLL HELL?    1  2575
Q1. A. How can we determine performance standards? B. Write note on chaining views. Q2. A. Discuss the working with task in Gantt chart view. B. Explain the creation project schedule. Q3. A. What is understand in resource tracking? B. Write short notes on Caturing Baseline. Q4. A. How to customize workgroup message? B. How to use hyperlink? Q5. A. Explain the installation of project server? B. Discuss the working with to-do lists. Q6. A. Explain the working of templates? B. What is visual basic? C. Write shortnotes on user forms.    0  2281
Can any one please give me an effective format for designing a functional specification and technical specification sheet for a software developemnt related company would be highly useful for my final year project.    0  1041
Scenario: -------- -- You are a project manager in a large software house of 375 staff in total. The company has been running for 5 years. The company has been CMM assessed at level 3. The company has many external clients for whom it develops a wide range of business applications. -- Most of the company‘s applications are developed in Java. The waterfall lifecycle development model is normally used in developments. -- The company has historically suffered from the type of problems that are common in the software industry. In particular systems have been delivered not always to user requirements and containing faults. The managing director of the company is very keen for improvements to be made in these areas. -- You are in charge of a project team of 8 developers, 2 requirements engineers and 3 testers. Your team is just about to start a new development. System to Develop :( Exact Question ) ------------------------------------- -- Your team is about to start to develop a novel vehicle navigation system for physically impaired drivers. The navigation system not only identifies the correct route for the driver in the normal way, but also controls the steering wheel to navigate the car to the destination identified by the driver. -- A basic statement of requirements has been received from the customer and budget and timescales have been formalised into a contract. Requires TASK to write : ------------------------ -- You must write a short report (maximum of 1 page) for the managing director of your company outlining how you propose to ensure that this project improves on previous projects in terms of delivering to user requirements and without faults. Your report must include how you propose to show improvement on these issues to your managing director. Also please tell me how should I choose the best software model when given scenarios like these ...?    1  10881
What is the basics of Agile/Scrum development?    5  13854
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Why do you want to work for Microsoft? 1054
Explain the various activities you do (as a PL) when the project is started up. 1055
Given a MAKEFILE (yeah a makefile), design the data structure that a parser would create and then write code that iterates over that data structure executing commands if needed. 2830
Write a function that inserts an integer into a linked list in ascending order. Write the test cases for this function. 3178
Write a function that will return the number of days in a month (not using System.DateTime)? 2914
What is the role of CLR in ASP.NET? 1727
When you come in to the office, how do you know what you have to do during the day? 720
How did you choose the appropriate lifecycle for your project? 1136
I want question and paper based MS Projects. Also is there any exam which microsoft conduct for Ms Project professional to issue certification? 750
Test the save dialog in Notepad? 2619
How do you rate yourself in c#,,,oracle,sql server ? 2997
What and where are the policy statements for software project planning? 1134
How are the team members kept informed about the current status of the project? 850
How do you create the Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)? 2039
How would you deal with a bug that no one wants to fix? Both the SDE and his lead have said they won?t fix it? 1363
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