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How will you calibrate an interface level trol/normal level trol in line and in w/s? ccie   0  319
What is zero elevation and zero suppression? ccie   0  318
What is the principle of a Pressure gauge? ccie   1  1810
How will you calibrate an Absolute Pr.Transmitter of range 400mmHg absolute ? ccie   0  316
what is the difference between active & reactive power?    0  384
what does the ratio 800-400-300-200/1-1-1-1-1 in the specification of current transformer indicates?    0  647
what are the sensor types of vibration&speed?n what is proximity sensor?    3  1961
why use 50% lel methane gas concentration for gas detector calibration instead of 60% lel gas concentration whereas the hi alarm set at 60% lel. ongc   0  624
what is PID n give me brief info. about P&I&D.    2  2018
why do we use 4-20mA as o/p and why don't use 0-20mA or 5- 21mA?    3  3437
how to caluculate flow by using transmitter?tell me plz I am eagerly waiting for your reply.. agi-glaspac   2  1575
how to calculate the temp. of RTD&Thermocouple when we got some mV r Ohms?if anybody has d chart pls mail the chatrs to me...    1  1323
how to calibrate electro pneumatic positioner 8013 mil controls ltd ?gsr    0  2279
Hi at present i m wrking with tire industry as a manager having gud ctc. Nw I am selected for 1 of the best chemical industry but my ctc is lower than current n also i hv 2 compromize vit post as post is also lower. I hv 6 yrs of exp in various type of industry. Should i join chemical industry as there ar lot of gud instrument than tire? Financialy i can manage 4 more 2 yrs. Bt during wrking vit tire industry i found there is very less instrument n feel that opportunity is less. Pl ans quickly. I have less time to decide.    1  860
what is linerity and non-linearity?    1  1729
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Un-Answered Questions
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Tell about your IFFCO plant visit. 429
how to convert cubic metre per hour to newton cubic metre per hour 305
List three types Level Switches with their working principles 441
Dear Sir/Madam,im going to attend Hpcl written exams on feb 17th in instrumentation stream..can anyone send me the HPCL model papers and pattern of HPCL ....i ve not yet attended anything in i dont know how it just i need some model test papers and pattern ..pls help me friends... 348
what is the process for double acting cylinder pneumatic for 32' v/v 384
how to calibrate steam control valve in steam turbine 1168
how can we calibate ph meter. how can we calibrat conductivimeter how can we calibrat massflowmeter & it s working. 757
what does the ratio 800-400-300-200/1-1-1-1-1 in the specification of current transformer indicates? 647
model question paper of instrumentation for Jindal GET 2010.plz reply 695
For what reason would you possibly be compelled to make use of a Smith Predictor. Explain the idea behind the operation of this device. 394
What do you do as a Engineering person EPC for Sizing&Selecting Control Valve? 304
what would be the minimum flow rate that we can measure on rotameter..? 425
Thermocouples work as follow: 307
Meaning of the following a. IOP- Manimum; b. IOP- Maximu,; 379
Isometric drawings are generated during _________________ phase of a project 360
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