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what is formula mv convert to temperture sterlite   4  4480
temptrure me ketne frequiency hote hai me   0  547
a pressure transmitter with a range of 0 to 2500kpag has a specified accuracy of 0.5 % of span.It is to be calibrated using a comparison gauge to have an accuracy of 0.1% of span.The comparison gauge has a range of 0 to 3000kpag What is the accuracy ratio? is this ratio acceptable?    1  1138
Air pressure in a pressure vessel can rise or fall at up to 2.5kpa/s.The pressure is sampled every 0.5 seconds.If range of the the pressure indication is 0 to 1500 kPa, what is the max value of the error due to sampling in % of Span    2  988
pressure gauge measure static pressure or dynamic pressure?    3  3277
1)why we are using mostly Ultrasonic Flow meters to measure flow, rather than Radar waves? 2)why we are using Ultrasonic waves and Radar waves to measure the Level? ntpc   1  1622
What are the Components of Siemens S7 300 Series PLC system ? siemens   1  4452
Q1: Consider part of a control loop, which excludes the transmitter, consisting of a process, a controller and a control valve which may be represented by two dead times of 0.5 min each and three exponential lags of 0.8 min., 1.0 min. and 1.5 min. respectively. We wish to express this system as an overall first order plus dead time (FOPLD) model ie gain, time constant and process dead time. (We will see later that this is often done, to simplify controller tuning). For this exercise, gain is considered to be 1.0. (A) If the transmitter is a flow transmitter whose behaviour can be described by a dead time of 0.2 min. and an exponential lag of 0.5 min. in terms of the overall dead time and overall first order lag how can the system behaviour be approximated ? Overall dead time = Overall time constant = (B) If the transmitter is a temperature transmitter with a temperature sensor in a protecting well whose behaviour can be described by a dead time of 0.7 min. and an exponential lag of 15 min. how can the overall system behaviour be approximated now? Overall dead time = Overall time constant =    0  362
Coriolis flow meter coil supply is 24vdc but why still we given 230ac for this transmitter let me explained detailed review please shell   1  1756
My flow transmitter range is 0-1000mmwc.DCS range is 0- 100m3/hr.What is correspond out put in terms of milliamps if my flow is 65m3/hr    4  3601
what is the process for double acting cylinder pneumatic for 32' v/v    0  421
i/p converter always for supply pessure from 3~15 psi only !! And from where this converter bleed the air.    2  1945
what is stroke check for field instument transmetter's & AOV's    0  475
what is shutoff dp? why is it important for selection of a control valve?    1  5648
Can Any body tell me about the Contact or Email id of any good Consultancy which help me to find a job in Instrumentation Field in India .I have Six years of Work Experience in the Same field.Please revert me back on ?    0  337
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How to convert ma to mv? Resistance 250 ohm is connected in series or Parallel? 17
what is piezoelectric transducer?give an example in power plant n state its principle? 726
define feed forward control loop with example and drawing? 1384
What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ? 482
I am manjunath having exp in maintenance of chemical plants,know i want to do a design course INTOOLS,after doing design course can we get jobs in design field.sinve i dont have design exp.. 262
is there any digitel grevity meter availaible in the market by which we can measure specific gravity of a battery? 608
Sir, I am working as a Instrument Engineer in Grasim Industries. Can any body provide question answer for interview purpose 596
send me HPCL paper 3558
䑰ҕ䔈ҕ䖠ҕ䘰ҕ䛀ҕ䝐ҕ䟐ҕ䢐ҕ䥐ҕŹ 225
Give 2 application of quartz crystal used for process parameter measurement. 312
What are the charcterstics of a P&ID controller block for Governor speed raise or lower for a load sharing functionality between 4 Gas turbines in droop mode. 1155
I have installed a RTD whose length is 2250mm(RTD stem length), but it's upper 200 -250mm is out of the reactor, and this upper 200mm stem is surrounded by atmospheric temp. And the lower portion i.e. 2000mm is in contact with the measuring fluid, then does the final measuring temp. Gonna change as the upper 200mm RTD stem is out of reactor? 416
how to calibrate 0- 150 psi presure gauge by dead weght tester 352
What is Erosion in a control valve? 328
why we use cascade control and feed foreword control in 3 element control of boiler drum ?what is feed forward and cascade control system ? 570
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