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Actual using of tube bender to bend 2 opposite 90 deg at correct measurement center to center of tubing. ccie   0  292
Manipulation of dead wt. tester double piston type. ccie   0  248
Explain operation of Haskel pump. ccie   0  330
Identification of ss fittings, pilot valves, relief valve. ccie   0  236
Programmable Logic control. ccie   0  269
Distributed control system ccie   0  1151
Capacitance, resistance ( colour coding ), parallel & series circuits. ccie   0  297
What is intrinsic safety mean. ccie   0  293
Ohm’s law, kirchoff’s law, pascal’s law, Bernoulli’s therem, ccie   0  763
What is feedback system. ccie   1  1396
What is the differerence between hysterisis and linearity. ccie   0  405
Speedtronic system . ccie   0  235
Galvanizing. ccie   0  243
Gas equation ccie   0  226
Exothermic reaction./ endothermic reaction ccie   0  222
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Un-Answered Questions
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Positioner usage. 248
What is offset in a control system. 3246
We are using Rosemount 5400 series Radar Level Transmitters in all types of Sump Applications having oily water hdrocarbon petrochemical nature. What we are facing the problem frequently is that always getting reading frezzed at some value. If we do power recycling , sometimes it is working . then making same freezing problem. If anybody faced before such type of problem and also having solution , Please give the answer. 549
what diffrence b/w plc s7200,300,400 320
for oil & gas industries which zone is normally preferred? why? give its example? 340
Hi Friends i am going to write BARC written test by this month 20th (20-5-2008). So please if any body knows the details about this or having previous question papers pls mail me to For Suggestions give one message to 9962122264 658
what is droop in governer ,type of droop ,how it work 466
What is shielding effect? 503
what are the definitions of input, output, command & signal according to instruments controlled by PLC using DCS System? 499
For crude application in floating roof tank, how to calibrate a DP Transmitter? How is the floating roof weight considered? 2382
How will you calibrate PID controller? explain with example. 720
A flange is used for instrument connection for a system with a design temperature of 316C (600F) and a design pressure of 1000 kPa (145 psi). What is the class rating of the flange to be used for this application? Explain your answer 338
can anyone can let me know in Eurotron Micro cal 2+ calibrator in milli amps source mode we are not able to get 20 milli amps output it only produces 1.52 milli amps out, but display shows increase in milli amps , and err6 displays, let me know how to remove the err 6. 493
If a control valve is hunting means means if we are giving 50% to the cv, the cv will open at 51% then slowly slwoly it will reaches 49% , so what to do for solve this problem. The cv is double acting and mounted for anti surge operation, it having 4 nos. volume booster, one sov, one positioner, etc..? 390
Tell about your IFFCO plant visit. 443
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