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Explain the usage of the PLC system?    2  2709
how works encoder in plc    0  396
A DP Endress and Hauser flow transmitter is always tripping pump at low flow. set point is 74 cubic meter/hr. Thorough impulse line flushing and zero calibration has been done, yet problem persists. What do you think is the problem and how do you rectify this fault?    4  2944
ABB DCS (AC 800 M)redundency take howmany milliseconds to switch from master controller to slave?should be less than DCS scanning time? scs   2  2783
Consider a control valve action,the inlet air pressure is only 6 ksc but physically how it can be operate against 100 ksc line fluid pressure? scs   2  2596
What is the Temperature Co-officient of Resistance of PT- 1000 and PT-2000 ? adani   2  4486
why we cant transmit the dc current easily    1  2459
What is Cu-100 and Cu-1000 ? and tell me its application ?    2  2868
Can we calibrate an actuator? siemens   5  5736
What's the difference between cold loop test and hot loop test?    3  9874
how can calibrate vacume trasmitter by HART COMMUNICATOR ? bajaj   3  3290
if tx. dp increase or decrese what happend in the reading bsp   1  2013
if we mount flow tube in arrow direction then flow comes in negative & if we mount it another direction then flow comes positive,So what will be the problem    2  1715
1. what is 3 point calibration & 5 point calibration? 2. If we use hart communicator to set the LRV & URV of a smart transmitter, did we calibrate the transmitter? why? 3. Make a complet list if meterials needed to properly connect a pressure gauge to a steam pipe using 1/2 inch stainless steel tubing. The gauge connections is 1/2 inch NPT-M and the steam pipe tap has a 1/2 inch female coupling, compression fittings are use. 4. What are the tools in loop checking? 5. What would the ISA symbol of a square root extractor look like? 6. What would you do to completely prepare for the configuration? 7. What safety measures must you undertake when doing configuration? 8. what are the two most commonly use programming languages used when we configure a PLC? 9. What would you do if you accidentally skipped a step in the configuration procedure? 10. How would you know if the configuration were sucessful? 11. Name at least 3 selections available when we configure the burnout protection of a controller? ei-electrotechnical-institute   2  13603
What is Modbus communication    0  1096
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Un-Answered Questions
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how is work pressure switch& level switch?what is the principle of this? 947
If a normal magnetic type flow transmitter that can measure flow, temperature and show this parameters on field, is it possible by any means to get this (flow and temperature) parameters info. On dcs? And if yes then with HART, FO communication or any other communication system? 300
how many types of preheaters are in cement industry & what r they can any body explain? 228
key exchanges in wpa,wpa2,tls 340
Why is it necessary to use compensation leg to measure the liquid level in a closed or pressurized tank? 712
flow transmeter accuracy 0.075% of full scale & find ucertainty is 0.025 % so what is maximum limit band of uncertainty 562
any body pl suggest me the best type of transmitter for level monitoring of a distillation still which consists of highly corrosive and inflammable liquid.closed vessel height=5000mm especially in petrochemical industries 802
Explain about the leakage class of the control valves 506
basic connection and principle of axial shift sensor n differential sensors in tubine describes n draw...... 639
Why do we have earthing cable in branch cable and shield in the same cable? 988
defination of radial vibration? 487
Advantages of servers over normal desktop in PLC SCADA system 680
Hello friends i need check lists of different instruments during the Erection and commissioning in thermal power plant.Please help me.My Mail id is Thanks Nabakishore Biswal 1441
NSV type probe stands for 726
why orfice is not used for main steam flow calculation 461
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