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What is the absolute temperature    1  921
Why we are using DPT(Differential Pressure Transmitter) in separator instead of level trasmitter?    0  252
What is PDS and PDMS ?    0  234
What is the meaning of Feedback? How many types it is? Explain it? bharathi-cement   1  923
What is the main three inputs of DCS?    1  1166
what is the difference between laminor flow and turbulant flow invensys   2  997
what is the function of 3 way manifold valve in a closed loop system? emerson   1  1626
NSV type probe stands for qatar-petroleums   0  210
what effects a surging can produce in the compressor    0  157
Which mechanical device is used in pressure gauges to reduce pulsating    4  880
Describe the function of Accumulator into the Pump    0  114
How works weighfeeders in cement industry? what is the working principle?    0  197
What is the procedure of calibration of Load cell?    0  181
How RAL(Rotary air lock)works in cement industry? jaypee   0  218
Why Pressure Transmitter is NOT installed before up-stream of an ORIFICE PLATE? in a flow measurement. mecon   3  1306
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Un-Answered Questions
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A flange is used for instrument connection for a system with a design temperature of 316C (600F) and a design pressure of 1000 kPa (145 psi). What is the class rating of the flange to be used for this application? Explain your answer 176
hi friends,im an instrumentation and contol engg student,can u hlp me of suggsting barc written question paper,my id is, cel no.9563591747 157
if the neutral and ground of ups voltege are connected together in the source itslef then why the voltege b/w neutral and ground comes positive in some other destination inspite of having earth pit. how can we mimmise this? 158
what is the working principal of pribe 173
how can use ram 174
Calibration procedure for electro magnetic flow meter 199
any questions on motor and energy conversions machines? 226
I m appointed as an automation trainee engineer in small firm in that I am only the one , my company give me a project on s7-200 as i m beginner I don't know how to program so please send me the helpful site so that I complete my project before deadline....please help me out in this critical situation. 169
I installed the smartplant instrument v8, but can not be opened, that always said: "INTools 2007 hardlock no found". So Could you help me how to do for that? 222
we have a s-5 simense plc having op7 .recently on op7 showing error 1.plc not present 2. DB error frequently. can u have any solution . please send me. 926
NPN transistor, SCR, Zener diode, LED, Varactor diode, Vortex meter, RTD, Resistor, Crystal 232
What happens if the Displacer has fallen or has a hole in it? 81
what is function of ESD , and how is it work, explain with difination 43
what is the difference between profibus and controlnet networking. 644
What is the purpose of LO overhead tank in turbines. 148
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