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What is the meaning of Feedback? How many types it is? Explain it? bharathi-cement   1  916
What is the main three inputs of DCS?    1  1159
what is the difference between laminor flow and turbulant flow invensys   2  993
what is the function of 3 way manifold valve in a closed loop system? emerson   1  1616
NSV type probe stands for qatar-petroleums   0  209
what effects a surging can produce in the compressor    0  156
Which mechanical device is used in pressure gauges to reduce pulsating    4  872
Describe the function of Accumulator into the Pump    0  114
How works weighfeeders in cement industry? what is the working principle?    0  196
What is the procedure of calibration of Load cell?    0  181
How RAL(Rotary air lock)works in cement industry? jaypee   0  216
Why Pressure Transmitter is NOT installed before up-stream of an ORIFICE PLATE? in a flow measurement. mecon   3  1299
hello i'am samad.Any one Can help me! How to calibrate Vaccum Transmitter DP Type range 0 - 50 mbar abs by hand pump calibrator. bharathi-cement   2  554
what is difference between venturi and orifice    1  821
how we convert Mili ampere to temp txt,level txt,flow txt,pressure txt range value saadi-cement   3  874
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Un-Answered Questions
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For crude application in floating roof tank, how to calibrate a DP Transmitter? How is the floating roof weight considered? 329
Sir,I am going to sit for IOCL written test exam. recently.Can anyone tell me the name of 'Objective type Question Book on Instrumentation Engineering ' which will help me. Pl. mail to / / 308
How can i copy program (parameter) from mm440 (V.F.D.) by using BOP? 427
2. What is ultrasonic flowmeter? 822
in sulfur process what is material of impulse line we use to connect with transmitter ? and does teflon affected by sulfur? 218
hello friends, can you please send me the model paper or question paper to be prepared for hpcl examinations????????? You can mail me at waiting for your reply........... help me .. plz..... 264
What is Alpha & Beta fctors related to Orifice Plate & its relation with flow? 357
what is Analog input/output & Digital input/output, 116
types of cable..? Use of every types of cable..? 178
Lux meter is the measuring device to measure the lux level of lighting fixture. in industrial sector two types of lighting fixture is being used as street lighting purpose 1. HPSV (Sodium) and 2. HPMV (Mercury). HPMV having white light which is an combination of red, blue and yellow colour, while HPSV haivng Yellow lighting. in HPSV red & blue colour will be absent. during measurement of the lux level of HPSV and HPMV fixture. 1. Lux meter can measure the actual lux level of both fixture? 2. or it will show false reading for HPSV fixture light as it has only yellow light present. please give me answer 772
which type of signal used in instrument? 1655
Why is a dead weight tester so called by that name? 267
What is the differerence between hysterisis and linearity. 109
What is the calibration procedure of Drum level transmitter if range is 0 to -400 mmh2o in lab? 33
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