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difference between related substances and purity?    0  16
difference between RF and correction factor?    0  16
how many deviation allowed    0  16
from hplc chromatogram how can we say that calibration is needed now?    0  32
diffrence between known impurity and specified impurity?    0  27
Tolerance limit for dissolution media rpm sampling point.    0  49
using of chemical standards in HPLC he customer gave 100.2% what potency i will use this potency in hplc? vivimed-labs   0  72
How to set impurity limits for Related substances test.    0  70
Anyone have any idea when to conduct Uniformity of Weight (UOW) and when need to conduct Uniformity of Dosage Units (UOD) or when need both? I read BP it only said if average weight < or = 0.04g then just conduct UOD, no need UOW. Under UOD section, it doesnt say when need to conduct UOD but just said UOD got two type, one is Mass Variation (MV), another is Content Uniformity (CU) and under what conditions to conduct them. For USP, no UOW section, only got UOD section. hovid-berhad   0  120
please explain the job responsibilities of quality assurance..    0  107
while formulation of Gliclazide floating tablets why we are using direct cmpression technique why not wet granulation and what happend with that    0  150
How to register or submit drug master file to any regulatory agency?    2  437
what is the disintegration time of mouth dissolving tablet unimarck-pharma   2  513
why we have to use only 900 ml buffer in dissolution apparatus ? what are the conditions that favours the selection of volume of buffer?    1  505
what is the mechanism of action of local anaesthetics?    0  186
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi Sir?Mam, If i complete SAS CLINICAL in India, can i step forward to USA for job trials? How far is it possible? Am a B.pharm student ,willing to make up my Master's degree too,will this both M.Pharm and SAS help me out to get a job in USA? Please help me out with a good answer. 248
why an employee go for medical representative instead of quality? 274
How are you qualified for the position of Assistant Clinical Director? 454
when i come in contact with any metal items or clothes of fur i find myself shock and when run my fingers on fur clothes or matters, i find sparks. Is there any vitiams deffecieny in my body. If so, what i have to do? 294
You will be required to interact with patients. Tell us about your previous experience with patients and how did you deal with the experience. 395
Iam a B.PHARMA GRADUATE from DELHI UNIVERSITY and I am looking forward for DRUG INSPECTOR EXAM..kindly mail me any ques papaers reg the same... 296
difference between RF and correction factor? 16
how many deviation allowed 16
what is ur strengths and weekness in ur professional life as medical rep? 707
Give an example of how you've handled a problem patient. 381
Do you think it is possible to rehabilitate? 365
please e-mail me the model of Tamil Nadu drug inspector question papers 627
when we connect the capacitor banks in series with the circuit? 2 144 pH is having unit? 310
how to calculate potency of working standard by using mass balence method & this calculated potency is on as basis or on anhydrous/ dried basis 1491
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