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Hi I want to persue selenium. can any body please tell me which one is the best institute for selenium in madhapur, hyderabad and also please mention the faculty name.    0  66
How political science is helpful for banking sector    0  175
During which ruler's time, Fa-Hien, a Chinese Buddhist and famous traveller visited India?    0  1414
how much electrical current is drawn by 1.5 ton window ac?    1  590
Which one of the following was passed in the last session of the 15th lok sabha? ignou   1  1460
The concept of sustainable development relates to ignou   1  966
Greshma's law in economics relates to ignou   1  1273
Which is the biggest district in India as term of area?    2  1464
I am looking for SAP FICO training in Bangalore (not authorized). Please advise.    0  458
hplc uv & pda detector principles gc uv & pda detector principles    0  606
Write to check whether a number is magic number or not?    0  512
Name the two celebraties associated with "Narmada bachao andolan"    1  1170
in which of the tax, central government will get maximum revenue?    1  1455
what should i do i can't remove my weakness?    0  693
Which is best institute for ArcObject in Hyderabad..?    0  466
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Un-Answered Questions
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What personal qualities and experience do you possess that would enableyou to make a success in the field of teaching language using a communicative approach? 1617
In which cenema Jisas's body complextion is black? 579
what should i do i can't remove my weakness? 693
if area of acircle is 7.70 sq m. find thr cost of fencing Rs.5 per m? 589
who were famous as Big Five of Bengal? 1139
I am looking for SAP FICO training in Bangalore (not authorized). Please advise. 458
what is RTGS 355
if u have 100 rs and u have to buy brinjal,lemon and manjo,the condition is the object and the money you spent should be 100?what is the ans.(20lemon=1rs,'1 brinjal=1rs and 1 mango=5rs) 480
how to copy unix file to windows 473
I am going to the interview for the post of lecturer .I want to know about the types of Question asked in such type of govt. interview. 545
what are fictitious assets? 410
Find out errors and Rewrite the correct code. while(c!=10); { c=1; sum=sum+a; c=c+1; } 367
is there any training istitute for mcx and share trading in Ahmedabad ? 855
what's the main questions of MIS interview 670
A wealthy person has deposited a gold bar in a bank. The bank agrees to repay the person in 7 equal instalments, but the hacksaw required to cut the bar is only sharp enough to cut through the bar 2 times. How does the bank repay the customer? 540
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