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Hi I want to persue selenium. can any body please tell me which one is the best institute for selenium in madhapur, hyderabad and also please mention the faculty name.    0  37
How political science is helpful for banking sector    0  139
During which ruler's time, Fa-Hien, a Chinese Buddhist and famous traveller visited India?    0  1392
how much electrical current is drawn by 1.5 ton window ac?    1  559
Which one of the following was passed in the last session of the 15th lok sabha? ignou   1  1432
The concept of sustainable development relates to ignou   1  935
Greshma's law in economics relates to ignou   1  1242
Which is the biggest district in India as term of area?    2  1419
I am looking for SAP FICO training in Bangalore (not authorized). Please advise.    0  440
hplc uv & pda detector principles gc uv & pda detector principles    0  591
Write to check whether a number is magic number or not?    0  497
Name the two celebraties associated with "Narmada bachao andolan"    1  1133
in which of the tax, central government will get maximum revenue?    1  1410
what should i do i can't remove my weakness?    0  673
Which is best institute for ArcObject in Hyderabad..?    0  447
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Un-Answered Questions
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is ownership is transferred or physical possession of goods is transferred in mortgage? 368
how to Use SET PF_STATUS which is in the FM reuse_alv_grid_display to set the button. 709
i have completed my HSC in arts stream and i am planing to become a teacher. so can u suggest subjects which i can take during my +3years degree 356
hi all i am looking forward to learn Control-M Tool. can any 1 suggest me the real time support and training institiue or a better way to learn.u can reply me at ? 644
what's the main questions of MIS interview 667
4. What, and how, would you teach a group of complete beginners in a particular language? 1398
what is RTGS 345
will technology replace teachers 493
"Because you deserve to know" is publish by news paper.Which news paper in India 607
hi this is suma my blog address is 584
how can u say inductive loads are have lagging power factor? and how can u say capacitive loads r leading power factor and give example for unity power factor 405
Hey friends! i want to know starting salary of teacher in metro cities.and eligibility for it. 444
registry modification for kerbros authenticatio.... 364
how is ipr different from other material possession like house,car,etc of a person? 455
A wealthy person has deposited a gold bar in a bank. The bank agrees to repay the person in 7 equal instalments, but the hacksaw required to cut the bar is only sharp enough to cut through the bar 2 times. How does the bank repay the customer? 533
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