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how much electrical current is drawn by 1.5 ton window ac?    0  32
Which one of the following was passed in the last session of the 15th lok sabha? ignou   1  61
The concept of sustainable development relates to ignou   1  37
Greshma's law in economics relates to ignou   1  40
Which is the biggest district in India as term of area?    2  91
I am looking for SAP FICO training in Bangalore (not authorized). Please advise.    0  76
hplc uv & pda detector principles gc uv & pda detector principles    0  72
Write to check whether a number is magic number or not?    0  67
Name the two celebraties associated with "Narmada bachao andolan"    1  253
in which of the tax, central government will get maximum revenue?    1  268
what should i do i can't remove my weakness?    0  255
Which is best institute for ArcObject in Hyderabad..?    0  146
why did punjab kesari ranjit Singh quoted price of the diamond as 5 shoes ?    0  415
Why are gold prices falling? Why govt is taming gold imports?    0  170
Samadhi Sthal of Rajiv Gandhi is known as a. Rajghat b. Chaitryabhoomi c Veerbhomi d.Santhi sthal    1  489
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Un-Answered Questions
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4. What, and how, would you teach a group of complete beginners in a particular language? 607
What are the placement opportunities after passing BCA? 210
Wat will be the test cases for Yatra online website??? 983
the heppiest moment of your life ? 192
how can u say inductive loads are have lagging power factor? and how can u say capacitive loads r leading power factor and give example for unity power factor 190
Write a C++ program that declares an array of length N containing integers between 1 and N, determine if it contains any duplicates. 188
will technology replace teachers 248
int i,j,n; n=0;i=1; do { n++;i++; } while(i<=5); 221
hi this is suma my blog address is 329
To the nearest second, when will the minute hand lie exactly over the hour hand between 2 pm and 3 pm? 564
What personal qualities and experience do you possess that would enableyou to make a success in the field of teaching language using a communicative approach? 680
I am a PGDM student by opting marketing and finance as my specialization, and this year i will complete my degree. apart from it i have completed in BA LL.B. so i want to know what will be the scope for me in logistics industry, bcz i would like to make my Career in logistics industry. in this month TNT logistics is coming for our campus for placements, so what will be the general questions for a logistics company? 553
if one sale took place between interstate traders and if trader draws invoice on other by charging cst 2% and in vat coloum he writes against H-form but trade is local sale what is comment on invoice please can he charge 2% cst. 220
if area of acircle is 7.70 sq m. find thr cost of fencing Rs.5 per m? 346
what is the opposite of 'HOPE' 198
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