What are your biggest weaknesses?

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Answer / bheemineni.prabhakarrao

Not Highligted ur weekness.Just u say like this.
i dont know sir really. sometimes im a little bit
emotional.But i never carried so far.

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Answer / leena g

always say some positive points as u think they are
negative in ur case. like i get involved in a job at a
time ,thn i could not give time to my family n frndz,
or u can say my positive attitude.

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Answer / kc

I really think the best answer that covers so much area and
doesn't lead to other weeknesses would be...inexperience.

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Answer / aniket

Giv always diplomatic answer my answer shoud b when any job
or responsibilty given to me,until i carried on it
successfully i can not enjoy my life as per my expectation
of enjoyment

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Answer / bharathi

There are so many creative activities I plan for my
students and class time is limited. It is difficult to
incorporate all of the activities that I would like my
students to learn from. Overtime, I have realized to
prioritize what lessons are the most important to enhance
my student learning. I now realize that I can't do
everything I would like to.

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Answer / manu

i think one should be positive while giving this answer...i
always replied that as i am very cooperative adjustable in
anykind of enviornment so sometimes people take advantage of
my this quality...as i am little emotional person BUT i
working on it..sir

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Answer / manu sood

i am very comfortable and adjustable to any kind of
enviornment....also very cooperative ...so becauz of my this
quality sometimes people take advantage of it.....as i m
emotional person ...but i m trying for that..

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Answer / priyadharshini

i believe easily others.i am a bit impatient in getting
things done.i try to overcome it. my strength is +ve

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Answer / vignesh

For now, I believe I don't have any weakness but If I come
to know about it, I will rectify it as soon as possible

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Answer / dr. pawan patni

My habit of perfectionism. Due to this, many urgent items
remain unattended.

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