Describe your classroom's physical appearance?

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Answer / bharathi

Upon entering my classroom you will find a lively and
colorful room wholly centered upon children and active
learning. Sight words, the alphabet, numbers, and
inspirational quotes cover the walls while large bulletin
boards proudly display student's work.

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Answer / afara

As I walk in to my class room as see many rows of desks and
all other kinds of school supplies. The white board always
reminds me about my first grade class and sitting in that
class is a handful joy for me. The floor is wooden and the
desk are wooden the shelves of books and the students are
active is the most good memory.

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Answer / allison l coley

A successful classroom would include a knowledgeable
motivated teacher who inspires thought and curiosity in her
students. She gives the tools needed to attack any
problems be they academic or social. The classroom is a
safe and community in which all students can learn. The
students are fully aware of there expectations because they
have been firmly set in place at the beginning of the
school year. The classroom is student centered colorful and
print rich. Here a word wall and student work can easily be
found. In this community rules and procedures are
practiced everyday.

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Answer / jay .j.w

Your class room no is 37
when you entered in class you can see so many things
like chart papers,display boards etc. we have 21 benches and
2cupboards etc. ILOVEMYCLASSROOM☺☺☺

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Answer / john poo poo

My classroom is a book that throws knowledge at me, hoping I will catch it. LOL XD

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Answer / james perez

entering my school is like apssing through the gates to a
jail and serving a six hour sentance five days a week.
Every class is a hot jubble of useless knowledge.

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Answer / ewan

my classroom a lovely classroom

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Answer / tina

when entering the third door at you left after the canteen
you will see a class fill with students well dress in their

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Answer / abab

mu classroom is romantic

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