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Is it necessary to deduct return goods from invoice amount to get c form issued ? Will we be penalized if we have got C forms issued for the total invoice amount without deducting return goods     0  8
Difference between insurance contract and general contract?    0  10
Can we sue employer if the employer is deducting the Rs.1665/- from the employee towards PF including the PF admin charges (1.61%) and depositing without adding a single Rupee from his pocket. DO the employer has right to deduct PF admin CHarges from Employee. Under what sections of PF we can sue employer. THanks    0  28
What is the meaning of lifting corporate viel    1  40
Whether the word LTD should be suffixed to the name of a Private Bank? Please quote the Section and the relevant ACT.    0  31
Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately,by special majority ? uphjs-uttar-pradesh-higher-judicial-service   2  52
why was Muslim league created?    1  43
how much important to get police clearance from local police station to Canadian visa?(Work visa)    0  54
what is a/c no. 1,2 21 and other in esic calcultion?    0  100
What will be the value of "F" forms in case of stock transfer to consignment agent?    0  85
What is the diffeence between interviewing a client witness and a nonclient witness    0  125
what are the relief options if any superior downgrades annual appraisal ratings without providing basis for such downgrade    0  85
New Arrival Selling Brand Apple iPhone 5s and 5C 16GB, 32GB, 64GB,Samsung Galaxy S5(BUY 2UNITS GET 1 FREE)    1  137
Is it possible to stock transfer stock between two company of other state with some agreement without paying cst if yes then witch kind of agreement requard    0  76
Reflect on an occasion when you challenged a belief or idea, what made you do this and what was the outcome about mental health law and human right ? indian-law-society   0  191
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to break service bond 396
Essential to community prosecution is community involvement, which would persuade judges to give greater sentences to those who continually commit crimes in certain areas. How you generate community support? 328
can we ask personal questions? 237
I belong from Other Backward Class Category I want to Purchase land of ST category Man . What is Process. ? Please tell me. 159
Dear Friends, May i please know the full form of Form FC-TRS, which is filed in the case of transfer of shares from resident to non- resident and vice versa. 917
Hi,I am 3yrs exp IT Professional. I had attended interviews from two companies and cleared all the rounds in both the companies. for example company 'A' & 'B'. (In both I preferred Company 'B' most).But Company A released the offer letter immediately and company 'B' did not released the offer at that time. So i thought the company is not ready to offer the package which I preferred. So i joined the company 'A'. After 3 weeks the company 'B' released the offer letter with preferred package. Now I want to join comapany 'B'.Unfortunetly i joined the Company 'A' and 3 weeks was completed. Is there any chance to join company 'B'?.If i joined what kind of legal action can be taken on me from company 'A'? Please advice me is it Good to switch now else better to be here in the company 'A'. 184
which constitution is more stable? rigid or flexible. 271
wather tds can be setof in income tax or advance tax paid by company ? 162
I paid some amount wronly into tds 94C a/c instead of 94J, how transfer of paymet of 94c to 94J. 369
My neighbor (a very old working woman) had a PPF A/c in SBI, on 31st of March 2010 it completed its 15 year term and hence the same was eligible for withdrawl, she duly filled up the redemption form and asked the bank to redeem the amount. On 14th of April 2010, the bank issued a pay order but deducted bank charges (as the savings account is with another bank), SBI has nearly deducted bank charges of about 25000/- from her. My neighbor didnt have a bank account in SBI, her account is in IDBI and SBI has deducted the charges for preparing a pay order. Here no service is being rendered but rather its bank obligation to make the payment, Pls help. It would be good if we can help her!! 211
I have purchased bitumen from outside state. please confirm whether i have to pay difference vat on purchases value apart from entrytax 249
hi, the officer refused my visit visa b1/b2 due to 214b after i submitted for him my son american passport, after he knows that my son born in us while we were in us last trip. could you advise me what i have to do next interview 264
what is the meaning of grivance 300
what is difference between excise & sells tax? 200
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