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This regarding cst sale please clarify.If goods are sold to end user who wants delivery of it in other state. What would the nature of transaction    0  2
what is legal process of adopting a child?    0  37
I have appeared for llb 1st year in the year 1994. I got 45 marks in 4 subjects but that time passing marks was 50 so can i get exemption of those subject in current year    0  42
what is difference between past consideration in requirements of consideration and past voluntary services in no consideration no contract.i have little confusion explain the difference with example    0  81
When was your resilience tested? Please tell me how to answer this Que.    0  112
Briefly describe a technical project that you found challenging or rewarding?    0  182
How do you approach a technical problem? Give an example.    0  139
explain about the coercion    0  460
The word 'collegium ' was first used by Justice bhagwati Justice subba rao Justice bose None of the above    0  456
Who among the following is the auhor of the book 'Justice For Common Man' M.C steealvad Nani palkiwala H.C seervai D.D basu    0  180
can we issue a waybill to the contractor for entering his equipment from outside the state( i.e Odisha) for completion of contract in the state of Odisha???    0  195
What are the laws for arrested person?    0  229
Hi, One of my friend was working in TCS. Now he is not working. But when he was in TCS, he has referred me. And he has uploaded my profile in TCS portal. He has given me one EPIR number also. Now TCS people are telling, I can't apply any jobs with that EPIR number. Last month I have attended interview in TCS with that EPIR number. I have cleared all the rounds, only documentation is pending. Now my profile is pending with HR, because of EPIR number. I have selected in interview. I am waiting for job. Please advise.    0  212
What is purchase limit that Road permit form 38 (Sales Tax) in not required when goods purchase from other state in U.P.    0  436
If A company give the order for Re-condition of Material party charged the service tax on 70% of basic value and cst on 30% of basic value afainst Form C, is there wct will be applicable, if no, why. Clarified the answer    0  201
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Dear Friends, Please send me State Bank of Maharashtra or other banks - LAW OFFICER's Exam Questions Papers for the past five years. I will be highly obliged. 689
My father is a retired personfrom doordarshan kendrand lko. now working in contract with the samein average he is paid lee than 110,000 annualy but 10% tds isapplied on his total income Ican not understad it as he is senior citizen and apentioner also so it must not be done. then my question is how I am able to get back that deductions when retun the income tax file. thank you for advising me in this regard. 542
TRANSACTION BETWEEN COUNTRIES(ie purchase from singapre and directly selling to other sitting in india) whether possible? 332
In case of exempted employees under the PF ACT, does the employer need to contribute minimum of Rs. 780? 618
Is according to child labor act 1986? if the child is found that he is working any where? and he found guilty by the owner? What type of stapes can take a normal person if he see this incident? 456
Name the chairman of traffic communities ? 475
Are the Sub-contractors are exempted from paying of Service tax where main contractor is exempted. 775
distingish between fundamental right & directive principles with case law? 460
who is the law secretary? 582
i want to know the basic purpose of introducing service tax. i.e why it was introduced by Govt.? 791
What is your view on the "sufficient benefit" test in legally aided work? 1643
in which country did the parliamentary form of democracy originate ? 821
how computation of tax for toll naka will be done 877
In what conditions company do not pay income tax in-spite of taxable income and tax will be paid in next year as previous year income tax. 724
what is the formula for working year calculation in the time of gratuity calculation. if any worker worked 30 years, but during the 30 years he has not worked 3 years, then how many years taken at the time of gratuity calculation. 659
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