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what was the most complex thing you worked on?

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what caused you to decide become an architect?what skills do you bring to this job?


what is Interior Architechture and design?


DO you have experience in mosques architectures- designs?

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Is there a particular architect or specific building that you admire?


Tell me about a time when you had a project to complete with very little background materials?


Why did you choose Architecture as your major?


Name your favorite architects and what do you admire about their work?


Talk to me about your design philosophy?


How are European, Asian and US perceptions of architecture different?


Is there any structure that you've been in that it was difficult to leave?


whta is meant by lintel?

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Define pediment?

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Define frieze?

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I am in the process of designing a small traditional Japanese house for myself. I am trying to use as many natural materials as possible. I believe one of the traditional methods was the use of clay in the exterior walls and finish. I would like to stay away from treated plywood if I can. Could you offer some suggestions?

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How to represent -67 in Hexadecimal?


what is the KVAR and how to measure it ?


How did you decide to go into architecture and what did you do to prepare for this field of work?


I am Planning to Contruct a floor appartment on my own thro a Contractor . How to estimate the Constrction Cost , to negociate with the Contractor.


give me details about EPBX system


Who can give me Stracher Design for my plan For Coloum Position. Please call me 9921761702


Australian architecture should be much the same as American architecture because they both came from British influence and were founded at about the same time. I was hoping you could give me some insight on that and tell me if I should change my hypothesis.


why you want to become artictecture


What is the name of the first type of building used in Christian Churches?


what is the rate of 4000sqft rate, with material tile plumbing all work with plinth? Pl. Send ans.


I have completed my Diploma in architectre from Gujarat Technical board. I would like to do a Postal degree.Could you tell me which univercity will help me.How can i regester my name in IIA.


what is the use of studing architecture


how do we calculate lux for museum building? what is the procedure?


what advice do you have for Architectural Draughtsmanship student who wish to became architects?


I have 14 diffrent shape can I use this in architructure design??