Define frieze?

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A broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling

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Why did the wall of Romanesque Churches have to be so thick?

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Is this house typical of the houses of this community? What makes it typical or atypical?

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Is there any symbolic or cultural significance behind the structure of the buildings you are observing?

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data retrival is faster when we use PPI in a table. But my question is is PPI affects the Multiload performence my any chance?

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I am architecture student. What type of foundation is preferred in Alluvial soil ? where the soil texture is sandy loam...and also which type of foundation is used for steel structure which will be for 6 story building design

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Green building has many positive effects on the environment. What are the most significant environmental benefits?

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Iam commiting an argument that postmodern architecture is copied. In particular I am researching into the structure of domes. If you could give me any advise or references to back my argument it would be much appreciated.

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how much steel is required for 1100 sqft of slab (area 25*43 ) & we need to consrtuct 3 floor

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What is the more accurate formula to convert wet concrete to dry aggregate instead of the 54% method?

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1)At present you r using cement but olden days what they r using?

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What do we mean by domestic architecture artifacts?

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why you want to become artictecture

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