Define frieze?

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A broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling

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how much steel is required for 40*35 ft roof slab41/2" thick.what is the spacing from bar to bar.

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i have done BCA graduation degree,what option i can go for in architecture feild?

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I have 14 diffrent shape can I use this in architructure design??

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Australian architecture should be much the same as American architecture because they both came from British influence and were founded at about the same time. I was hoping you could give me some insight on that and tell me if I should change my hypothesis.

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what was the most complex thing you worked on?

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What's the best strategy to retroactively remodel to be greener?

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What is difference between Stracture of DBMS & Architecture of DBMS

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What details do you notice about the way this building is constructed? How does it differ from your own home?

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