DO you have experience in mosques architectures- designs?

Answer / vraghuram


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Hi i am going to attend Deputy Architect interview in Telecommunication Dept. through UPSC I dont know the type of questions they will ask. I will be very thankful if anyone could help me. Please send to my email-id Please any one have experience of some other Dept., please reply me. my interview in on 10th of Nov. only 5 days left. please help.

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what different types of wood is there?

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i m an architecture student and i would like to know the name of the most successful architect in the field of vernacular architecture from foreign.

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How the Islamic Iwan or stalactite vaulting is accomplished with brick or stone?

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do we need to put gravel stone of size 2 inch before laying pcc

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Who can give me Stracher Design for my plan For Coloum Position. Please call me 9921761702

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1)At present you r using cement but olden days what they r using?

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what is civil fullform

18 Answers   L&T, Police Constable, Jaiprakash,

In informatica by using filter tranformation what is the filter condition to display for the single id empno

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what are the differences of software life cycle models

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Define pediment?

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What is the bit rate for each of the following signals A)A signal in which 1 bit last 0.001s B)A signal in which 1 bit last 2ms

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